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6 Ways A Quality Mattress Can Improve Your Health

Proper sleep keeps you feeling rejuvenated and patient enough to deal with life’s daily obstacles. It has numerous health benefits and works on a deeper level to heal your body.

But you don’t need me to tell you all of this, because we all know sleeping is pretty awesome. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with the ability to sleep soundly. The most common but underrated culprit behind this problem is the lack of a good mattress.

Finding a good mattress is like finding a soulmate! And no, I’m not exaggerating. The right mattress will change your life dramatically. But if you’re not convinced yet, don’t leave just yet.

Keep reading to find out how a good mattress can change your life for the better!

How Does a Mattress Affect Your Health?

Mattresses truly are a magical contraption. Their sole purpose in life is to make sleeping a more comfortable experience for you. But here’s the catch – not all mattresses are perfect. You need to find one that’s catered specifically to your needs.

Basically, finding a good mattress is difficult, and once you do, there’s no going back.  But what exactly does a good mattress do? Why should you spend money and time looking for one that just right?

Well, you’d actually be surprised by all the ways a mattress affects your overall health.

1. Your Spine Will Be in Good Shape

Proper spinal alignment is necessary for sound sleep, maintaining posture and for preventing pain. A mattress is supposed to distribute your weight equally across your frame. It’s also supposed to keep your spine rested in a straight line. But that’s not possible when your mattress is one that keeps dipping.

While this scenario is quite fun for kids, it’s not the best for your spine. Excessive dipping happens when your mattress is a bit too soft.  Your body weight isn’t evenly distributed in these types of mattresses. So, it doesn’t support your spine very well.

Even spring mattresses aren’t ideal in this scenario. They actually add most of the weight on your shoulders and hips, creating immense pressure on your spine. The ideal mattress should follow the natural curve that your spine has.

2. Bid Farewell to Body Pain

Are you an unfortunate sufferer of back and joint pain? Do you frequently wake up with a cracked neck? Well when you describe these symptoms, the first thing any well-wisher will tell you is to change your mattress!

If you want a back that’s pain-free, you’ll have to maintain your posture and spine alignment. As mentioned above, mattresses actually play a huge role in supporting your spine.  Not only this, mattresses also ensure that your body is getting the support and comfort it needs to combat pain.

The hips, shoulders, ankle, and ribs are sensitive zones which can cause body aches. A good mattress will prevent your pressure points from getting strained.   This effectively stops the pain from getting worse. Your mattress will also determine how well rested you are at night, which is important for starting a pain-free day.

3. A solution for Snoring

We all know snoring is unpleasant to the ears. But did you know it’s actually a serious sign of disturbed sleep for the snorer?

Snoring basically happens when you can’t breathe properly during your sleep. Now although sleeping on your back is the main reason, a bad mattress can also be the culprit. If your mattress is sagging, it won’t support your head and neck properly. This makes your throat constrict and leads to snoring.

So, if you want to help out a partner who snores, consider changing the mattress. A medium firm but plushy mattress that doesn’t create any breathing obstructions should be ideal to stop the snoring.

4. Tossing and Turning Won’t Be a Problem

Are you someone like me, who keeps tossing and turning all night long? This probably sounds like something normal, but it’s definitely nuisance throughout the night! Not only does this affect your own sleep, but it also disturbs your partner.

When you turn over, motion waves are created. This motion is bound to be felt by your partner due to your mattress. It will also most likely wake you up. But if you get a firm, good quality mattress, these waves will be absorbed. So even if there’s movement in the bed, no one will feel it!

5. You’ll Be Less Stressed Out

Life is stressful and there’s nothing we can do to stop that. But there are some stress causing factors that are under our control. One of them being, our quality of sleep.  If you’re not getting enough, or even proper sleep, the stress hormones in your body go wild.

This, in turn, will increase your blood pressure. And that’s not something that will help you feel calm at all.  So, what exactly can you do to solve this?

Improve your quality of sleep! And of course, get the right mattress for your needs. By making sure you are comfortable when sleeping, you’ll keep your blood pressure low. You’ll also be able to enjoy a deeper sleep. Rest assured, you’ll even wake up in a better mood!

6. The Answer to Your Allergies

Allergies can be a complete nightmare. They’re something I’ve suffered from my entire life, and kind of just had to deal with. But once I started researching on this, to my surprise I realized my mattress could actually make a difference.

Dust mites and bed bugs love to set up camp in mattresses. This leads to itching, fever, sneezing and a lot of other annoying reactions. To prevent this, simply buy a mattress with a denser structure. This basically means these pesky critters will have no space to live underneath your bed.

Even if there are no mites or bed bugs, a mattress soaks up your sweat and body dirt throughout the night. Gross, right? That’s why you should buy a mattress that can be easily cleaned. Waterproof mattress covers are also a pretty good solution.

What is the Ideal Mattress?

The ideal mattress depends on your personal preferences and your body type. It also varies with the type of bed you have. For example, there are certain mattresses especially suited for platform beds.

Generally speaking, you should buy a mattress that’s made of medium firm memory foam. Latex and coil springs may also be a good option for some people.

Remember, the key to a good mattress is support! Your mattress should be able to bear the weight of your whole body equally, without sagging. But this doesn’t mean it has to be super firm.

A perfect mattress will do all that and feel soft and comfortable as well. It should also be durable and easy to clean. But most importantly, the mattress should feel comfortable to you.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re done reading this, I assume you know how important mattresses are. So before buying any type of mattress, do your research.

And when you go to the shops, make sure you take your time to pick one.  Test out as many mattresses as you can, because you never know what you’ll like. And here’s a tip – when testing your mattress, lie down for at least 15 minutes in your usual sleeping position.

Don’t cut corners when you buy your mattress. Investing in a quality mattress initially will save you a lot of hardship and money in the long run. So, go on and start hunting for the right mattress. And do remember to thank me when you realize how much your life has changed!