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Air Mattress Alternative: The Best Ones From The List

Looking for an air mattress alternative for your guests to sleep on or for camping? Tired of waking up on hard earth below you? Exhausted about the constant battle to inflate your air mattress? All these are solid reasons to seek an alternative for an air mattress.

Now that you are completely done with depending on an inflatable mattress, which are some of the alternatives you can settle on?

The following best alternatives to air mattresses are not only easy to use, but they also offer durability and the utmost comfort:

  • Cots
  • Open cell or self-inflating camping pads
  • Hammocks
  • Memory foam products
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sofa bed

Camping Cots

Compared to an airbed, there is no doubt that camping cots are the next big thing. Some people might argue that military cots are uncomfortable due to their metal rod that runs on a sleeper’s back. While there might be some truth to that, camping cots specially tailored for camping are in a league of their own when it comes to ease of use and user comfort.

A camping cot comes in diverse forms to meet the needs of the various types of campers. Regardless of your income level, height, and size, a cot that is right for you in the market is available. From those that can handle 600-pound weight capacity to the most luxurious ones, there is something for everyone in the market. Even little ones can get kid-friendly camping cots.

Longevity, stability, and durability are some of the reasons you can choose camping cots as an alternative. Their space-saving ability also makes them incredible substitutes. Their only downside is the fact that they can turn out to be heavy and bulky to carry around.

Memory Foam Camping Pads

Foam pads, huh!

Ever slept in one? Although they are usually thin, the comfort they give sleepers is second to none. Most of them are only 3 inches thick. What makes them unique is because they come in closed and open-cell memory foam. The open-cell ones expand and cater to any possible gravel and bump on the ground. The closed-cell ones, on the other hand, are great at creating warmth on colder nights. Since they are memory foam, they boast the ability to retain heat better in comparison to air mattresses.

Therefore, if the reason you want to ditch your airbed is related to temperature, then you will definitely not be disappointed with memory foam camping pads.


Sleeping on hammocks is a great way to enjoy open-air outdoors. Rather than going blindly into hammock camping, it is prudent to first check out these hammock camping pointers. If you are a wilder person, hammocks are an exceptional alternative to air mattresses. Your worst enemy when using these alternatives is coping with Mother Nature. Extreme heat, storms, rain, and strong winds can spoil your camping party. To be on the safe, purchase a hammock tent.

Self-Inflating Air Pad

Self-inflating air pads are basically foam pads in an encasement. By opening the pad’s valve, the pad itself self-inflates to form foam bedding. For sure, they rock in terms of comfort. As much as they are not thick the conventional air mattress, their bonus is because they’re filled with open-cell foam. What makes this a great alternative is the fact that it does not require need you to pump air – no mains power, no rechargeable battery, no foot pump needed. Camping with these air mattress alternatives is such a delight. Enjoy greater freedom in terms of where and how you sleep.

Their major drawback is that just like an airbed, they can spring a leak occasionally.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are great alternatives because they are lightweight. Moving around with them is a walk in the park – easy-peasy! Secondly, sleeping bags are warm. Therefore, when camping in a cold region, they make great solutions for sleeping. Storing them is also stress-free. You only need to roll it and place them in your store. Finally, yet importantly, most sleeping bags are inexpensive. They fit within the budget of many people seeking the best air mattress alternatives.

Sofa Bed

Sofa beds are increasingly becoming trendy. Rather than having your kids or guests sleep on a deflated or punctured airbed, you can settle on a sofa bed as an alternative. Their versatility makes them a darling of many users. For instance, during the day, they can act as a seat for people in the house. At night, all you need to do is spread them out and convert them into a bed.

Final Words

Well, that pretty much sums it all up this broad approach to the different substitutes for relaxing or sleeping on an air mattress. The above-mentioned alternatives each brings with it a set of advantages and disadvantages. So be sure to match them against your needs to make an informed choice.