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5 Best Mattress Topper for Hip Pain in 2024

Mattress toppers are a great investment, especially if it’s with a purpose. Aside from the overall mattress toppers that work in a way to rejuvenate an old mattress or soften a new, firm one, the air people in the battle with different chronic pain or traumas. Hip pain can come as a result of an injury or a chronic condition associated with a heart like arthritis. In this article, we’ll discuss how to pick the best mattress topper for hip pain and review our pick of the best toppers.

How do mattress toppers help with hip pain?

Mattress toppers usually come in a special shape that aligns with the hip joint and cradle it to sleep. Many people side sleepers, but if they are having an intense physical activity their hip begins to decay over time. With age, and pressure from sleeping on it, hips weaken and the joint feels loose. Mattress toppers, especially those that boast swirl or egg-crate patterns conform to your hip and hug it to sleep. They distribute the pressure points letting your muscles and nerve rest, while naturally increasing blood flow.

What causes hip pain?

Hip pain can be caused by a plethora of conditions. There are two types – injuries (traumas) or chronic and rheumatic conditions. The latter includes:

  • Sciatica
  • Bursitis
  • Arthritis

Types of mattress toppers for hip pain

  • Memory foam toppers – They have a widespread application because they are relatively affordable, and aside from being used with toppers, they are also distributed as pads. It’s comfortable and balanced and in addition to that, it molds itself to fit the shape of your body. It’s an extremely durable material, to the point it can survive intense forces including the intense gravity force from space.
  • Pillow top toppers – They have padding that resembles of a pillow top, they offer a unique structure that also contours the necessary support needed to distribute weight and pressure properly. It’s ideal for multiple sleeping positions and its cool and breezy construction helps alleviate hip pain and joint pressure.
  • Latex toppers – People use them because they offer impeccable comfort compared to the other two models. However, they are considerably more expensive. There are more types of latex-like natural, synthetic and blended latex. Consumers can choose between plush and firmer construction depending on the condition their hip is in.

Benefits of mattress topper for hip pain

Zoned comfort – Some more luxurious brands offer 5-zone support on their mattress topper. That means that the topper consists of multiple zones with a certain texture to conform to a certain part of the body. That way, the body weight, pressure, and strain are alleviated and hip can naturally rest.

Temperature regulation – Mattress toppers with foam constructions that boast gel-infused foam can get the breezy and chilling comfort when it comes to temperature control. Those toppers are more breathable and have an easier time distributing air and heat across the surface, calming the hips and preventing pain when turning.

Improved blood flow – Healthy and conforming sensation while sleeping gives a proper blood boost across your body. As you fall into a deep sleep, the circulation distributes evenly, encouraging hip healing and muscle recovery.

Note: Risks of using mattress topper for hip pain

Mattress toppers have a lot of benefits in particular, not only when it comes to hip pain. With that in mind, there are some risks to consider when purchasing the topper.

If your mattress has sagged too much, buying a topper won’t restore its shape. Instead, it can be counter-effective for your hip condition and lead to some unwanted consequences. Another thing worth mentioning is that choosing a topper with a shape not appropriate for your condition can cause more pain to happen.

Finally, if your topper doesn’t have a gel memory foam or cooling padding, the heat and sweat can make up for even more intense and persistent hip pain. Always consult with your physician before going on such an important quest as purchasing a mattress topper.

So, Should you get a new mattress instead of topper?

As mentioned earlier, mattress toppers are a great investment if your mattress feels too strong, too firm or has shown early signs of sagging, enough to cause irritation and nervousness after waking up. In those situations, a new mattress topper will feel like a refreshment, not only for your hurt hip but also as a remedy to the entire bed.

However, there are situations where the mattress topper doesn’t cut it for restoring your bed’s original shape. That’s happening when the mattress is too old, it sagged too deep to provide neutral spine support and the warranty is either close to expiration or well past its expiration. In those cases, it’s better to get a new mattress itself. There are a lot of different mattress reviews available on our website.

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Should you use an electric blanket with a mattress topper for hip pain?

Electrical blankets are efficient and effective with hip conditions because they keep them warm and improve blood flow. Some people place it under to keep the surface warm. However, make sure to first check whether your mattress and your toppers have heat-resistant properties. Either read from the instructions or check for the certifications that they come with. Usually, it’s the CertiPUR-US certification.

The Best Mattress Topper For Hip Pain

High Price



#1 Best Overall:  ViscoSoft Mattress Topper

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We took a long time reviewing the best mattress topper for hip pain. We considered all conditions associated with hip pain as well as hip fracture and other traumatic injuries. After a careful review, we found that the Memory Foam Solutions 3-inches mattress topper was offered the most support, comfort, and reliability towards those looking to soothe their intensive hip pain overnight.

Whether you own an extremely firm mattress or the one that has slowly started to decay and sag, this mattress topper will rejuvenate it and give it back its strength and shine. It’s no secret that a sagging mattress can’t give the level of support that a healthy and new mattress can give, and people are left waking up with strong hip pains. This topper, instead of sinking together with the old mattress, will provide support to the sagging areas and help users sleep with ease, helping to relieve pressure points and distribute weight across the topper in a healthy way.

The mattress topper boasts a 3-inch supportive memory foam that weighs 4 pounds and naturally conforms to your body shape, easily hugging your curves to sleep and relaxing them. The topper also ships from the USA directly. It’s PURGreen certification approved which means it is used with ECO-friendly processes and manufacturing.

While the construction of the topper mostly features gel memory foam that helps you feel cooler at night thanks to the superior temperature regulation technology, it’s worth mentioning that this model boasts other materials like Latex, which have proved to be among the best materials used for mattress toppers.

Key features:

  • Beautiful cushion-like sensation feeling that makes you feel like sleeping on a sugar cane.
  • Stable and balanced construction.
  • Temperature regulation gel memory foam for a cooler sleep.
  • Just right thickness.
  • Made using eco-friendly material.
  • Great sleep trial period.

Editor Note: The best mattress topper for hip pain features unprecedented and impeccable comfort quality. However, we noticed that it takes a long time to inflate, which can be a little unnerving. Also, it boasts only three years warranty. Some mattress toppers in the same price range offer up to the 10-year warranty.

#2 Runner Up: Best Price Mattress Queen Mattress Topper

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If the first option we reviewed is out of stock or you prefer swirled or egg-crate design, a Best Price Mattress topper will help you save yourself from waking up drained out and with a painful hip. The main reason for that is impeccable comfort caused by a high-quality memory foam with CertiPUR-US certification, which frees it from toxic chemicals.

How does memory foam work? It has a zoned performance, which means it will distribute your weight and pressure across its cool sleeping surface. Also, curved edges ensure additional comfort because your body naturally conforms to the shape of the mattress, making you tightly cradled and relaxed through the night. Your hip won’t feel too cold, so you’ll have the energy to move it the next day.

Another feature we must describe is the active suspension feature which causes motion isolation. Many couples who sleep together have difficulties staying asleep because their partner tends to move and turn at all times. This way, this annoying habit will be reduced and even minimalized. You won’t hear your partner move. Instead, you’ll stay asleep and wake up relaxed, refreshed and rested.

Even without the active suspension, the mattress topper for hip pain has such good egg-crate design that the best possible airflow is ensured. You won’t wake up sweaty, you won’t irritate your hip, and the sleeping surface will be cool and relaxing. This model comes with a 5-year warranty, which is certainly better than the above option.

Key features:

  • Great value for the price. This mattress topper is designed in a medically-friendly way to prevent discomfort, irritation, and pain.
  • Active suspension technology minimalizes the response and bounciness of the mattress in a way you can turn and get up without waking up your partner.
  • It’s worth mentioning that this topper is more affordable compared to our above option.
  • It boasts great airflow which is highly beneficial during hot summer nights.

Editor Note: We found that this mattress doesn’t offer a sleep trial period, unlike the model we picked as out first. That’s the only reason why we didn’t announce it as our top option. Also, this may be a personal preference but not everyone prefers swirled or egg-crate shaped toppers so we put that criterion into consideration when grading this model.

#3 Best budget: LUCID 2-inch Lavender Foam Topper

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Budget-friendly mattress toppers can help you enhance the quality of your sleep and comfort without spending a ridiculously high amount of money on an entirely new bed. The 2-inch and five-zone LUCID Lavender foam topper is a great investment, as well as our favorite pick that is affordable for just any wallet.

Lucid mattress topper consists of five body zone memory foam that works in a way that gives you the best of comfort and support at a given price. Each zone has a certain kind of patterned memory foam that will individually conform to your body. The torso zone that goes down to hip features a roll-like memory foam zone that has particular adjustment towards your hip, keeps the temperature just right and reduces the weight and pressure of it, which is extremely important.

All the textures on the zones boast special technology that minimalizes pressure on the body parts and help you not toss and turn all around in the night. The memory foam is infused by special materials that easily regulate the temperature, keeping the sleeping surface cool and breathable. Another thing that we liked is that the motion comfort works great and won’t have your partner wake up at night.

We recommend this mattress because it’s affordable, feels soft and soothing and delivers comfortable night rest that rejuvenates your bed and soothes your hip injury or some other condition. It comes with a three-year warranty, which is great for this price range.

Key features:

  • Primarily, this mattress is an amazing value and it’s affordable in the process.
  • Despite the low price-range, LUCID offers reliable and a prompt 3-year warranty with great customer service.
  • Temperature regulating materials will make your night rest cool and breezy.
  • 5-zone memory foam with individual texture cradles users to sleep.

Editor Note: We usually don’t recommend 2-inch toppers because for heavier sleepers, they may not offer the best support and balance compared to 3- and 4-inch toppers. Additionally, it may take a bit too long to expand, similarly to the previously reviewed unit.

#4 Best extra-thickness: Lucid 4 Inch Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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If you’re looking for an added support and balance, Lucid’s Bamboo Charcoal memory foam topper is the right pick for you. It boasts a 4-inch thickness which alleviates you and creates a plush sensation for those who either have a firmer mattress or need to add more soothing to their injured or hurt hip.

Although this memory foam is flat, as opposed to the swirled foam from our budget option, this topper will still have an equal pressure distribution across the sleeping surface, aiming to eliminate the pressure point pain. Charcoal has been proved for various therapeutic features, and the fact it can aid hip pain doesn’t surprise us. This topper is ideal if you suffer from certain hip conditions because it cradles you to bed, and helps your hip heal and relax the tension from standing over a day. In addition to hip-friendly features, it’s also great for those who suffer from chronic back pain because it promotes a healthy position of the spine, keeping it natural.

It boasts the CertiPUR-US certification which clears it from the toxic chemical components. In addition to that, this topper is made out of natural hypoallergenic materials. Its memory foam resists the bacteria buildup, making it ideal for people with asthma and those allergic to asthma.

Lastly, this topper is equipped with infused bamboo charcoal which helps with ventilation and temperature regulation, as well as odor and moisture.

Key features:

  • This mattress topper boasts 4-inch thickness, which makes it ideal for heavier sleepers and those looking for more support.
  • The therapeutic memory foam helps with various ailments especially hip and back.
  • Bamboo charcoal makes the mattress cooler while reducing moisture and odor.
  • It’s nearly scentless and takes relatively fast to expand.
  • It boasts a hypoallergenic build, making it safe for people with asthma.

Editor Note: What we didn’t like about this mattress is that it comes with only three years warranty compared to its size and price. We’d expect it to last longer, but its short warranty indicates that it might not be as durable. It’s not a big flaw, but other than that we couldn’t find anything that we’d possibly mind.

#5 Best Swirl Topper: Linenspa 3 Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper

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This beautiful swirl topper allows people who need even body distribution across the surface to help relieve any pressure or pain that they’re feeling. This 3-inch thick and plush gel memory foam mattress naturally hugs body curves and sails them into the peaceful dreamland. Therapeutic properties of this topper are what attracted a lot of people having certain hip ailments fix their sleeping schedule.

This topper is made out of 3-inch high-quality memory foam that is infused with a special gel which in turn – adds up to the comfort, aligns the spine and hips, regulates temperature and keeps the sleeping surface ventilated. In addition to that, it feels extremely plush and comfortable, thanks to the reliable thickness levels.

This memory foam has additional benefits. It uses breathable open-cell technology that naturally molds to your body shape and helps you sleep peacefully regardless of the sleeping position. The CertiPUR-US certification makes for the lack of harmful chemical materials and anti-inflammatory properties.

Key features:

  • Swirl mattress uses a special approach to make all your body parts feel comfortable and relieved.
  • Super-comfortable swirl memory foam helps you have a wonderful night rest.
  • Gel-infusions help you stay cool and reduce turning.
  • The certification makes it free of chemical materials.
  • Sufficiently thick for both light and heavier sleepers.

Editor Note: Despite the CertiPUR certification, this mattress isn’t hypoallergenic in its entirety. That said, either use safe padding or sheets or look for a hypoallergenic mattress topper.

Other tips for shopping for the best mattress topper for hip pain

There’s no secret words or tips that will make your mattress topper pick better than others. They’re all boasting similar features and resemblance of features general-purpose mattresses have. When it comes to general features to consider – ensure that you always buy the topper with a size corresponding to your mattress’ size, consider your budget and how much you’re willing to invest in a mattress and check the type and materials it boasts, as well as warranty, sleep trial and certifications.

When it comes to hip-related properties a good mattress should be thick, but neither too plush or firm. Moreover, mattress toppers suitable for preventing and alleviating hip pain often use an egg-crate pattern that has shown itself highly beneficial for soothing hips and improving blood circulation. Lastly, consider the temperature regulating properties as you don’t want to wake up hot, irritated and sweaty.

We found you could use these tips if you’re buying the mattresses we haven’t mentioned in the list, or our secondary reviewed products which, while still good, do lack some key features we saw in the first five.

We Also Reviewed (Good But Not Great)

#6 RECCI 2-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

RECCI memory foam mattress topper is built with hip pain relief in mind. It uses authentic and natural memory foam that naturally conforms to your body and makes your night rest much simpler and more balanced. It gives a medium soft sensation, which means it’s ideal for people who have really firm mattresses. It has CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certifications which make it safe from toxic chemicals and no heavy metals.

Key features:

  • Plush and soft memory foam for added comfort and more support.
  • Heat Insulation Technology includes an authentic weaving method that uses high-quality cover to distribute heat and regulate temperature.
  • Various certifications which keep it safe.
  • Cooling Bamboo Viscose Cover – help with more softness and comfort and add up to more efficient temperature control.

Drawbacks: Despite having a reliable cover, we think that the best mattress toppers for hip pain should have gel-infused memory foam to make for a more comfortable sleeping experience, free of sweating and heating. Additionally, 2-inch toppers may not be the best for heavy sleepers.

#7 Milemont Mattress Topper

Milemont mattress toppers are an affordable investment in sleep and hip pain relief. You can use it to support your mattress and naturally mold to your body, hips, and spine as you sleep, regardless of the sleeping position. It uses gel memory foam that not only enhances the overall sleeping experience but also makes it cooler and breezier. Here are its main features.

Key features:

  • This mattress is a great value and in addition to all its great features uses high-quality foam that adjusts to your sleeping position and body curves.
  • Temperature regulating gel beads provide an even distribution of heat across the sleeping surface.
  • Naturally conforms to your hip and spine.
  • It expands and inflates extremely fast. You won’t have to wait for longer than a day.

Drawbacks: It doesn’t boast complete hypoallergenic materials. Also, it may appear too thin for heavier sleepers, and insufficient hip support for them.

#8 ViscoSoft 3 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

ViscoSoft 3-inch topper is highly resemblant to the first pick at the top of this article. That said, if the first options are unavailable this model is great for soothing pain caused by mattress sinking or too firm mattresses. This topper boasts high-quality components that will make up for additional comfort, balance and equal pressure distribution, especially for those who suffer from chronic hip conditions.

Key features:

  • Gel-infused memory foam is breathable, comfortable and soothing for hip conditions and injuries.
  • Rejuvenates sinking mattresses.
  • Washable cover can be washed and dried in a machine.
  • Just like the first pick, this option allows for a 60-day trial.

Drawbacks: This model is similar to the first model, but that also makes it very expensive, and its warranty quite unconventional for a model of this price-tag.

#9 Zinus OLB-MGT-300T 3 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Zinus mattresses are popular for their high-end memory foam made out of Green Tea. This particular topper, available in all sizes sports amazing cool gel memory foam which adds up to comfort, support and provides restful night rest, free of sweating and persistent hip pain. It uses a Green Tea extract which eliminates body odor and other smells.

  • Firm yet soft enough to rejuvenate and restore the original comfort of your mattress.
  • Comfortable design helps with ailments connected to intense hip pain.
  • High-quality memory foam with Green Tea gel and extract that keep the sleeping surface cool.
  • Amazing five years warranty.

Drawbacks: It may take more than three days to entirely expand and be ready for use. Also, it may sink over time, making it not comfortable for all sleeping positions.

#10 Polar Sleep Mattress Topper

The last unit we reviewed is Polar Sleep Mattress topper that has great capabilities when it comes to offering prestigious and luxury comfort. The thickness measures 3 inches, with body-conforming memory foam that soothes and helps with intensive hip pain. Additionally, the topper is equipped with special gel beads that regulate the temperature.

  • Great value for the price.
  • Refreshing sleep thanks to the natural, body-shaping memory foam.
  • Free of harmful chemicals.
  • Great air ventilation and breathability.

Drawbacks: The materials aren’t entirely hypoallergenic, so the people who have asthma or other breathing chronic problems should put that into consideration. Other than that, the features this mattress topper for hip pain offers are impeccable.


We ensured to make the most transparent representation of the best mattress topper for hip pain. Before shopping for the right mattress topper, perhaps it’d be a wise idea to consult with your doctor or a physician on choosing the right thickness and firmness if necessary. In the end, the final decision you make is dependent on your individual and their needs.