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16 Best Memory Foam Mattress 2024: Ultimate Guide – Reviews && Coupons

Memory foam mattresses are extremely popular nowadays because of their customized soft feel. Initially, these mattresses were designed by NASA researchers in the ’70s to protect their pilots.
In recent times, however, you will find pillows, mattress toppers and other forms of beddings being made out of this incredible material.

16 Best Memory Foam Mattress 2024

1. Nectar Mattress – The best overall memory foam mattress

This is one of the best memory foam mattresses available today. It is ideal for;

  • Back and stomach sleepers.
  • All weights – heavy, average and light.
  • People who suffer from back pains.
  • Couples
  • If you prefer medium firmness.

Its main features are:

It is one of the most affordable mattresses that also delivers a great sleeping experience. The comfort levels on this mattress are extremely high, and your expectations from the memory foam mattress shall not be cut short.

It is of medium firmness – 6-7 on the firmness scale, and it comes with four foam layers. The top layer is one inch of gel infusion, with a high density of 4 PCF, the next layer is three inches of memory foam and has a density of 3.5 PCF, the third layer is a transition foam with a thickness of 1.75, and the last layer is 5.25 inches of support foam with a 2.2 density.

The two layers of memory foam will allow the mattress to contour to your body and keep your spine and neck very well aligned. The gel layer at the top will ensure the temperature is controlled while you sleep and this minimizes the incidents of heat retention.

One of the main features that everyone loves about the nectar mattress is its affordable cost and the fact that it comes with a 365 days trial period with a money-back guarantee, and as if that is not enough, they give you a lifetime warranty, meaning that as long as you own the mattress, you are covered.

This shows great confidence in the company’s product, and it means that they stand behind their invention 100%. You can surely trust a company that is that confident.

Finally, this mattress is CertIPUR-US, which means that it has passed all of the requirements of a mattress in the US, and has been certified as safe.

The benefits of this mattress are:

  • No more tossing and turning all night long, because it is a firm mattress that offers you maximum support. It is also soft enough and gentle where you need gentleness.
  • You will wake up refreshed and rejuvenated regardless of your sleeping style. It perfectly molds into your body and provides perfect support.

2. Level Sleep Mattress – Best for Backpain

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This is a clinically chosen mattress that has been proven to alleviate back pain. It comes with three main levels of premium foam that work together to keep your body in a neutral position throughout the night. These levels are:

  • Level soft level – This helps to absorb your shoulders and reduces pressure and pain.
  • The level firm – This is an extremely firm foam that comfortably supports your lower back, sides and also reduces back pain.
  • Level medium – This will absorb your hips and align them with your spine which helps to fight hip pain.

It is made in the US and contains 100% premium materials such as;

Top grade and breathable foam – This non-toxic and open cell are made up of three inches of a performance layer used to align your spine.

A high resilience base made of foam – The base of the mattress is sturdy and long-lasting, and made of 7 inches of memory foam that supports the performance layer and provides a foundation for any flat surface you decide to place your mattress on.

Rich fabric cover – This is a thick and durable cover that offers a four-way technology designed to maximize breathability and comfort.

Patented technology for providing back support – The three layers also offer lumbar support that comes with two softer zones which allow your hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress and improve your alignment effectively. This works with any sleeping style.

Tossing and turning – The reduced compression of the mattress will reduce your soft tissues compression which effectively improves your blood flow, and as a result, you can sleep longer and deeper due to the reduction in tossing and turning.

Benefits of buying this mattress:

  • Pain reduction – its design provides therapeutic support with its three layers that come with different levels of firmness and are ideal for reducing pain while you sleep.
  • Improves sleep with any position – This mattress provides the perfect support for your body regardless of your sleeping style. It provides ultimate comfort at all times and relieves your pressure points.
  • It helps to diminish fatigue when you wake up in the morning.

3. Layla Mattress – Best for Side sleepers

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This is an award-winning mattress from Layla, whose main secret ingredient is the copper-infused layer. It offers a high level of comfort and support plus; the copper helps in regulating heat while you sleep by pulling all of the excess heat from your body away from the mattress and also kills any bacteria trying to get in.

This mattress will give extra firm support on the low points so that your body can always remain aligned at all times. It comes with a flappable design where one side is medium softness, and the other side is extra firm.

The medium soft is ideal for anyone who weighs less than 130 pounds, while the firmer side is best for extra heavy people.

All sides of the mattress are infused with copper to make them the mattress extra cool while you sleep at night.

The shared support is made of a high-density polyfoam that provides an extra strong reinforcement to the entire bed. This is regardless of the side you choose to sleep on.

Also, this mattress is exceptionally lightweight even with memory foam standards, and this makes it easy to lift and flip whenever you wish to do so.

Layla company will offer you free shipping, 120 nights trial and a warranty against splitting, cracking and in case of loss of shape.

4. The Puffy Mattress – Best for Average and heavyweight groups

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This is a mattress that has been ranked as the number one mattress of 2024. It offers a thicker than average profile of twelve inches, and it is the most competitive memory foam mattress measuring over ten inches in thickness.

This makes the mattress particularly excellent for heavy individuals. It is built with a six-inch comfort system that consists of a top layer made of memory foam, and three special comfort polyfoam layers. Under the removable and washable luxury cover is a 3-inch layer of Cooling Cloud™ memory foam followed by a body adapting dual cloud layer that eliminates all pressure points, then a layer that ensures the mattress performs the same way in a variety of climate conditions all resting on top of a 6-inch base of support foam.

These features offer medium firmness that provides great pressure relief for side and back sleepers. The mattress is rated for sleepers weighing up to 350 pounds but is soft enough to be comfortable for lighter bodies.

Another great feature of this mattress is motion isolation. The sleeping surface absorbs your motion very well and ensures that it doesn’t transfer to your partner where it could disrupt their sleep. The bed is also virtually silent.

This Puffy Lux bed also has a stain-resistant cover made of polyester that makes cleaning quite easy. All you need is a quick wipe-down in case of spills.

The polyfoam offers sturdy support that prevents against sinkage and, at the same time, maintains an even sleep surface around the perimeter where most people love to sit. This will always ensure that your bed doesn’t sag on one side either.

In terms of price, it is above average if you compare it to other memory foam mattresses, but it is worth the cost due to the many benefits it has to offer any sleeper.

5. PlushBeds Gel Memory Foam – Best for Cooling Effect

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This mattress is made of 100% natural latex, with a gel comfort layer that will provide you with a buoyancy feel that greatly cradles your body. As a result, it relieves aches and pains and leaves you with an ultimate floating sensation.

It does not have any added chemicals or odors; neither does it have any off-gassing.

The mattress comes with a cooling cover that is a luxurious stretch with advanced cooling effects designed to keep you cool, dry and comfortable all night long.

This mattress is, in fact, the first in the world to be Greenguard gold certified. Greenguard is a body that regulates the performance of memory foam mattresses and ensures that they adhere to all regulations that have been set forth.

The certification is extremely hard to come by, and only 1% of all mattresses have been given this high honor, which makes the PlushBeds mattress extremely qualified to offer you all you need from a mattress. It also ensures you have total peace of mind when sleeping on your mattress as it qualified for the job.

It also has a CertIPUR-US Certification, which is yet another body that ensures that the mattress is laboratory tested and safe as per the US mattress standards.

This mattress is also proudly made in the US and follows a strict set of rules and standards. You can always be assured that it is a top-quality product.

The company offers you 100 nights free trial, which is more than three months, after which you are assured of your money back if it doesn’t meet all of your needs.

In addition to all that, the company offers free shipping and free return if you do not like the mattress.

Benefits of buying this mattress:

  • You are assured of having the coolest of nights if you sweat a lot at night.
  • You are assured of peaceful all-night sleep.
  • It comes with a 25-year warranty, which is almost a lifetime.

6. IDLE Sleep Foam Mattress – Best for all sleeping styles:

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This is not a mattress made of memory foam, but it is made of IDLE foam. IDLE is another type of Foam material designed by the company and which they use in the design of their mattress.

The mattress is 14 inches of double-sided all foam that offers the best motion isolation benefits and also pressure relief.

It is CertiPUR-US certified because of the following reasons:

  • It doesn’t contain any ozone depleters.
  • It doesn’t have any TDCPP, PBDEs, or even any TCEP flame retardants which means that it is 100% safe.
  • It is made without any mercury, lead, or any other dangerous metals.
  • It doesn’t contain any formaldehyde.
  • It doesn’t contain any phthalates as per the regulations of the consumer safety commission.
  • It has low VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds. These are emissions of indoor air quality.

Firmness levels – The mattress is made up of 2 levels of firmness – the medium which is 6-7 inches, which is ideal for people who are combination sleepers, e.g. people who sleep on their backs, sides and stomach, and the luxury firmness 9-9.5 inches that is ideal for those who sleep on their backs and stomach.

The mattress combines both luxury and support in their design. This combination ensures that your shoulders, back, and hips are always properly aligned. It also ensures very little motion transfer which also makes it ideal for all styles of sleeping.

It uses visco-elastic chemicals that give it a memory foam feel. These chemicals also help in retaining heat within the mattress, such that; if you get out of bed to say, grab a glass of water, you shall still find the bed nice and warm upon your return.

The only limitation with this mattress is that it is not efficient in dissipating and regulating heat, and these are some of the reasons why most people opt for a memory foam mattress instead.

It is a two-sided design, meaning that you can easily flip the mattress to avoid wearing out as a result of body impressions. This makes it a long-lasting mattress.

Other features;

  • It is made in the US.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It has 120 nights trial period, within which you can return it and get your money back.
  • The company offers free shipping as well.

7. TEMPUR-Pro Adapt medium feel mattress– Best Luxury Mattress

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This is truly a luxurious and expensive mattress. It is designed with advanced pressure relief for maximum comfort.

TEMPUR is one of the most prominent names in the mattress world, and it was founded in the year 1992 by a Swedish firm that wanted to market their memory foam mattresses.

Several qualities make it one of the best mattresses in terms of luxury and design, which are;

It is highly durable compared to other mattresses and is capable of performing for more than seven years without needing a replacement.

It also conforms very closely to your body’s contour and helps in alleviating pressure points while you sleep, which leads to pain relief.

It eliminates motion transfer at night, and this makes it ideal for couples.

It doesn’t produce any noise at all when bearing your weight.

The company delivers the mattress directly into your home, and they go a step further to set it up as well.

It is also made with the TEMPUR layer which offers an extremely personalized comfort and advanced adaptability which gives an excellent experience.

The mattresses’ Smart climate system of the dual cover is the next technology design featuring a cool-to-touch Zip-off cover with an added super stretchable inner layer for comfort and convenience.

The TEMPUR-APR Support Layer is made of the most pressure relieving material in the market today, and it facilitates and deep and rejuvenating sleeping experience.

It is an all foam model mattress that features two memory foam layers, a high-density polyfoam layer and a comfort layer as well.

The mattress helps you to sleep very coolly, mostly due to its knit cover that absorbs your body heat and regulates the temperature at night.

The hybrid version of this bed offers excellent support as it comes with reinforced edges with a foam-encased supportive core.

The only downside to this mattress is that it is quite expensive compared to other types of memory foam mattress, even though you cannot compare it to any other in terms of comfort and support.

8. The Loom & Leaf Mattress – Best affordable Luxurious mattress:

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This is another luxury memory foam mattress that is much more affordable compared to the TEMPUR-Pro Adapt mattress.

It takes luxury to the next level by offering a wide range of features that most people love and appreciate. While the bed is still a little higher in price than some of the others we have already reviewed, it is still a mattress that is worth the price.

It is a high-density memory foam that includes a convoluted memory foam layer that is laminated with a cooling gel. The base is also supported by another layer of high-density polyfoam. This whole composition makes the bed extremely supportive and pressure relieving.

According to the customer reviews, this is a mattress that will help alleviate all pain points from your body, and therefore if you constantly suffer from shoulder pains or back pains, you should consider investing in this mattress.

It has two comfort levels, a relaxed firm, and a firm. This help meets the preferences of most users perfectly. Besides, the manufacturing company Saatva offers free delivery services and free removal of your current mattress.

Benefits of buying this bed;

  • It is ideal for all types of sleepers – Side, stomach and back sleepers.
  • It has multiple firmness options.
  • It conforms to pressure relieving and has a support core which helps to maintain your body’s alignment.
  • It has an above-average motion transfer and makes very little noise at night.
  • It has a very long trial period and warranty.

The only limitations of the mattress are cost, it is quite costly, plus it doesn’t offer temperature control, so, you may sleep hot at times.

9. Leesa Mattress – Best for Motion isolation:

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If you sleep with a partner, who tends to keep tossing and turning all night long, and probably ends up giving you sleepless nights, then this is one of those mattresses that is a godsend to you. It is designed to eliminate motion transfer, which means that with this mattress, you will never have to hear even a peep from your partner.

The mattress works well in alleviating pressure points and helps eliminate back and shoulder pains as well. Users also found that it had less sinkage compared to the traditional memory foam mattresses in the market today.

The mattress is highly durable and can last for up to 7 years, without requiring a change. It is also a firm mattress that is reasonably priced.

It also has a micro-cell structure that increases airflow while you sleep and helps to eliminate the heating effect from your body at night.

The mattress maintains its structure and feels almost new night after night. It has pioneered the improvement of durability that hasn’t been seen with any other mattress yet.

The construction:

This mattress is a 10-inch bed that is made of some layers. These include;

The cover – This is a thick polyester blend whose material is very soft to the touch. It feels very cozy.

The comfort layer – This consists of 2-inch memory foam with a bouncy latex feel. This makes the user feel like they are being lifted in the air, and it also promotes a cooling effect throughout the mattress.

Transition layer – This layer is made of 2 inches of memory foam that has a very slow response to pressure. It allows your body to contour and minimizes sinkage. By placing this layer under the latex-like comfort, layer safeguards the bed against the popular memory foam stuck in feeling that causes you to overheating at night.

Foundation layer – This wraps up the entire construction of the mattress. It is a thick and high-density polyfoam layer whose main function is stability and shaping. It helps support the softer layers listed above.

This bed accommodates users of different shapes and sizes, and also, it helps in relieving pressure, whilst still making it easy to move around in the bed.

It offers minimal noise with weight distribution and alleviates motion transfer completely.

10. Bear Mattress – Best for Back Sleepers:

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This is a mattress that is designed for all types of sleepers, but it offers excellent support if you are a back sleeper.

The mattress is made up of 4 incredible layers that offer maximum support;

The initial layer of the mattress has an ILD of 9 pounds, which is good enough. This layer is made up of 1-inch of a cool graphite gel and memory foam with a 4-pound density. It also has a breathable Celliant cover that helps to improve its performance. The graphite gel also helps in alleviating body heat while you sleep at night.

The firmness and comfort layer – These are made of a high-density memory foam that helps in providing the perfect bounce, and ensures the mattress retains its initial shape even after intense use.

The upper layers are also made of a good combination of memory foam, as well as a quick response foam which provides a high level of cradle and contours your body perfectly. It also allows you to sleep easily on your back.

Support – the mattress offers you the quality of support needed to keep everything properly aligned. It also helps to prevent the mattress from sagging inappropriately.

Motion isolation – this is yet another feature that makes this the ideal mattress. It alleviates motion to transfer at night, giving you undisturbed sleep.

Off-gassing – most mattresses comes with an awful chemical smell that can be off-putting, but with this bear mattress, this is not the case.

The top cover is infused with Celliant technology, which is a system that has been researched for centuries and it helps in converting your body heat into infrared energy. This new energy allows your body to receive the following benefits;

For sports enthusiasts, it boosts your energy levels and helps your body recover after strenuous exercises.

  • It improves your blood circulation.
  • It regulates your body heat.
  • It offers relief for people who suffer from; high blood sugar, arthritis, muscle tears, and congestive heart failure.

11. Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress – Cheapest Foam Mattress:

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This is a cool, comfortable, gel-infused and green tea mattress that is extremely affordable. It has got to be the cheapest mattress on our list.

It is hypoallergenic meaning that it is designed to get rid of allergic reactions at night, by getting rid of dust particles and other microorganisms in the air that leads to allergies at night. For people that have asthma or bronchial disorders, this is an excellent mattress option for you.

It is made up of the following layers;

  • Two inches of gel-infused memory foam.
  • An air-flow high-density foam layer that is 3.5 inches.
  • Comfort foam – 3 inches in size.
  • A high-density base support memory foam layer that is also 3.5 inches.

It is a CertiPUR-US certified mattress which means that it passes all the required regulations for mattresses in the US, and you can rest easy using it as it is safe.

The downside to this mattress is that comes with a strong odor initially when new, but this odor is harmless and takes only 72 hours to dissipate. It is recommended that you remove all of the bedsheets from the bed and let it air out in a well-ventilated room.

The mattress is infused with green tea extract and natural castor oil that retards bad odor naturally.

It offers pressure relief and also improves sleep efficiency by conforming to your body’s contour so that your bones and your joints sink into the mattress comfortably, and you wake up with fewer aches on your body.

12. Brentwood Home Ojai Mattress – The most affordable gel Mattress:

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This is merely an everyday mattress that features modern sleeping technologies for a breathable and supportive night of sleep.

The company is well-known for its attention to detail, and this mattress does not disappoint and comes with a whopping 25-year warranty period, which is almost a lifetime.

It has a balanced medium feel that is perfect for a guest room, or for couples who have differing sleep preferences and would like some peace at night. The beauty of this mattress is that it alleviates motion transfer from your partner.

It is designed with comfortable and straightforward materials which are also non-toxic and safe for everyone. It has a layer of high-density memory foam which helps to cradle you and relieve pressure points, a thin layer of natural latex that helps in adding your responsiveness, so you do not suffer from the standard memory foam – stuck on the spot feeling.

It does not contain any pesticides, harmful chemicals or toxins. It is entirely chemical free.

It also has a cooling gel memory foam layer whose open-cell technology helps in drawing the heat away from your body at night and also prevents hot spots. The cover is made of a plant-based Tencel which is ideal for regulating temperature.

This mattress is made in the US, and its beauty is unparalleled. It also adheres strictly to the outlined manufacturing standards which help to impact the environment positively.

13. Amerisleep AS3 mattress – The most versatile Mattress:

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This mattress is an excellent blend of support and softness, and it great for anyone that constantly changes positions at night.

It is also perfect for couples with different sleep patterns, and it is, in fact, one of the most popular mattresses in the market.

It is carefully engineered with innovative and proprietary materials that make it an extremely comfortable mattress. It is perfect for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, side sleepers and also combo sleepers.

It is made of the following layers;

A high-performance Celliant layer that is made of an advanced technology fabric with thermoactivated materials that can change your body heat into infrared This new energy, that helps in the following ways;

It helps to boosts your energy levels and helps your body recover after strenuous exercises.

It improves your blood circulation.

It regulates your body heat.

It offers relief for people who suffer from; high blood sugar, arthritis, muscle tears, and congestive heart failure.

An extra-breathable layer with open-cell technology to take heat away from your body, and facilitate a cooling effect.

A feels-as-though-you are floating layer – This is an affinity transition layer that reacts to your body’s position to evenly distribute your weight and help in relieving your pressure points. It also helps you feel like you are weightless and resting on a cloud.

A sag-free and eco-friendly layer – This is a foam support layer that ensures the mattress does not sag, even after years of use. It is made partially from plant-based products, and this is what makes it eco-friendly.

The mattress has been tried and tested, and the verdict is that; it can give you more sleep compared to other types of mattresses.

It is also made of a dense material that will trap your body heat leaving you cool all night long.

It also recovers its shape quickly and eliminates the “stuck” feeling.

14. Tuft & Needle Mattress – The Firmest Mattress:

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The tuft and needle mattress are made of polyfoam, and they offer excellent motion isolation for couples. They are also remarkably silent at night when bearing weight.

They offer a straightforward construction of their mattress with the following layers;

Cover – This is made of a stretchy polyester material that is thin by design. It allows air to flow smoothly throughout the mattress which helps in regulating heat. It also has a Tactel material that is a cotton substitute and is typically used in making clothes. This material dries quickly and further helps in temperature control.

Comfort layer – This layer is made of 3 inches of tuft and needle’s proprietary foam which also consists of 2.9 lb. Density. This is a layer that helps with pressure relief and also generates a great feeling while you sleep. It provides a good bounce and ensures you do not get stuck while you sleep.

Base layer – This is found immediately below the comfort layer, and it consists of 7 inches of polyfoam with a density of 1.8lbs. This also offers the foundational support for the mattress, which makes it durable and helps it retain its shape and structure.

Firmness – this mattress is extremely firm and soft as well. It offers a quick response to pressure and makes it easy for you to move around.

15. Live and Sleep Memory Foam Mattress – Best for Big People:

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This is a 10-inch mattress that is ideal for extra-large people. It is infused with Visco-elastic foam for a top layer of an extra thick and high-density firm support base. This is the type of mattress you would expect to find in a luxury hotel.

It comes equipped with cooling sensations with plush, breathable and superior materials that offer optimum comfort while conforming with your body contour. It also helps you to relax and cool your body all night long.

It has a classic, durable core layer that helps relieve your pressure points. As a result, you will experience less tossing and turning and targets your shoulders and hips for back pain relief. This mattress makes you have the ultimate slumber experience.

It is made up of 2 excellent layers;

The top layer is made of 2.5 inches of memory foam that is extra soft and handles pressure relief excellently. It also has a very slow response time whenever pressure is applied. This top layer is also known as the only comfort layer with a memory foam feel that conforms to your body’s contour.

The bottom layer is made of 7.5 inches of polyurethane foam, which is a very dense foam meant to offer excellent support, so you do not fall off the bed.

16. LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Best Temperature Regulating Mattress:

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This is another 10-inch layered mattress that is also gel-infused. It is a dual-layered mattress that is made up of 2.5 inches of gel which helps in temperature control. With this mattress, you will never have to deal with heat waves and sweating at night.

It also has 7.5-inch memory foam and high-density base that is great at offering support.

The reason why this mattress is excellent with heat regulation is its gel-infused layer. This also conforms to your body contours and eases pressure points, which leads to the alleviation of pain from any part of your body.

It also has a TENCEL material on the cover, and in addition to temperature control, it is a moisture control cover too.

The mattress is CertiPUR-US, which means that it is certified in the US, and follows all of the regulations laid out for mattresses.

It is hypoallergenic and its designed for people who suffer from allergic reactions especially at night. Its open-cell technology helps with air flow and prevents dust mites, bacteria and mold from sticking on the mattress. For asthmatic people, this is an excellent mattress.

It is usually shipped directly from the manufacturer, and the packaging is excellent since it is compressed for more comfortable transportation.

Memory Foam Mattress: 101 Guide

If you are wondering which is the best memory foam mattress for you, probably because you are spoilt for choice as there are so many options in the market, worry no more, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of factors that you can use to consider when buying a memory foam mattress.

Let’s get started:

What exactly is memory foam?

Memory Foam, also known as viscoelastic polyfoam, is a material that softens when it comes into contact with the human body. It is also able to retain its original shape after cooling down, and therefore, unlike other types of mattresses, this mattress never gets disfigured.

It is made from a polyurethane material which is a plastic that can manifest as either flexible or rigid. It also contains some chemicals that help to increase its viscosity and density. When you sleep on a memory foam mattress, it wraps itself around your body for extra comfort.

In addition to all this, a memory foam mattress has typically better spinal alignment as compared to other types of mattresses and therefore offers pressure relief throughout your body.

This is a mattress for everyone, but, if you primarily identify with either of the following categories of people, it is essential that you get one immediately.

  • People who suffer from back and shoulder pains.
  • People who suffer from insomnia
  • People who toss and turn all night long.
  • People who suffer from allergies at night.

Despite their name, most mattresses are not made of memory foam, and you must be very careful when buying your mattress. Memory foam is a layer on the mattress – typically the soft layer, and it usually comprises of at least 25-40 percent of the entire mattress.

This works at providing the desired comfort and a sense of “hugging” on your body.

On the mattress, you will also find another layer known as the support layer, that is made up of an innerspring and a high-density polyfoam. This gives the mattress a sturdier base that will eventually prevent you from sinking too deep into the mattress.

The firmness of the memory foam mattress is made of and depends on the ILD, which stands for Indentation Load Deflection. This refers to the amount of pressure required to make an indentation on the surface of the mattress.

Typically, the higher the ILD, the firmer the mattress will be, while, the lower the ILD, the more the likelihood of you sinking into the mattress and forming an indentation.

When it comes to a memory foam mattress, there is typically a range for ILD, which is mostly affected by many other factors such as the room and body temperatures. A good quality memory foam mattress should at least have an ILD of 10 and above.

When buying your mattress, you will see the ILD ranges of 8-20 and as a rule, anything that is lower than ten will be incredibly soft, which means that it will be easy to indent, while above ten is just soft and firm enough to remain stable.

The feel of the mattress

One of the main reasons why memory foam mattresses are popular is their soft feel. These mattresses are also designed in such a way that they will never lose their shape and therefore, they tend to last a very long period.

Let us explore this and understand the different options in the market;

Conforming feel – The memory foam mattress conforms perfectly to your body and creates a contoured impression on the surface. This provides your body with excellent support and helps in maintaining your spinal alignment. As a result, most people that use memory foam mattresses tend to have fewer pains when they wake up in the morning.

Sinking feeling – Memory foam mattresses are softer compared to other mattresses, and they are ideal for people of all weights, although if you weigh more than 230 pounds, you may experience some sinking into the mattress if you do not have the right kind.

Motion isolation – The mattress can conform to your body and absorb any form of motion transfer. This greatly helps in minimizing disruptions at night from your partner, because if you toss and turn, your partner does not feel it at all.

Less noise – if you are used to the noises made by mattresses at night when you change positions or when you wake up in the middle of the night, then you are in for a huge surprise because memory foam mattresses are extremely quiet and even when you leave the bed, it doesn’t make a noise at all.

Sleeping style:

This is an extremely important point to consider because the mattresses are designed for specific sleeping styles. Generally, the most common sleeping types are;

  • Back sleepers.
  • Side sleepers.
  • Stomach sleepers.

Now, if you regularly wake up with back, shoulder and neck pains, you are most probably sleeping on the wrong mattress that is not designed for your sleeping style, and choosing the right memory foam mattress can greatly relieve this problem for you.

People that sleep on their backs require a medium-firm mattress in order to support their achy spines while people who sleep on their stomach will require a memory foam that is extra firm on the foam, and lastly, those that sleep on their sides will require an extra soft memory foam mattress.

Types of memory foam mattresses;

At first look, you may think that all memory foam mattresses are similar, but that is not the case. The following are the main categories of memory foam mattresses;

The traditional memory foam – This can support your body well, and it responds to your weight and shape. It also helps to minimize the pressure points and increases your blood circulation as you sleep. It is made of viscoelastic foam, and tends to be an extremely popular choice for most people.

Latex memory foam – This is not exactly a type of memory foam, and it doesn’t necessarily conform to sleepers the same way memory foam does, but it is incredibly comfortable and plush. Its significant benefit is that it is hypoallergenic and also antimicrobial. This makes it an excellent alternative for people who suffer allergic reactions especially at night, and those that suffer from bronchial problems such as asthma. You should however not buy a latex mattress if you are allergic to latex.

Gel memory foam – This contains some form of gel formula which is what you find in shoes to reduce pressure. The gel helps in increasing the airflow throughout the mattress and also draws heat away from your body as you sleep. A gel memory foam mattress is, therefore, an excellent option for people that get too hot at night.

Plant-based – These types of memory foam mattresses normally combine botanical agents and petrochemicals in their formulation. They are normally cooler than other types of memory foam mattresses because they come with an open-cell technology that is highly breathable and has a cooling effect.

Copper-infused memory foam – This has copper wires that have been infused throughout the mattress to provide a cooling effect. They help in blood circulation and are extremely popular with people that have constant joint pains.

Choose a memory foam mattress that is best suited for your sleeping type. We recommend that you do extensive research before settling on a mattress because this will ensure you choose one that shall eliminate your current problems.

Mattress thickness:

The thickness of these mattresses normally ranges from 6-14 inches in general. The thicker mattresses tend to be softer than the thin ones, but, a thinner mattress doesn’t necessarily take away its comfort levels.

Now, you may think that an extremely thick mattress is best for you if you want maximum comfort, but that may not be true. A thick mattress may look comfortable, but it is not the most ideal for spine alignment.

One of the reasons why people buy memory foam mattresses is for spinal control and alignment that helps in eliminating back and shoulder pains, and therefore, you must be careful on the thickness you choose as this will determine how effective the mattress shall be.

It is, in fact, advisable to opt for a mattress topper on top of the mattress to ensure maximum alignment and pain elimination.

On the other hand, a mattress that is too thin may not be too comfortable either.

It may seem like a contradiction, but it is not. What we are trying to say is that the best mattress for you would be one that is of medium thickness, as it will take care of all your needs in one place. It will neither be too thick or too thin, and neither will it be too soft or too hard. It is medium-sized which is the best.


There is a big difference between the size/thickness of the mattress and the density of that mattress. We shall explain.

As noted above, the size of the mattress normally refers to how big or small or thick or thin the mattress is, while the density of the mattress refers to how much comfort the mattress offers.

Density also determines the amount of support that the mattress can offer.

When shopping for a memory foam mattress, it is important to distinguish between these two terms; otherwise, you may end up with a mistake in your hands. A mattress that does not offer you the level of comfort that you have been looking for.

Now, density levels are also associated with firmness, and where most people go wrong is in thinking that the higher the density, the firmer the mattress, which is always wrong, and if you are guilty of this, do not worry, you are not alone.

You would expect mattresses with higher densities to be heavier, more comfortable and more solid as well, while mattresses with lower densities are expected to be the complete opposite.

Let us understand this in details to avoid common mistakes;

The density of a material is normally its mass per unit volume, which defines how tight the material is compacted. It is calculation is done by dividing the mass by the volume.

Most memory foam mattresses will normally range from 2.5 – 8 pounds per cubic meter in terms of density, and the best mattresses are those of medium-range densities of 4-5 pounds per cubic meter. These are not too dense, neither are they less dense.

If you are heavy, however, it is important to find a mattress of higher density, say 6 and above, as this will be able to handle your weight the best.

Cooling effect:

Most people tend to sweat at night, and this can be quite distracting especially because it may cause you to keep waking up in the middle of the night, where you end up having slept less than you should have in the morning.

To help you with this, memory foam mattresses are designed with cooling agents such as gel and copper infusions that help regulate the temperatures at night by reducing the effect of heat retention.

These mattresses can deflect heat from your body, causing you to have a temperature regulated environment every time you sleep. As a result, you tend to sleep more soundly and much cooler at night.

Comfort layer:

Well, the main reason for having a memory foam mattress is the comfort it offers. This will, however, vary, based on the thickness of the comfort layer. A thicker comfort layer will provide the added support for heavy people, who may feel the need for this, while a thinner mattress is ideal for people who aren’t too big.

Final thoughts

Memory foam mattresses are extremely popular, and everyone wants to have one. This is because of the benefits we have already outlined, and the fact that this is a mattress that will serve you for a very long period.

Buying a memory foam mattress is a major investment, and you are required to treat it right so it can last longer. This includes ensuring you clean it often and follow the manufactures advice when it comes to spills and stains.

We can recommend the following mattresses from our list;

  • Nectar Mattress – This is, in fact, the best overall mattress and ideal for back sleepers.
  • Idle memory foam mattress– if you are looking for a luxurious mattress, then this is the one you should go for. It is an extremely comfortable mattress that has very many excellent reviews.
  • Plushbed memory foam mattress– This is an extremely versatile mattress that is ideal for everyone regardless of your sleeping style, shape, and weight.
  • Brentwood Home Ojai Mattress – This is excellent for the budget-conscious, and it offers just as many features as any other memory foam mattress but at an affordable cost.
  • Tuft & Needle Mattress – This is the firmest Mattress in our list, and it is ideal for extra heavy people or couples. It can handle almost any amount of weight without losing its shape.

So, with this list, we hope you are better informed and will be able to make the best choice of a memory foam mattress.