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Best Temperature for Sleep: When You Find It, You Will Sleep Better | Change the Temperature; Improve Insomnia

When you find the best temperature for sleeping, you’ll sleep better. How do you know if your room is at the best temperature for sleeping?

Is it hard for you to take a sound nap at night? Or if not then do you have a disturbed cycle while you go to bed. All these things matter a lot as a key to success is good health. For that sleeping at the correct time and the right atmosphere is the most important thing that you should be careful of.

Many people face insomnia just because they use the wrong temperature setting for their bedroom. It might not seem important to us but is one of the most crucial aspects which should be taken care of. To get to know what the right temperature for sleeping is, we will gather some points which will help you in the long term.

How does the Right Temperature help you Sleep?

People might not keep in regard to how much warmth of the room would help you to sleep in. sometimes, we neglect the smallest of details which matter the most. When we go to bed it is a common face that at the start of sleeping a person has a normal body temperature. But once you go to nap the body releases heat and the temperature gets more. To be safe enough we should make sure the temperature of the room is perfect.  A key to good sleep is to keep all measures before going to bed so you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night.

Suggested room temperature

ideal temperature for sleep on winner and summerideal temperature for sleep on winner and summer

Mostly, people like to keep their room warm and cozy enough to sleep in. Suggested warmth for the room is 60-67 Fahrenheit. This might seem a bit cool then all other house, but what is important in this is that you can have a good night’s rest. You won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night due to the temperature rising.

Should you buy heated mattresses to sleep in?

Studies show that it is highly inadvisable to buy any such product. Obviously, they give you comfort and you might think that you will have a good comfortable nap. In reality, it is totally opposite to that such mattresses keep you warm enough at the start but later at night you will be disturbed and feel warmer than needed.

Is it dangerous to take a nap in a very warm room?

One of the most important questions arises here, it is not entirely dangerous, but sleeping in a very warm room has side effects. Apart from waking up at night one of the main problems is that the oxygen level lowers in a warm room. Due to which it gets very hard to snooze in and most people face insomnia.

Side-effects of sleeping in a cold room

If you happen to sleep in a cold room then there might not be much of side effects that you must be thinking off. Sleeping in a colder room is better than a warmer room. As discussed already human body releases heat at night and doesn’t require much of warmth in the surrounding. Still, if you happen to sleep in a room with a very low temperature that will be uncomfortable for you and might cause different problems.

Does temperature differ with age?

A normal saying goes on that everything changes with age. When you have a baby then they must be kept in a room that is of much warmth. Babies catch a cold easier and their body temperatures aren’t really suited well to our atmosphere, so special care is taken care of them.

People with disabilities at different ages have several needs and the temperature should be adjusted according to what their doctor suggests. For a healthy person 60-67, Fahrenheit is best to have a good and sound sleep every night.

Adversely effects of temperature on your sleep

One might not think of it in this way but the temperature has various effects on you. Cold temperatures cannot only disturb your sleep but it can make you fall sick and you won’t know the reason till late. The main problem is that people don’t really think that temperature would be one of the problems that might be doing all the problems.

For all this, you need to check the heating on your thermostat and keep it on right levels with respect to all the factors that matter. The temperature in the room affects the quality of your sleep.

Room temperature should change according to the weather outside

The temperature outside matters a lot and the surrounding in your room must be set to a specific degree by measuring the weather outside. It is obviously not a good approach to keep the same temperature same regardless of what is happening outside.

When it is raining outside and the temperature is decreasing then make sure you get some degrees higher at your thermostat to keep you from catching a cold at night. In summer, the normal temperature suits well and causes no severe problems. Keeping you healthy by getting proper sleep.

Right clothing for sleeping

recommended clothing by temperaturerecommended clothing by temperature

It is a factor that some people wear a lot of clothes before sleeping just because they think that it will keep them warm, this study has been a bit outdated. If you want to stay warm enough, fix the heating system and make sure you wear less clothing then you want to.

Socks are never a good option, if you have a problem that your feet are cold enough, make sure you warm it up before going to bed. Wearing socks is not a good option.

In summer should Air conditioner be used?

Around the globe, some countries are so warm that survival without air condition is impossible. That certainly doesn’t mean that they should keep the level of cooling as low as 16 Celsius as the common practice is that they keep it at the least cooling option.

It is not safe for health and this kind of temperature that is maintained by an air conditioner keeps your body cool artificially. The moment you fall asleep your own body’s heat and the cooling from above does not make a good combo due to which various problems occur.

 Is a hot water bottle safe enough to use to maintain the temperature?

For some trouble sleepers who always have some specific parts of their bodies’ cold, they can use the hot water bottle and keep the overall temperature to normal. Most of the sleepers have a hard time keeping their hands and feet warm and therefore, instead of finding a solution for that they keep up a higher temperature and have disturbed sleep.

A hot water bottle is best used to keep your feet warm enough, you will have a peaceful sleep with proper heating for your feet and a perfect cool surrounding around you with proper oxygen levels.


Every human has their own body warmth and might have a different way of sleeping. It is a common practice that mostly no two people have same habits in the same way number of people find it hard to sleep in the same room as the other person as they like to keep their temperature the way they want to. The best temperature for sleep is unique to each individual but cooler temperatures are usually better.

Regardless, of the differences make sure you keep the warmth to normal and rest you can do by keeping a water bottle or if feeling a bit warm stick out your feet and hand from the blanket which will balance the temperature as well.

In the past, these studies didn’t matter but now all this is of big concern as you need to watch out for your health, and a key to a good day is when you have had a proper night’s sleep. So make sure you set your thermostat to the right temperature by looking out the forecast.