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11 Best Twin Mattress for Toddler: Make Sure Your Toddler Uses The Best One

Measuring 28 inches wide and 75 inches long, a twin size mattress is normally sufficient for one adult or child. It is an excellent choice for dormitories and children. The versatility of this mattress is its main selling point. You can use it for trundle beds, hideaways, bunk beds, day beds etc. When used in bunk beds, you double the sleeping capacity of a room hence making the mattress perfect for apartments and small rooms where there’s the need to maximize space.

Another highlight of twin mattresses is that they are portable and light. You can reverse and rotate them effortlessly to extend their life. Additionally, their accessories such as pillows and sheets are inexpensive.

So where does the term ‘twin’ originate from? It comes from the fact that youngsters that share a room with matching furniture are the ones that mostly use these types of mattresses.

Types of Twin Mattresses


These types of mattresses are categorized into three:

  • The standard size
  • The youth-size
  • The XL size

The Twin XL Mattresses

They are similar to the standard ones in terms of width but five inches longer. They are 38 inches wide and 80 inches long. With their size, they offer your child sufficient room for growth without having to replace your mattress. Just like their standard counterparts, they are perfect for colleges, boarding schools, and space-saving accommodations. A twin XL mattress is as long as a Queen or King-sized mattress.

When you place two of them side by side, you create a large sleeping surface with an extra benefit of motion isolation. They can also be ideal for adjustable beds such as those found in hospitals.

The Youth Size Mattresses

The youth-size mattresses are 5 inches thick, 33 inches wide and 66 inches long. They are handy for the still growing kids.

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The Standard Sized Mattresses

These are 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. They might vary in thickness. The standard-sized mattresses are excellent for a single adult and growing children. Their compact footprint only takes up 20 square feet area thus making them perfect for small rooms.

Must-Have Features of a Twin Mattress

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When in the market for the best twin mattress, the following are the must-have features you need to be on the lookout for:


Normally, a twin mattress is 5, 6, 8, or 10 inches thick. However, 12 and 14 inches thick mattresses are also available. Of great importance to note is the fact that thickness lends support and balance to your body. Heavier people need thicker mattresses and vice versa. When it comes to mattress thickness, you should also consider the foundation of your bed.


Regarding firmness, you need to choose the firmness level based on your sleeping style and body type. Folks that sleep on their back need a firm mattress that supports their neck, head, spine, and back. If you are a stomach sleeper or side sleeper, you need a softer bed, which aligns your spine properly in a neutral position.

Number of layers

When it comes to the number of layers, the higher the number, the softer the bed. Conversely, the smaller or lesser the number, the firmer your bed will be. It is as simple as that.

The other important thing you need to know is that the materials used in the different layers usually play a big role in the level of firmness, balance, and support of your mattress. Generally, memory foam is used for medium firmness.


Different materials such as gel, innerspring, memory foam, and latex are used to construct twin mattresses. Each of the materials used differs in terms of durability, longevity, temperature control, comfort, contouring, support, and overall performance. In their construction, most twin mattresses include latex and memory foam.

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11 Best Twin Mattress We Recommend

1. HomeLife Pillow-Top 8-Inch Spring Luxury Mattress

This mattress is ideal for those looking to buy a hybrid mattress that is good for kids and adults. The mattress features 15-gauge pocketed coils fitted in between two layers of high-quality green tea foam. These two layers have a polyester layering and a pillow top to give the mattress a plush feel.

Each mattress is created durable but at a great price. Its hybrid construction allows it to breathe to keep you cool and dry all night. Even in the warmest months of the year, you will sleep easy. Although the pillow top makes the mattress feel soft, it still offers enough support to alleviate any back issues you may have.

The mattress performs well for light as well as heavy users. The only issue is with its relatively heavyweight and its weak edge support.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Great support-comfort balance


  • Relatively heavy

2. Zinus 8-Inch Hybrid Mattress

If you are shopping for a mattress with a tight budget, this might be a good choice. Zinus has crafted its name by producing affordable yet high-quality mattresses. This mattress uses steel coils fitted in between layers of green tea foam and wrapped in a high-quality cotton fiber quilted cover. Irrespective of its price, the mattress is durable and performs excellently.

The mattress is shipped compressed. It takes only a few days to expand to its full size. Since it is made of green tea foam, the putrid smell of memory foam is masked and it disappears after a few days of use. The surface of the mattress feels soft and smooth but with steel coils, the mattress offers enough support.


  • Great price for a hybrid mattress
  • Highly breathable during hot seasons
  • Soft top with highly supportive layers
  • Quickly rises to full size after unboxing


  • The steel coils make some noise when you turn and toss

3. Dreamfoam Bedding Unwind 9.5-Inch Hybrid Mattress

This is another affordable hybrid twin mattress. It might be the right choice for you if you do not like the sound of springs through your mattress. Each mattress features 6-inch spring coils topped with 1.5 inches of comfort foam and 2 inches of transition foam. This way, the mattress feels comfortable but supportive.

The construction of this mattress makes it breathable so you can sleep cool even on hot nights. All materials on the mattress are high-quality, its stitching is firm, and the mattress will last for many years. After unboxing, the mattress will expand to its twin size quickly. However, you still need to air it to get rid of the memory foam smell. The bed squeaks a little when you toss but not enough to interrupt you sleeping.


  • Highly breathable for a cool night in hot weather
  • Comfortable and supportive without the feel of springs
  • High-quality materials
  • Easily rises to full size in a day


  • The smell of memory foam lasts for more than a few days

4. Comfort & Relax Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress might be the right choice for those shopping for a bunk bed mattress. Comfort & Relax created the mattress to offer a great balance between comfort and support. It features a thick layer of gel memory foam coupled with AirCell Technology allowing the mattress to breathe and keep you cool all night. Even better, the breathability is enhanced by a bamboo fabric cover.

Because gel memory is not so supportive, the mattress comes with a high-density polyurethane base. The base ensures the mattress stays stable and supportive. Even better, Comfort & Relax has ensured that this mattress has great edge support. On unboxing, the mattress takes up to two days to expand. The mattress does not have any putrid smells and it is light to be moved with ease. So, the mattress is light and breathable.


  • Highly breathable to keep you cool
  • Very supportive
  • Doesn’t have a strong chemical smell after unboxing
  • Lightweight and easy to move


  • Takes up two days to expand to full size

5. Inofia Bed in a Box Twin Mattress

This is among the top bed in a box twin mattress brands. The package delivered to you is pretty small but the mattress expands to full size within a day. On unboxing, the mattress will have a chemical smell but this too disappears within a day.

The Inofia Bed in a Box Twin Mattress is a hybrid mattress with innerspring encased in memory foam layers. This hybrid construction ensures the mattress is breathable and supportive. Its edges are strengthened to enhance durability. The springs do not creak when you sleep on the bed – each coil is independently encased to eliminate motion transfer.

All the materials used in this mattress are of high-quality to guarantee durability. The manufacturer allows you a 100-day trial period. Overall, the mattress performs excellently but feels heavy.


  • Offers great balance between comfort and support
  • A generous 100-night trial period
  • Eliminates motion transfer completely
  • Great edge support


  • Price relatively high

6. Oliver Smith 10-Inch Organic Cotton Twin Mattress

Oliver Smith designed this mattress for kids. It is very comfortable but sports a firm layer for support. It features organic materials making it safe for your kids and ensuring there is no chemical smell. The cover is 100-per cent natural cotton, which is highly breathable and comfortable. To enhance the breathability further, the mattress sports a ventilated memory foam layer.

For enhanced support, the manufacturer used 15-gauge pocketed coils. The mattress is lightweight making it easy to move especially when you are changing beddings. Again, these coils have little to no bounce so kids cannot play on it. When used by adults, the springs will creak a little but this may not be felt when the mattress is used by kids.

On unboxing, the mattress takes a day to rise to its full size. The mattress will have a chemical smell that will disappear within a few days.


  • Highly breathable for a cool night
  • The cover is made of organic cotton
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Lightweight and easy to move around


  • The springs creak if an adult uses the mattress

7. Zinus 6-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Zinus M-FMS-600N is relatively small at 6 inches. Its small size coupled with its memory foam construction makes it lightweight. The mattress features high-quality memory foam manufactured naturally to make bio-foam.

It is an ideal bed for toddlers and older children thanks to its balance between support and comfort. Given its weight, the mattress is easy to move around, especially when you need to air mattress or change beddings.

After you unbox the mattress, it expands real quick. It does not have any noticeable smell, which is surprising for a memory foam mattress. The mattress is fairly affordable but it is relatively less durable. It is breathable but on very hot nights, it can sleep hot.


  • The mattress features high-quality construction for great performance
  • Great price
  • Ultra-lightweight and easy to move around
  • Expands fast after unboxing


  • Relatively less durable

8. Le Comfort 8-Inch Twin Mattress

Le Comfort designed this mattress to offer a perfect balance between comfort and support. It is soft but still offers enough support. The mattress is medium-firm, which makes it ideal for side sleepers – it relieves pressure points to keep your spine straight and relieving you of hip pains. Better yet, the mattress sports a breathable construction ensuring you do not feel hot at night. The enhanced airflow makes this mattress ideal for kids.

Each mattress features good stitching and good quality materials to last long. Unlike other twin mattresses, however, the Le Comfort mattress weighs more than 50 pounds. This makes it relatively challenging to move. However, the construction ensures the mattress has great edge support and lasts long.

On unboxing, the mattress expands quickly to full-size. It does not have a chemical smell like the one you would expect from a memory foam mattress. Overall, the mattress is great for its price. It is ideal for kids and adults alike.


  • Medium firmness offers enough support and comfort
  • Highly breathable to keep you cool on warm nights
  • Made of high-quality materials to last long
  • It is fire resistant


  • Relatively heavy and not easy to move around

9. Olee Sleep 10-Inch Milkway Tight Spring Twin Mattress

This mattress is ideal if you are looking for a comfortable day bed. The mattress is designed highly breathable to keep you comfortable even when you are sleeping and it is very hot outside. For starters, the cover is made of high-quality hollow fibers that enhance ventilation when you are sleeping.

At the top, the mattress features a memory foam layer that enhances comfort – it lets you sink enough to relieve pressure points. Below this layer is a gem memory foam layer that further enhances breathability. At the base is a layer of independently encased heat-treated coils. The coils minimize motion transfer for an uninterrupted night.

The coils coupled with the memory foam layers ensure the mattress offers a great balance between comfort and support. When sleeping, the springs do not creak at all – this makes the mattress ideal for a day bed. The great stitching on the mattress, its quality construction and quality materials, make this mattress durable. While the mattress will have a chemical smell after unboxing, the smell wears off within a few days. It expands quickly after unboxing but the corners might take longer to expand. Overall, the mattress is great for children and adults. The edges are not as supportive as you would expect but this does not affect its overall performance.


  • Offers a great balance between support and comfort
  • Features highly breathable materials for a cool, comfortable night
  • It sports quality construction and high-quality materials to last long
  • Expands fast after unboxing and the chemical smell disappears within a few days


  • Relatively weak edge and corner support

10. Zinus Extra Firm iCoil 12-Inch Twin Mattress

This is an ideal twin mattress for adults. It sports the high-quality construction of all Zinus mattresses and comes with a great price. The mattress features a high-quality hybrid construction that allows it comfort and support when you are sleeping. This extra firm mattress is relatively thick. Its thickness ensures it has a thick layer of high-density foam. At the base, the mattress has a large coils layer that makes the mattress extra firm to offer enough support to those with back issues.

At the top, the mattress features a soft memory foam layer. This layer conforms to your body shape to relieve pressure points. The iCoils are independently encased to reduce motion transfer. Even though the coils are heavy, you will never feel them and they do not make noise.

The hybrid construction ensures the mattress stays comfortable at all times while still supporting your back. It features airflow promoting layers for breathability. The thickness, coupled with the heavy coils, enhance performance but increases the weight of the mattress.

On unboxing, the mattress takes more than a few days to expand to full size thanks to its thickness – it might take up to a week. It also produces a smell that disappears as the mattress expands to full size.


  • No motion transfer allowing uninterrupted sleep
  • The coils are never felt – the upper layers mask them and they make no noise
  • You are offered a 10-year warranty with the purchase of the mattress
  • Highly breathable for a cool dry night


  • Heavy and not easy to move around

11. Signature Sleep Twin Memory Foam Mattress

Signature Sleep is a common mattress brand. Their twin mattress appeals to many buyers thanks to its durability, affordability, and a good balance between comfort and support. The mattress is available in four sizes including 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch. This allows the mattress to accommodate both adults and kids.

Its hybrid construction allows it to offer a comfortable balance between comfort and support. After unboxing, the mattress only takes a few hours to expand to full size.


  • Expands within a few hours
  • Competitive pricing
  • Offers a perfect balance between comfort and support
  • Resists bed bugs, bacteria, and allergens


  • Relatively less breathable

Final Words

Sleeping on the right mattress yields a host of wellness and health benefits. When choosing the best twin mattress, you do not have to skimp on innovative design features, support, and quality. After extensive research, we have rounded our best picks. Each of the above-reviewed mattresses will sort you in terms of convenience, comfort, and durability. Regardless of your preferred material, there is something everyone on our comprehensive list.