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Can You Return A Mattress To Costco? Services Explored In Detail

Costco offers affordable prices to shoppers. However, affordable rates do not always mean the best services or products. You have to be sure of the terms and conditions – return policies to be precise – of purchase before making the purchase.

Besides the affordable price of mattresses on Costco, the company has an excellent mattress return policy – one that makes buyers want to go back every time.

Mattresses fall under the category ‘risk-free, 100-percent guarantee’, which means that you can return them for a refund any time. The retailer will refund you for any defects, except for normal wear and tear.

How Does the Mattress Return Policy Help?

Most people prefer to buy their mattresses from brick and mortar stores. That way, they can try out the mattresses before buying. However, it takes time to notice defects on a mattress. A mattress might feel comfortable when you first lie on it but sink a few days after purchase. It may also feel comfortable and supportive but have minimal edge support. This is where the Costco return policy comes in to help.

Details on Costco’s Return Policy

If you realize that your mattress has a defect, you need to go to Costco’s website and start the return process. You can also take the mattress back to any Costco warehouse and wait for the process to be complete so you can get a refund. If it is true that your mattress has a defect, Costco will offer you a full refund. If you need cancellation of membership, you will also get that through the company’s website.

The good thing about the mattress return policy on Costco is that you can return your mattress any time if you are not happy with it. This means that, unlike other retailers who will give you a 9-month limit, Costco’s return policy has no limit.

However, this generous return policy has been abused on several occasions. A Costco worker on Reddit recounts how a customer brought back a whole truck of Costco purchases, some of which were more than 10 years old. Among the items returned were a dirty mattress and a decade-old pillow. When asked why he was returning the mattress and the other items, the customer said he was moving to New York and would buy all the things afresh.

There are many more stories of how people have abused the return policy that Costco allows its customers.

While Costco is generous enough to take items back, they will not give you a refund for a mattress that is torn or one that is worn out from years of use. You have to identify the defect before your mattresses start wearing and tearing.

Misusing the Return Policy Could Cost you Costco Membership

Costco might have the best return policy in the world. While their policy is generous, it should not be stretched too far. A case of a woman who returned her printer after eight years of use is a good example where you should not stretch the policy too far. Talking to Business Insider, the woman said her membership was revoked after her deeds. She claimed that the printer had stopped working immediately she bought it, but she didn’t have time to return it.

According to the manager who declined the return, the woman had made so many returns over the years that they could not take any more. The customer contacted Costco headquarters, who confirmed that indeed her membership was canceled.

Responding to her, Jeff Long, a Senior Vice President of Costco, said that the company realized from her membership review that she had not been happy with most of their products. As such, they needed to terminate her membership.

This is the same case with mattresses. If you return your mattress more than a few times, you might have your Costco membership revoked. Without your membership, you are unable to enjoy the numerous perks that Costco has to offer. The retailer reserves the right to cancel memberships if a member is found to have abused their privileges. It’s prudent to only return your mattress based on a genuine reason (s).


To return your mattress, visit the company’s website to fill out the return policy form. Costco understands that you needed to open the bed. Therefore, it does not have to be in its original packaging. Again, if you use your Costco membership when purchasing the mattress, you do not need a receipt. The company will check your last purchase and offer you a refund. However, if you are not a member, you will need the receipt for your mattress.