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Does Goodwill Sell New Mattresses? Should You Buy Them If They Do?

Goodwill is the top shop for cheap mattresses. Veterans of war and people who are on tight budgets frequent the shop. Goodwill is a charitable organization, and perhaps that explains why their beds and other items are sold at an inexpensive price.

According to Taylor Persson, a former Donation Attendant at the organization, Goodwill sells new mattresses, complete with their packaging. The organization reduced taking a huge number of old mattress donations fearing that these mattresses might have bugs that may infest those who buy them. Today, the organization also disposes of new mattresses.

Mattress Donations at Goodwill

Goodwill has a simple mode of operation. People donate stuff to one of the organization’s stores for cheap resale. A large percentage of the money from the sales will go to support charity work. So many people have benefitted from the charitable activities of Goodwill.

According to the organization, it is challenging to turn down a donation that might help fund their programs. However, they have to decline some items. For instance, the non-profit doesn’t take items that are not recyclable or those that might contain hazardous substances. They also do not take large items that will incur transport cost or those that need repairs. In short, Goodwill takes items that are ready to sell.

Old mattresses fall in the list of items that Goodwill does not currently accept. They also do not take old box springs. The fact that they do not accept these items means that only new mattresses are sold at Goodwill stores. Irrespective of the condition of the old mattresses, Goodwill will not accept any old mattress.

Why Goodwill Does Not Sell Old Mattresses

In recent years, there have been several amendments to the health and sanitation laws. These laws require that all donated mattresses be sanitized and refurbished before resale. The process can be costly. Goodwill evades the added costs by only accepting new mattresses.

Countless other charitable organizations in the US can take your used mattress. Goodwill wants to set itself apart by only selling high-quality goods to its customers. This way, the organization will have more customers and more resources to fund their programs.

Mattresses Available on Goodwill

On their online store, Goodwill lists mattresses based on their firmness and comfort rather than based on brands. Almost all the mattresses retail at less than $500. These are not old mattresses or mattresses of low quality but of quality, you would find in any mattress store. They categorize their mattresses into three:

Firm Mattresses

These are mattresses, that lie between the medium-firm and firm feel. The mattresses consist of layers of firm quilt foam. Their surface is firm to offer maximum body support. You can choose between different types of mattress on this firmness level.

Plush Mattresses

Plush mattresses offer a perfect balance between comfort and support. They are designed will layers of foam or mattress materials. The top layer is relatively soft/plush to relieve pressure points while the base layer and other layers are firm to offer support. Again, you can choose between different sizes and different materials when you are shopping.

Pillow top Mattresses

Pillow top mattresses are designed with a thin comfort layer at the top. This comfort layer offers a plush feeling allowing the body to sink to some degree of comfort. Their design is close to that of plush mattresses.

For all the mattresses sold at Goodwill, the buyer is offered a limited 5-year warranty. You can return the mattresses to Goodwill stores due to defects. When buying mattresses, you can also buy the frame, box, and set together at even lower costs.

Advantages of Buying Mattresses from Goodwill

A few years ago, you wouldn’t know whether the mattress you were buying from Goodwill had bugs. Since the organization stopped accepting old mattresses, buyers are assured that the mattresses they buy are in good condition. You just pick a mattress that you love, just like you would in any mattress store.

You give to a charitable cause every time you buy anything from Goodwill. Seeing that a large part of the proceeds goes towards helping charitable programs, this might be your chance to give back to the community.

Goodwill mattresses are inexpensive. If you buy the mattresses together with frame and box, you get an even better deal. By shopping for new mattresses on Goodwill, you will save a lot of money.

Lastly, the purchase process is simple. You only need to walk into a Goodwill store near you, test the mattress, and pay up. Whether you need a household name mattress brand or you need a simple mattress for your guest room, you can find that in Goodwill stores. They come packaged and ready to be shipped.