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Double Beds vs. Queen: Similar but Different Still

Shopping for the right bed and mattress can be extremely challenging, especially when you don’t know what you’re looking for. The home industry allowed consumers to choose among a great variety of different bed frames and mattresses. There are twin, twin XL, double beds, queen, king, and California king. Distinguishing between double and queen beds can be difficult and requires a keen eye to spot the differences. In this article we compare double beds vs. queen beds, to help you see that difference and ultimately assist you at your shopping.

Many people consider the differences between various bed sizes negligible, which is why they easily make a mistake shopping and buy something bigger than they may need. After all, how can you know what’s the right bed size for you? It’s not something you’re springing for every day, which is why this article will come in great handy. Keep on reading!

Double Bed

Double beds, also known as full beds are a common practice when shopping for a bed to accommodate young couples and children. Below, we’ll highlight their full characteristics which will make understanding them easier.


What makes double beds superb for everyone is that they can provide space for two, people who want to sleep comfortably and have adequate space, while not taking too much space in the room. Now, to get to dimensions. They are 54 inches wide, and 75 inches long.

As mentioned above, they save space, but they can hardly satisfy both sleepers, especially if they are restless or heavier sleepers.

If the mattress you choose for bed is inadequate it may bounce too much and cause low motion control making the other sleeper uncomfortably. Most commonly, people who want large sleeping space, yet sleep alone will go after this kind of bed.


Do double beds feel uncomfortable? It depends on who sleeps on them. A single sleeper in combination with the right mattress and cushy pillows can enjoy a full night relaxation. It’s spacious and allows you to sleep using different positions. It can hardly accommodate couples who want large room for legs and movement. Still, children can easily sleep and play on it and even provide a room for one more adult.


Double beds are considered cheaper compared to the queen beds. After all, that makes sense because they can host fewer people on it. The queen bed is both wider and longer compared to the double bed. For a single person who wants a lot of space in their bed, the best option to consider is getting a double bed which is more affordable.

Room space

Another important aspect to consider is how much will the double bed take for you. If you live in an apartment that is limited in terms of room size, it’s best to go for the double bed that normally requires anywhere from 10 to 15 feet of space. Additionally, if you need to save space for other furniture at home it’s best to go for a double bed.

Key features of double beds

  • They boast perfect dimensions for one person looking for a lot of space.
  • The sheets, pillows, and covers are all more affordable compared to larger beds and more accessible.
  • In a way, double beds have a conscious design that allows consumers to save a lot of space.
  • They’re a great value for the money and fairly affordable.

Note: Although double beds are ideal for a great variety of activities, they’re not perfect and may come in limitations for legroom for taller people, as well as heavier sleepers. While there is space for a couple, they may end up troubling each other in sleep and with poor quality mattresses, they may disrupt each other’s sleep.

Queen-sized beds

Queen-sized beds are not too significantly longer, but they’re wider and can support more people that sleep on the same surface. Let’s see what’s in the box.


Queen-sized beds appear significantly more spacious compared to the double beds. First and foremost, they boast the standard size of 60 x 80-inches, although a carpenter may craft an adjustable Queen bed which is customized to your requirements. Them being taller makes them ideal for taller sleepers who don’t want to have their feet hang off the bed.  The reason some people don’t find it too appealing to sleep on is likely because they may take too much space and require more dimensions. Their great dimensions also make it ideal for multiple family members.


Are our queen-sized beds comfortable? They are, if you’re sleeping with your significant other and a child, even better if you’re sleeping alone. Everyone has their space distributed evenly and with a high-quality mattress, you can enjoy the best night’s sleep in your life. Because the queen-sized bed was intended for more people to sleep on, it’d be appropriate to get a good-quality mattress, with just right bounciness, good motion control and infused gel beads to keep you and your family members cool during night considering you’re sleeping together.


The bigger dimension ratio leads to a higher price. A good queen-sized bed can cost you thousands of dollars if you want to settle for both good frames and mattresses. Moreover, the sheets, duvet covers, pillows, and pillow covers will also squeeze extra money, which is why it’s important to be considerate when you’re shopping. You will need to ask yourself whether you need a Queen bed despite all the benefits, as well as who all will sleep on it with you. If you’re sleeping alone, perhaps investing so much in a queen bed isn’t that good of ideas.

Room space

Earlier, we said that double beds are ideal for smaller apartments where the dimensions of your room have a questionable amount of space to host a queen bed. If you follow the idea of getting a queen-sized bed, it’d be best to first measure your room and ensure it’ll fit without moving the bedroom challenge. If it does, you either need a smaller bed or a larger room.

On the other hand, if you live in a house, a larger apartment and you have a super-big bedroom queen-sized bed is ideal. If you’re just starting a family or living in a toddler, a queen-sized bed will help you host the child too if they aren’t ready to separate from parents or get scared while sleeping.

Key features of queen-sized beds

  • They’re way more spacious and can host a couple and up to two children if you sleep snug.
  • Also, they’re comfortable and with an adequate mattress can provide premium support and balance.
  • If you live in a big house and you’re expecting children, it’ll help you accommodate them.
  • It’s ideal for heavier and taller sleepers who want to cover the full surface of the bed.

Note: Queen sized beds are fairly more expensive. In addition to that, accessories like sheets and covers are overly expensive and hard to find. Also, if you don’t have adequate space in your bedroom, installing a queen-sized bed may be ridiculous because it’ll move to the room more difficult and someone could get hurt unintentionally. Also, if you wanted to save space for another piece of essential furniture, the bed will occupy too much space.

So, What’s the Key Difference Between Double and Queen?

Double beds and queen-sized beds have only one critical difference which then implies many other opposing features. They’re of different dimensions. Queen sized beds are larger and offer way more space compared to double beds.

However, that also makes double beds more affordable compared to queen beds that may be too much for someone’s wallet. Still, if someone wants to host more family members or a couple, they’re more likely to choose the queen bed.

That said, all these differences come forth thanks to the difference in proportions. However, we can safely say that the price and dimensions are the key indicators of whether you should buy a queen or double bed.

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Which one should I choose?

Shopping for a new bed is already a difficult and often stressful experience. That said, before you take onto your shopping quest, it’s important to write down the features you’re looking in a bed. You should also consider your own needs and ask the following questions.

  • How big is my room?
  • Who all will sleep on my bed? Is it just for me or my family?
  • How much is my budget? Can I even afford to buy a large bed? What about the accessories?
  • What are my proportions? Will my legs hang if I buy a double bed?

Once you’ve asked these questions, you’re ready to start shopping. If you’re on the look for high-quality mattresses, pillows and mattress pads, check our vast collections of reliable and transparent reviews.