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eLuxurySupply 10" Gel Mattress Review: Is It Meant For You?

What you have on your bed frame really does matter at the end of the day.  This is because you are looking to stretch out at the end of the day – alone or with a loved one – and feel the mattress is a welcoming beacon so that you can simply allow the worries and stress to roll off of you as you enjoy being curled up in the sheets and pillows.

Sounds good, right?  Well, sure, but what if you have a mattress that simply isn’t doing the trick?  Looks like it’s time to consider upgrading to the eLuxurySupply 10″ Gel Mattress.  Never heard of it before?  No problem, take a look at all the information that you need to know about it.

Firmness scale for eLuxurySupply mattress

There tend to be two kinds of sleepers in the world: those who like a soft mattress, and those who like a firm mattress.  If you are somewhere in the middle, or you’re cool with just about anything, take a look at this mattress.  Most mattress reviewers state that it’s got a medium amount of firmness which means that unless you want to be swallowed up by the mattress, this is going to be a good match for your sleeping habits.

Many feel as though this mattress, while made of foam, is great for holding its shape, too.  When you sit or lie on it, you won’t feel as though you can’t get up, and you’re going to like the slight sinking in the foam that will allow you feel as though you are being perfectly cushioned every time you shift positions.

How does eLuxurySupply mattress get packaged

This may be something that slips many people’s attention, but it’s certainly important.  When the mattress arrived it comes vacuum-sealed in a box that is easy to lift.  When you put the mattress in place and get the plastic off of it, it’ll quickly expand to the size that you ordered, fitting your specifications and bed frame perfectly.  We all know that sometimes sizings can be really off, so it’s terribly frustrating to think that a mattress can have the same problem even when the measurements were done properly.  This mattress will fit.

Construction of  eLuxurySupply  mattress

structure of eluxurysupply mattressstructure of eluxurysupply mattress


As you’ve probably guessed from the name of the mattress, this is made from gel memory foam.  The bottom of it is a thick foam that is meant to be firm and give the bed its structure.  The top layer is similar to memory formation and acts the same way, forming to your body as you move around so that it practically learns how you want to sleep and how you are most comfortable.  It’s a modern mattress that understands you are looking for a comfortable sleep and not just something that you can use as a sleeping surface.

The mattress has a lot of other benefits, too, in that it is great for those who have pre-existing back and neck problems.  The memory foam in combination with the tough foam underneath it will mean that the body gets the perfect amount of support and firmness at the same time, which is hard to do with typical, standard materials.  So, it has modern benefits and a unique form that could very well be the answer to your sleep problems.

Light and easy to move

Again, this may not be something that you would see its importance for right away, but this is something to be considered when you are looking at making a purchase.  As mentioned, the mattress is delivered in a box that is vacuum-sealed inside.  This means that it’ll be easy to move around.  Even when it’s been released from the plastic and it’s expanded to its true size.  That means you can move the mattress without the need for drastic rentals if you are moving at some point in the future.

Health benefits

As briefly mentioned, there are health benefits to this mattress including those who suffer from back pain.  The mattress will give you the perfect amount of support if you are looking to find the perfect combination of support and softness that will allow your body to let the tension go and heal itself to a better version while you sleep.

The memory form top section of foam is also beneficial because it is dotted with cooling materials so that that sleeper won’t suffer from overheating anymore when they sleep.  If you are someone who likes to burrow underneath a pile of blankets, that’s certainly a good thing that will make your sleep more comfortable.

Quality vs Price

One of the questions that will make you say “yay” or “nay” is quality for the price of the mattress, right?  Well, most reviewers found that this mattress is a great value for money.  It keeps a low price and offers a very good quality mattress that is going to satisfy most of the people who have done their research on mattresses and know what they are looking for.  The only people who thought that it wasn’t a good match were those who thought it would be firmer or softer than it actually turned out to be.  So, it’s recommended that you know what medium firmness means before ordering this mattress, or, at least understand that you won’t be getting a cushion, and it will not be as hard as sleeping on the floor.

eLuxurySupply mattress VS tuft & needle mattress

These two brands are very similar, both of them are two layers of a mattress with a top 3″, bottom 7″ structure.  And the price gap between them is very small.  But if with the coupon code we provided below, eLuxurySupply will be even cheaper than tuft & needle.

In my opinion, eLuxurySupply is more cool and comfortable. While tuft & needle is more bouncy. So if you want a better sleeping experience, eLuxurySupply is more suitable for you. If you want a “push back” feeling, T&N will be a better choice.

Both of them have a similar warranty, 10 years full warranty, but the free trial date period of eLuxurySupply is longer, and 120 days free trial is almost the longest in industry.

Another recommendation is the Ghostbed mattress.  This is the best lover of  It combines the advantage of memory foam and latex with a limited budget.

Any coupon code for the eLuxurySupply mattress?

Yes, we now have an extra 15% OFF coupon for eLuxurySupply gel memory foam mattress limited time. click link and input THANKYOU when checking out and you can enjoy this coupon code. It’s not just for the mattress but for bed and other accessories as well.


All in all, the eLuxurySupply 10″ Gel Mattress has a lot going for it, with a cooling gel at the top of it, a memory foam that will allow you to get comfortable every time you lie down on it, a firmness that will keep you comfortable and supported all night long, but still be light enough for you to be able to move it around easily enough.  Everyone wants something different, but this is definitely a mattress that is meant to please most of the people out there that want something that will work for them with a decent price range.  Consider the eLuxurySupply 10″ Gel Mattress the next time you’re in the market for a new place to sleep.