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Full vs Queen Bed Size: What's Better for My Kids? | Which Size is Best for Your Bed?

What is a Full Bed?

size of the full bedsize of the full bedAlso referred to as a double bed is a mattress size that is bigger than a single size or the twin bed. Unlike the twin, a full size can practically accommodate two people, but with little space spared for maneuverability.

When compared to bigger sizes, this particular option will take less space in your bed. It is the ideal choice for bedrooms with limited space. As far as comfort is concerned, this is a too narrow bed for a couple to have a stress-free sleep experience.


  • A full size does not require too much room space compared to a queen size
  • It is adequately commodious for a single sleeper
  • The ideal choice for children; can accommodate up to two kids
  • It is a better choice compared to a twin bed


  • Not a suitable option for a couple
  • Significant differences in size

What is a Queen Size?

size of queen bedsize of queen bedThis is the mostly used mattress across the globe. It is the most recommended and ideal choice for a couple. When compared to the full option, this choice is much bigger, spacious, and very accommodating.

For couples, this mattress guarantees a good a night sleep. The additional width provides enough room for movements and changing of positions. Side, combinational, or both types of sleepers can get good comfort by sleeping on the queen.


  • It is wider and longer than a full size, thus providing additional sleeping space
  • Offers sufficient sleeping area for a couple
  • Beddings and other queen size accessories are fordable and easy to obtain
  • The ideal choice for a couple with spinal alignment problems
  • Easy to get a preferable thickness regardless of the brand


  • It is expensive compared to the full bed
  • Needs more floor space for a satisfying bedroom setting

Full vs Queen Bed Size

 Features Full Queen
Dimensions It measures 54 inches wide and 75 inches long, making it narrower by 6 inches and shorter by 5 inches. It measures 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, which is wider by 6 inches and longer by 5 inches.
Cost This mattress along with its additional accessories, such as a foundation will cost less than the queen. The price may be lower if you can get a discount. The mattress along with its extra fixtures, such as foundation and pillows will cost more than the full size. But the price could be a little bit less pricey if you can get a discount.
Space Used This is the ideal choice for a child’s room or a bedroom with limited space The ideal choice for guestrooms and master bedrooms
Taller or Shorter Sleepers A suitable choice for shorter people A suitable choice for both short and tall people
How Many Sleepers per Bed For maximum comfort, we recommend a single sleeper, but it can still accommodate a couple The ideal option for a single sleeper or a couple
Changing Positions A convenient option for a single side or combinational sleepers A suitable choice for a single sleeper or a couple, including all sleeping positions


Head to head, a full size mattress is always the cheaper option. This is regardless of the brand, model or build you settle for. When you consider the full size category on its own, the price varies considerably from one brand to another depending on the materials used.

On the other hand, the queen bed is pricier compared to a full mattress. However, this size is more spacious in terms of the width and the length. Therefore, most couples find it to be a suitable choice for their budget.

The price of the queen is normally used to distinguish different models, and constructions from different manufacturers. The queen is the most popular size of the two, and most people would always choose to buy the queen for convenience and resourcefulness.

  • The overall winner for this category is the Queen.

Room Size Requirements

The ideal floor space for a full bed is not the same as that of a queen bed. Straightforwardly, a full size would require less floor space compared to a queen. However, this depends entirely on your choice of room. The following are the most popular choices you can make.

For a double bed, the minimum room size you would require is 9 feet by 9 feet 6 inches, and the standard room size is 9 feet 6 inches by 10 feet 6 inches. You can create enough room for furniture, walk room and the bed depending on your desired configuration.

The most popular configuration is one with the headboard touching the longer wall (9 feet 6 inches). If your frame does not have side locker, you can choose to incorporate shelves into the headboard on either sides, but you should reduce the shelf door size by 30 inches.

The same configuration applies for a standard room size for a full mattress. But you do not necessarily have to reduce the door size of the headboard shelves. The standard room provides you with adequate clearance for other furniture.

Four a queen bed, the minimum bedroom size we recommend is 9 feet 6 inches by 10 feet, and the standard bedroom size recommendations are: 10′ x 10′; 110′ x 101′; 10′ x 12′; 10′ x 13′; and 10′ x 14′.

As far as the queen size minimum bedroom is concerned, you can fit a headboard with side shelves along with a wardrobe with sliding doors. The bedhead should be in contact with the shorter wall so as to create room for the wardrobes.

The wardrobes should be positioned at the opposite side of the queen’s footboard. The sliding door on each individual wardrobe will make dressing super easy. Regardless of whether you choose a minimum or standard room size for the queen, the room will always be spacious.

  • The overall winner for this category is the Queen.

Support and Comfort

Support and comfort are two important factors to consider when shopping for a Full or Queen Mattresses. The support offered by a full size will certainly not be the same as that offered by the queen.

Depending on the material used, a double bed can offer superior support compared to a queen. This is so since a full size is narrower and more compact. You can sit on the edge without sinking too deep.

A queen size can offer superior support with respect to the materials and design used. For instance, an all-foam queen mattress may be less supportive when compared to a hybrid mattress (pocketed coil system improve edge support).

The comfort provided by the full bed depends on the number of people sleeping on the bed. It is set to offer maximum comfort for a single sleeper. If you sleep alone, you can turn on either sides and stretch without any problems.

But you should not expect the same experience when sleeping as a couple. The queen is the ideal choice for a couple. There is enough room for each person to change positions. These beds do usually have adequate support and bounce for maneuverability.

  • The overall winner for this category is the Queen.


Most manufacturers produce full size bed accessories in a variety of designs and comfort choices. Most brands are known to sell foundations separately. The sets and fixtures of the full bed are normally cheaper than those of a queen.

On the other hand, the queen is remarkably popular. Therefore, you will not have a hard time finding most of its accessories. Most brands are known to sell their mattresses along with their accessories, which may include: foundations, pillows, and duvets.

  • The overall winner for this category is the Full Bed.

Who is Suitable?

The price alone cannot land you a suitable bed. A full size bed may be cheaper, but it may prove useless for heavy-bodied couples. You would have saved on those extra dollars, but at the expense of your own comfort.

With that said, a full bed is a suitable choice for a single sleeper. The person can be a side, combinational, stomach, or back sleeper. You can change positions without a restrictive barrier from a sleeping pattern.

A queen bed is suitable for couples. It is the most popular choice in the world for obvious reasons. Choose from many types of construction. It comes with the finest firmness feel, the most popular one being the medium firmness.

As far as the queen is concerned, you can change positions without disturbing your sleeping partner, since there is little motion transfer, if any. The queen also offers superior edge support, especially for a hybrid mattress.


It is everyone’s dream to sleep in a spacious, supportive, and comfortable mattress. Technically, the quality of the bed you choose determines the quality of sleep you will get. A tight budget may be an issue for most people.

That is why we have compared a full and queen size mattress to help you choose the most convenient product. A full size is more affordable, but the queen is more spacious. So, the Queen size wins.