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How to Fall Asleep In a Car? Useful Tips To Call It A Night Anywhere

Sleeping in a vehicle is inevitable sometimes. Even after you try your best to keep up and stay awake, your eyes can become heavy especially when you have been driving for many hours. During these instances, instead of punishing your body by trying to remain awake, it might be best if you sleep inside the car for a couple of hours.

A car unlike like your home or a hotel with luxurious beds, will not guarantee you safety and comfort you would require to sleep. However, with some tricks, you can enjoy your slumber inside your ride.

Improvise On What You Have

Everyone has a special list of wants as far as sleeping is concerned. When you are sleeping in an unfamiliar environment, you are likely required to bypass your expectations or sleeping routine. When you are planning to sleep in a car, it is time to improvise on what you have to get what you need.

Fall Asleep In a Car? Position Yourself

While you have the luxury and liberty to sleep in comfortable pajamas and laying on a bed that is neatly spread with clean sheets in your house, that doesn’t happen when taking a nap inside your car. In a car, you have to mimic all these settings for you to have a peaceful rest. So, incline your car seat to a leaning position to minimize movement, especially on a rough road.

Secondly, ensure to have a comfortable and warm additional clothing to wrap yourself. Covering yourself with an extra jacket might do the magic. Remember to loosen your clothes and shoes to support proper blood flow across the entire body.

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Eliminate Noise and Light

Noise and light are often the biggest challenges when it comes to resting or sleeping in a vehicle. Since you may not be able to completely switch off the lights or turn off the media player, you can put on a sleeping mask to shade off light as you sleep. In addition to that, you can wear a pair of earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to minimize noise.

Allow your mind to relax and rest completely.

Support Your Head

Sleeping in a car means your neck muscle might not relax completely as it has to support the head. If you do not have a pillow, improvise and support yourself with a jacket. If leaning backwards or sideways is not enough to keep you comfortable, lean forward and place your head on your laps.

Find a Convenient Place

If you have been driving for several hours and over a long distance, you are likely to experience fatigue. The last thing you want is to continue driving even when fatigue and lack of sleep are taking a toll on you. There is no crime in resting or giving in to your body advances.

Park your vehicle at a secure location, roll up the windows, and sleep. It is prudent to keep off the main road. If possible, have someone watch over the car as you sleep.

Accept the Amount of Sleep You Get

It is recommended for a person to sleep at least 7-9 hours every day. This amount of sleep will help you relax your body muscles and brain too. However, when sleeping in a vehicle, you may not have all these hours of rest. This is often due to a host of inevitable interruptions. Therefore, if you get at least one or two hours of maximum rest, keep a positive attitude, and be appreciative.


Sleeping is more than shutting your eyes and calling it a night. It takes more preparations to completely put your senses to rest and concentrate on your dreams. It gets more complex when you are trying to do it in a vehicle. However, with the above tips, sleeping in a car can be a walk in the park.