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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet: 5 Simple Steps | Neat Linen Closets are Possible

Learning how to fold a fitted sheet can make you feel as if you’ve learned one of the secrets to easy living. It is no secret that folding a fitted quilt can be maddening, especially when you do not know how, and you need to conserve space in the linen closet. Learning how to fold a fitted sheet does not have to be a difficult proposition.

It is time you said goodbye to wrinkled, scrunched-up sheets with our top-of-the-line foolproof techniques for folding a fitted sheet. Our methods of how to fold a fitted sheet yields bedding that can be stored neatly in the linen closet.

How to Organize Your Linen Closet

Learning how to fold a fitted sheet is not enough. You need to know how to organize them in the closet along with other linens. This way, it will be easier for you to access bedding whenever you need to change them.

You would like to have a closet that is of the same class as a home design magazine. Regardless of your best efforts, these spaces every so often transform into junk drawers. At some point, you may not be able to distinguish between beddings and towels.

Fear not. This is a problem that has a solution. The organizing ideologies are usually simple. Drawers and shelves should be clean. They should also be freshly painted. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can comfortably say goodbye to poor organization.

Step 1: Get Rid of the Non-Essential Linens

In most cases, we tend to hold on too much junk in our closet. Some of you may claim that whatever is in storage has some sentimental value. However, the truth is that all the excess linen that is not used frequently occupies precious space.

Be honest. You can do without most of such stuff. In fact, you might have used that Egyptian cotton sheet a year ago. Maybe it did cost you a significant amount, and that’s why you want to keep it with you. We strongly urge you to donate the linen you do not use.

Step 2: Make Sure the Shelves are Properly Lined Up

Lining the closet shelves may appear to be a simple thing, but it is a crucial step towards safeguarding the quality of your folded fitted sheets. There are some specific melamine and wood shelves that can discolor or fade your sheets.

Therefore, you can avoid permanently damaging your sheets by covering the shelves with liners. There are many types, colors, and patterns of liners. You can choose pretty, patterned, practical, or basic; the choices are endless.

Step 3: Always Ensure Your Linen is Clean

This is a must do step. You have to make sure your fitted sheets are washed, dried, and properly folded before you stack or organize them in the closet. This way, you will always be certain that you are pulling a clean sheet out of the closet.

Sometimes you should consider ironing your sheets after washing and drying them. And you should learn how to fold them properly to avoid wrinkling them during storage.

Step 4: Sort & Organize Your Sheet by Category

This is, in fact, one of the most important steps, as far as, organizing your closet is concerned. You can sort and organize them by location, size, type, or color. Ensure there is a spot for your fitted sheets. Then you can sort and organize the fitted sheets by color or size.

You should remember to position your favorite sheets at the center and front of your closet for effortless access. Then again, relegate the less used or off-season fitted sheets, other beddings, and towels to the back or top of the closet.

Step 5: Use Baskets, Bins, and Boxes to Separate & Store Your Linens

Baskets, bins, and boxes will come into play if you have lots of fitted sheets and other linens to store. Specific mini storage compartment makes it easy for you to organize your beddings and towels by type, size, or color.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

You will require a fitted sheet and a flat surface to make the work easier because of the elastic corners. This can be your bed or floor surface. Below are simple steps which are of great use to you, preventing you from making a messy wrinkly ball. That may take much of the available space.

Step One

Place the sheet on the flat surface to provide you with enough space for easy folding. Drape the piece of sheet over your hands pulling the two corners arm’s length apart. Make sure the two top corners are inside out with the elastic edge facing towards you with the corner seams lining up well. Hold it with one hand of the two top corners.

Step Two

The next step is to fold the sheet in half and tuck in the corners. It ought to be folded in half vertically, with the right corner flipped over the left creating a pocket. Turn it 180 degrees and ensure you create another pocket up top. If you notice any sides gathered, tuck them together.


Fold into half another time. Readjust your hold, giving you two corners over the right and two over the left. The folded seam needs to be at the bottom while the gathered and tucked edge facing your direction. Fold the sheet again in half for all the four fitted corners to meet and flip the right corners over the left corners.

Step Four

With the gathered edges facing upwards, fold the longer part of sheets’ curved edge inwards towards the center to create a straight edge. Shake the sheet to have a long edge of the fabric on one side and the short side on the other hand. Give the sheet a firm shakes to straighten it out.

Step Five

Your sheet should now be rectangle or square in shape. Fold it in half lengthwise, and into thirds. You may have to pleat the fitted corner so as to make it lie flat. Smooth any wrinkles you see. Keep all corners together by folding the lines up following the border created by fitted sections. This may be in quarters or thirds depending on the size of your sheet.

Additional Tips

How you fold depends on the thickness of fabric, style, and size. You are now finished. For a clean and presentable look, it is best to keep all pieces of the sheet together with the pillowcases to keep the closet tidy with enough space.

Whether you would be using a folding board or not, you are advised to continue to remove creases by smoothing them down. This way, you will be able to avoid wrinkling. In some case, you can even iron the top section of the folded fitted sheet.

The Wrap Up

You have seen how easy it is to do away with balled-up and crinkly fitted sheets. The process is remarkably simple. You just need to go one step after the other for you to successful fold your fitted sheet. This does not mean that the process would not be challenging.

In fact, you should expect a few hiccups, if it is your first time to fold a fitted sheet. All in all, how to fold a fitted sheet does not have to be difficult. Keep on practicing, and you will perfect the skill soon enough. We have also provided you with adequate tips for organizing your closet.