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How to Stay Awake-10 Ways According To Science

It does not go without saying that human’s functionality depends upon how many hours he sleeps. Sleep is just like the tuning of your body as to work actively. However, experts believe that an adult should sleep at least 6-7 hours a day. You must think about how long can you go without sleep. As per the studies, a human can survive until 11 days.

As sleep is the natural phenomenon thus, it also has some justifications. Therefore, the human body has a biological clock that regulates the sleeping process. It means because of the disturbance in the natural process there is sleep deprivation. It, in turn, affects day to day routine.

Most of you might have heard that sleep is the process of healing and relaxing your body. On the other hand, teenagers and professionals stay awake the whole day to complete their tasks.

If you have this habit as well, then it will only make create a fuss in your life. Moreover, it will not keep you awake during your class or at work. This write up will give you tips to stay awake.

Keep Yourself Hydrated( Stay awake at work)

Drinking a sufficient quantity of water is not only beneficial for your health but also keeps you active. In addition to it, if you want to stay awake at work then make a habit of drinking chilled water.

Due to the fact water boosts your energy level and reduces the fatigue caused by sleep deprivation. It assists the heart to supply the oxygen efficiently. Other than this, dehydration is responsible for increasing the cortisol level in your body. In this regard, water is your defense against it by decreasing it to an optimal level. By following some tips, you can stay awake and work properly.

  • Those of you are unable to consume plain water they can add lemon or other fruit to flavor it.
  • Select your favorite water bottle so that you can enjoy drinking it.
  • Try to sip chilled water as the body reacts to it more quickly.

Eat Snacks That Boost Energy(Stay awake in class)

When your body does not relax, make sure to give it sufficient nourishment. Begin your day with a healthy breakfast to give yourself a push.

While you are trying to stay awake at work, grab mid-day snack to keep going. It does not mean to have fried, or greasy food instead substitutes it with proteins. Because of the reason protein can make you energetic as compared to carbohydrates and fats.

Majority of you like to eat chocolates get rid of dizziness. However, this is not the right choice as it gives you temporary energy. As an alternative, you can use peanut butter since it is full of protein. Furthermore, a protein bar is one of the ideal options for chocolate addicted. If you are concerned about your health, then buy a protein bar within 100-200 calories.

Do Not Forget To Exercise( In the morning)

Yes, exercise can also let you stay awake. Usually, most of you do a workout when you want to shed some pounds. However, this is not the case as moving your body can increase the flow of blood sugar. It in turns stimulates the body, and you do not feel lazy anymore. Regarding this, research was conducted, which showed that sleep-deprived people become active by exercising. You can also start yoga before going to the office for relaxing yourself.

Of course, sitting in front of the computer for 6-8 hours makes you lethargic and sleepy. By exercising, you get motivation for completing your work efficiently. Mostly, people find exercising a difficult job, but it is not which takes hardly 20 minutes. Firstly try stretching as it brings improvement in blood circulation. Secondly, massaging on particular points of the body relieve fatigue.

Listen To Music( Stay awake while driving)

Most of us ask how to stay awake while driving? Music is another factor that can modify your mood and let you stay awake while driving. It can elevate your concentration level so that you do not need driver recklessly. Plus also fasten your blood pumping.

For a fact, music triggers your emotional response and engages more parts of the brain. Choosing the right kind of track is also important to keep you awake. It is true that irritating music can make you annoyed as compared to the one you like more. Thus, before you plan to drive without enough sleep, listen to you your favorite song.

When you are driving, do not think that listening to music loudly can awake you in a better way. You will surprise to know that music affects you more if you hear it through headphones. This method engages you more. Thus, you become attentive within few minutes.

Take Caffeine (Stay awake all night)

Almost everyone knows the fact that caffeine works well to awake you for hours. Caffeine contributes by transforming the chemistry of your brain. It hinders the chemicals that have connections with the sleeping process.

This, in turn, creates neuron firing in your nervous system. You can rely on caffeine because it is one of the oldest techniques to be active. After taking caffeine in any form, you will start feeling its effect within 10 minutes. It reaches to your blood in an hour whereas it lasts 4-5 hours.

However, through various researchers, it has confirmed that caffeine is a drug. Although, ingesting caffeine for staying awake is not a bad idea, but it also promotes health issues. If you take caffeine every day, then your body might be at risk. Initially, do not drink more than a cup otherwise you may get addicted to it.

Wash Your Face with Cold Water(When sleepy)

Just like drinking chilled water can make yourself miles away from laziness. When you stay longer in the office, your body reacts slowly. Therefore, for a quick push wash your body with cold water. Apparently, you cannot take a shower at your workplace so splash water on your face.

As mentioned above, the body shows a quick response when in contact with icy water. It becomes the stimulant for the brain and skin and as a result, awakes you. Undoubtedly, washing your face is an excellent technique to wake up yourself. But pouring cold water on the whole body is even a better idea. Before having your breakfast, take a bath with cold water to remain alert the entire day. Otherwise, if you own pool, then swimming is also a fun activity to get energy.

Expose Yourself to the Sun(Stay awake when tired)

Sunlight affects the human body as it has a connection with the circadian rhythm. At night the body produces more melatonin as compared to the morning. It shows that you can deceive your body to stay awake when tired. Whether you are a student or a professional, take a short break and walk for 10 minutes. This is also another efficient way to progress without sleep. Plus it will make your body alert and reduces melatonin. The reduction of this hormone is necessary during the daytime.

For those who do not have a garden in the workplace, they can open windows to take the benefit. On the other hand, you can also play games such as cricket, tennis or golf. Through this trick, you also encourage the production of vitamin D in the body. Furthermore, natural sunlight prevents your mood swings as well.

Practice Deep Breathing(Natural way to stay awake)

Deep breathing is the process that can also help you in staying awake. It is the escape from your duties for a short period which motivates you to be active later. For increasing the oxygen level in your body, there is a need for deep breathing. You can also do it in your room but practice it outside has a more significant impact. Once you have selected a comfortable spot, start analyzing your breath. After this, breathe slowly and gradually to let fresh air passes through your nose.  Then, place your hand on your belly button and do inhaling and exhaling. During this trick make sure to relax your belly. The energy level depends upon the way you breathe. Hence, more oxygen will enter the body through deeper breaths. Other than waking you up, it also makes digestion of food more accessible.

Chew Gum (While reading)

Do you chew gum without any reason? If you are going to say yes then from now, there will be a purpose to it. Similar to caffeine, gum helps you to focus and improve memory. By a continuous movement of the mouth, it keeps you mentally active. Researchers explained that chewing flavored gum can boost your energy and degree of alertness. Other studies showed that eating bubble gum increases circulation. Thus, you do not feel lazy during the daytime. For those of you need a boost while your driver chewing gum is the immediate remedy. In addition to this, you can keep the gum in your pocket and take it wherever you go. When you buy a pack of gum, try to avoid sugar bar because it will make you lethargic.

So it is the time to stay awake by chewing gum.

Interact With Others(All the time)

Your colleagues or classmates might help you in keeping you alert. When you start talking with another person, the brain responds quickly. If you are walking during the conversation, then this can make you physically active. In this regard, talking in front of a teacher or your boss can be risky. However, use break time to socialize with a person you like. Always remember to speak fastly than you usually do to stay awake within a few minutes.

Wrap up

After considering all of the above, for a healthy brain sleep is essential to progress. If you are not taking enough rest, then there are chances of sleep deficiency. On a personal level, it can cause damage which goes undiagnosed in an earlier stage. It happens because there is less awareness about the risk and signs of insomnia. However, you can practice the tricks mentioned above to stay awake during your lecture or attending seminars.