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King vs. California King (Space, Plenty of Space)

After a tiring day, what is most needed is to have a good night’s sleep. That is surely not possible if you don’t have a properly sized mattress in your room. A very common problem that all of us face is that we have no idea which mattress to buy. This results in spending money at the wrong place and not even getting the comfort level that you desire.

Once you start searching for mattresses then you will be surprised to see the number of different sizes that are available. Therefore, to get yourself out of this trouble we have made a comparison between two very common sizes of mattresses present out there on the market.

Comparison Table

Before you go into the details of these two mattresses, have a glance at this table to see the main difference these two products have. Half of your decision is made easier by finding out the dimensions and various needs. A comparison of some important aspects is listed below:

Size Dimensions Overall Price Space Limitations Leg Space
King 76 x 80 $$ Plenty of space More
California King 72 x 84 $$$ Less space Less
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King Sized Mattress

It is well suited not only for a couple, but also your kid can take a nap with you. Some families like to sleep by having their own bedside space. For them, this is the best size to enjoy a sweet and sound sleep at night. King sized mattresses are most commonly used in master bedrooms. If used in smaller rooms they will not be a good fit for cramming other furniture in the same room.

  • Size

It is sized differently than various mattresses. The size fits your master bedroom. Dimension is set to be 76” x 80”. It is an ideal one for those couples that like their freedom of space while sleeping. If you like sitting on your bed and doing other chores as well, then this is one of the best size mattresses for you.

Does your pet or child prefer to cuddle around while you sleep? Well, if yes, then you don’t have to worry as you won’t have to sacrifice your bed space. They can crawl up and make their space to enjoy the family time before sleeping. Due to the extra width of this mattress the people who like roaming around at night on their bed by changing sides several times are good to go as well.

  • Full or Split Size

A unique thing about this big mattress is that either you can buy one full mattress or you can make a purchase of a split size one. Ever have in mind to split your bed into two? Then split size will do the job. You won’t have to go out to buy two new ones. This mattress would do the job as two beds or one as needed.

  • Comfort Level

King sized mattresses are very comfortable for a couple or a family as it will be sure to give adequate space to each member. Mostly, it is used by two people and both have enough space to have a good night’s sleep. It is quite obvious that no one likes sleeping on the edge of the bed.

With this size, both partners can sleep in the mid-point avoiding the edges. Comfort level is maintained, but if you happen to be a sleeper that likes sleeping while moving to the downside, then that would be a bit uncomfortable for you as you will find your arm or leg hanging down.

  • Customisable

King sized are designed in such a way that you can customize it in your own way. You can cover it up the way you want as covers are readily available on the market. It can be used on the bed or also for floor bedding as well.

  • Healthy Benefits

One of the best thing about this mattress is that it provides health benefits. It relieves the pressure points and helps in getting rid of a backache.  It reduces the amount of tossing around while sleeping by 80%, also it helps in the alleviation of frozen shoulder.

You will also have extra space to have a good comfortable sleep at night. Lumbar support is important and king-sized beds are ahead in this aspect.

California King Size Mattress

It has always been commonly known that California King-Sized mattresses are greater in size as implied by its name. In reality, it is wider in size but not larger in length. It measures 72” x 84”, which is well suited in bedrooms which are wide enough even if less in length.

They are most suitable for people who aren’t that long and fits more people as compared to the king-sized mattress.

  • Size

They measure wider than the king-sized mattresses. California sized beds are widely used for families that have more than 3 members. It is obviously hard to fit in more than three people, but you can easily sleep well with your partner and a child beside you. Some families like to spend time in their beds before sleeping. A family of four people could easily fit and enjoy doing different chores while sitting on their bed.

  • Comfort Level

California mattresses are a lot better in regards to comfort level when you are a bit taller than the majority. Even if you like dangling around somewhere at the bottom while sleeping, then this is the one for you. It lets your feet stay on the bed even if you have crawled down a bit while sleeping.

For you to have a comfortable sleep you should opt for this mattress to stay on the bed all the time. One drawback in comparison with the king mattress is that it is shorter in length and might give you less space for fitting on the bed.

  • Customisable

These mattresses are easily customisable. You can even buy a split-up size in which it is even easier for you to use this for two beds separately or for one single full bed. The cover of the mattress can be easily taken off and washed. You can even buy new covers available on the market.

  • Healthy Benefits

There are different health benefits which can be enjoyed by buying the California king mattress. It helps you keep your whole body on the bed at all times due to more width. Also, back pain is relieved and you will feel fewer problems with your spine as compared to sleeping on a normal mattress of different companies.

Many people face restlessness during their sleep and have a hard time sleeping for a longer span of time. The microtechnology used in these makes them more comfortable to sleep for longer. Less disturbed sleep is a key to healthy living.

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After you read the above article then you will have been more knowledgeable about the various features of each one of these mattresses. It will also be easier for you to purchase the one you want. Mainly, it is your own will for which mattress you think suits you best.

The number of family members you have and the way you would want to sleep should be considered in your decision. You need to look out for your family.

Make sure you know the desires of your partner regarding whether he/she wants to sleep on a wider bed or a one long enough in length. You must also consider your partner’s height. The more the foot space the better he/she will be able to sleep.