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Layla vs Leesa mattress: Which One Is The Best For You And Why

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Who may like Layla mattress

  • If you want 2 firmness choices on your mattress, we rate Layla’s soft side 5.5-6.5/10 (10 is the hardest), and the firm side 8-9/10, you can rotate the mattress when need.
  • If you want a very cool memory foam mattress, Layla is the coolest memory foam mattress I ever reviewed.  They use THERMOgel technology on the mattress cover and add copper into memory foam. These features work together to make sure you feel cool all night long.
  • If you like a long warranty. Layla provided an awesome lifetime warranty, hard to believe because the industry standard is just 10 years (Leesa only provides a 10-year warranty).
  • If you want a longer free trial period. You can return Layla within 120-nights. (You can return Leesa for free within 100-nights).
  • If you are a side sleeper, personally I think Layla (the soft side) is softer than Leesa, so if you are a pure side sleeper, Layla is surely the better choice.
  • If you are ordered to sleep on the firm mattress (like back/hip pain). One reason is Layla’s hard side is firmer than Leesa, another reason is Copper is good for joint pain relief and better blood circulation.

Who may like Leesa mattress

  • If you like the medium feeling mattress or don’t have a fixed sleep position. We rate Leesa for 6-7/10 on the firmness scale, it should be good for most people. If you are not sure what you need, Leesa is a safe choice.
  • If you like push-back feelings (bounce), Leesa uses special Avena foam design, it feels like latex (but it’s memory foam), so if we just talk about bouncy, I think Leesa is better.
  • If you have some concern about a new mattress brand.  Leesa is about 3 years old, and Layla just started their business one year ago. Personally, I’m good with this, but Leesa is a safer choice if you care about this.

Editor’s choice

Leesa is almost the earliest mattress I reviewed. Personally, I like it far better than Casper. I think buying Casper is totally a waste of money (I guess some guys won’t agree with me, it’s very subjective ). Layla is comfortable, cool and bouncy. It’s the best mattress I’ve tried in a long while.

Then I reviewed more and more online mattresses, and I realized Leesa is good, but not perfect. At the same price level, some are thicker than Leesa, some are more comfortable than Leesa, some are more bouncy than Leesa, some have a better warranty and longer free trial, some have the better design or use more advanced technologies.

And Layla, it surely one of them (We rate Layla 9.6/10  and rate Leesa 9.2/10), especially with our powerful coupon code GBM100, you can enjoy $100 OFF on Layla’s official site when checking out. That’s a huge discount!

Let me know your thoughts if you have any other questions, don’t forget to share with your friends if you like our posts. Good luck.