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Leesa vs Eve vs Bear vs Hyphen mattress

Which is the best mattress

All mattress in this list are 10″ memory foam mattress(all part of them use memory foam), all of them provide 10 years warranty and 100 nights free trial, all of them are designed to cover the requirement of most people, so the firmness scale if medium, neither soft nor too firm, so no matter what kinds of sleeper you are, it can adapt to you.

But there is still some difference between them, they use a different design to fix the common problem of memory foam, giving out heat and lack of bouncy.  There are two factors you should take into consideration before buying.

Congratulation, Leesa is the winner. If you are looking for memory foam mattress, and don’t have fixed sleeping positions, Leesa is the answer.

Eve mattress who is made of UK is another good choice. The structure and price are very close to Leesa. But it lacks some pushback feelings because Leesa uses special Avena foam. 

Bear mattress(scroll bar to the right to see review and ratings) is designed for athletes, it can relax you easily and provide quick recovery.

Hyphen mattress is the cheapest in this list if you are not a pure side sleeper so you choose this to save money.