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Luxi mattress vs Purple vs Leesa vs Nolah

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Which mattress should I buy?

First, I would suggest buying the Purple mattress, it’s one of the top 3 mattresses you should avoid buying(Other 2 are Saatva and Casper). I don’t mean it’s bad, actually, it sleeps cool and friendly for back and stomach sleepers, but at the same or lower price, you have a better choice.

Luxi mattress is the most expensive on this list, but now it provided a $200 OFF coupon limited time, and she is the only 4 layers structure mattress in this list. The highlight is you can adjust the firmness scale any time, even after buying, so it’s the best choice for the guest room if money is not your first concern. 1000 nights free trial is the longest among the mattress  I reviewed before. Totally risk-free choice, recommend buying.

Leesa and Nolah are very similar to each other, especially both of them use special Avena foam, which is the combination of latex and memory foam,  very cool, comfortable and full of bouncy. Nolah did better on warranty and a free trial, and the wild animal cover is very attractive as well.

But Leesa higher thicker Avena foam, and the contouring feeling of Leesa is better than Nolah(personally feel), compared with Nolah, Leesa built a high reputation in the past several years, it released almost same time with Casper mattress, but Leesa did a far better job than Casper and got very high ratings among amazon real customers and many mattress review site.

So between Leesa and Nolah, if you want a safe choice don’t want to waste time for return unwanted mattress, choose Leesa if you are a wild animal lover(Nolah protected wild animal) and want to try something new, choose Nolah.