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A Guide for Buying Mattresses for Our Families

So here is how I bought mattresses for my families. I was sitting in the chair that weekend, sipping my tea in the afternoon sunshine, watching kids playing with their grandparents on the lawn.

All the laughs and giggles made this idea popping out of my mind: I’m a grownup now and I really should do something good for my beloved families at least to show how important they are to me and that I love them.

Then I decided to buy mattresses as presents and, not waiting for the Thanksgiving, I went to an online market that night. That was really an eye-opening result list the moment I clicked the magnifier icon. I bet you guys all have known and may have been suffered what had happened next: hours of selecting, comparing and abandoning and, hey, not even a satisfactory product was in the cart yet!

A couple of weeks later, I finally made my decision on those mattresses. That wasn’t easy and I am glad to share my experience, offering a short-cut here for you to buy good mattresses for your family.

Best Mattresses for Kids


The selection of a good mattress is important for parents, because your decision may fairly affect children’s health, as well as bone strength and posture.

Safety and Health

Safety and health come the first over all the other concerns about our children. The material and construction of the mattress, therefore, is given the top priority.

Natural cotton fabric and latex are soft and environment-friendly materials that help children sleep in comfort and protect them from allergy. In addition, air permeable mattress base with a fully removable cover is also a good choice for hygienic reasons, especially when you have to deal with bed wetting problems.


It seems that kids are always full of energy, well known for jumping on beds and rolling around even in asleep. For younger children, twin mattresses are a common choice and long twin mattresses may be considered if your kids are taller than average. Older children and teens may prefer full- or queen-size mattresses.


Proper firmness is the key to restful sleep and good body growth. If your kids are tall and big, enough support is a must; otherwise, soft mattresses are suggested.

Best Mattress for Will-be-mothers

For women in their pregnancy, nothing is better than a good place to rest on. As the babies grow, will-be-mothers bear increasing pressure, a mattress ideal for them is therefore important. Presented here are some tips on mattresses for will-be-mothers:

Not too firm

The waist of a pregnant woman is suspended when she lies on an overly firm mattress, which is harmful to her lumbar spine if lasts for long and leads to poor sleep, affecting the growth of the baby eventually.

Not too soft

Soft mattresses, innerspring ones, for example, feel comfortable but are really not a good choice for pregnant women.

Lying on an excessively mattress, she’ll probably “sink” into it and her lumbar spine may be pushed to an abnormal position, pressing on nerves, and bears great stress since the soft mattress cannot offer sufficient support. This is definitely not a good way to mitigate fatigue, making it even harder to turn over in addition to an inevitable backache (lumbago); whereas researchers indicate that turning over is helpful to the cortical spreading depression and conducive to a better sleep.


Consider her bodyweight. Generally speaking, the firmness of the mattress should be proportional to the sleeper’s bodyweight in order to give proper support and relieve pressures on shoulder and hip. For those below 130lb (or 50kg), slightly soft and medium-firm mattresses are good enough; for that above 175lb (or 80kg), firm mattresses are recommended and for those in the middle, please go to medium firm mattresses.

Care about materials. If the will-be-mother’s skin is prone to allergy or static, the best choice is coir mattresses. They are made of natural coconut fibers compacted tight by the high-pressure process, no volatile glues or adhesives are added, super beneficial for her and the baby’s health.

Alternatively, a 3cm thick latex mattress) may be laid on a firm bed surface. An anti-bacterial/dust mite latex mattress will offer the most essential protection. Thin latex layer ensures coziness, and it is easy to turn over on it.


Besides a good mattress, a pregnancy pillow is an ideal sleep helper. Depending on their shape, there are E-type, F-type and U-type pillows available on the market. Pick one and use it with a good mattress, give the will-be-mother doubled comfort and protection.

Best Mattress for the Seniors


The seniors’ skeletons are getting weak though it’s sorry to say so. We recommend 6 considerations as follows when buying the mattress for them:

  1. Given the sleep patterns and physical conditions, firm mattresses are recommended. Sleeping on a too soft mattress, the human body presses the central part down, posing an adverse impact on the normal spinal curvature and causing tension/spasm of low back muscle. In addition, the strength of aged people is declining, soft mattresses are prone to collapse and lacking support when they are lying down or getting up.
  2. When he or she is lying on the mattress, use your hand to check extra gap under his or her neck, back, waist, hip, and thigh turn over and check again.
  3. Suitable size. The most suitable mattress length can be determined by plus 20cm on the stature. This size offers the comfiest sleep.
  4. If a bedspread or topper is on the buying list, think about its color. Light orange or blue is recommended; the former is positive for better appetite and mood, facilitating calcium absorption, while the latter help to ease a headache, fever, and insomnia.

In general, regardless of its price and material, a mattress suitable for the sleepers is the best, and therefore provides the maximum protection for the spine, reduces stress and lulls their sleep.