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Muse Mattress Review: Performance and Sleep Experience Explained In Detail

Just because you are asleep, you should not assume that you are getting the proper amount of rest. Turning and tossing in bed can diminish the value of your sleep, but the experience can be breathtaking with the Muse Sleep mattress.

Most mattresses fail to properly support your spine, which can result in increased pressure on specific parts of your body. Now, one of the world’s best bed manufacturers has developed a revolutionary new mattress that can actually transform your sleep.

The manufacturer’s universal belief is what led to the birth of this model. Unlike other products in the market, Muse is designed for everyone, including people of different backgrounds, sizes, and shapes. It is all about a universal sleep; something everyone wants.

Who is suitable for the Muse mattress?

Muse Sleep is an entirely different type of mattress. Unlike most popular brands that offer a single firmness feel in a lone structure, the model in this review is available in three separate firmness levels, including soft, medium and firm.

When you are thinking about diverse sleeping positions and body conformance, then this is the right product to buy. It is a suitable choice for everyone; whether you are a side, combinational, back or stomach sleepers.

Most side sleepers do usually have a sad story to tell when they sleep on a firm mattress; simply because your ability to turn and toss around the bed is limited. But the soft version of the Muse offers sufficient plush that allows a side sleeper to sleep soundly.

This bed will conform to your body and provide reasonable support to prevent pressure points. The medium bed is a little bit on the firm side, providing luxury firmness for stomach and back sleepers. This firmness will provide you with additional lower back support.

The firm version of the Muse is suitable for heavy folks and people who like to sleep on their front. This is also the perfect choice for people with back pain problems. It provides steady support, helping to keep the back in a stable and comfortable position.

The firm model is also suitable for heavy people, especially individuals weighing more than two hundred pounds. The strong support and balance will prevent you from sinking into the mattress, ensuring that you do not experience pressure points and low back problems.

Who Is Not Suitable for Muse sleep?

This bed is a good fit for everyone. Unlike other brands that produce a single mattress with a single firmness level for all, Muse Sleep provides you with a triple choice in terms of firmness level and feel. So, you can choose accordingly, depending on your sleeping style and body weight.

However, this may not be a suitable choice for you if you are not fond of memory foam beds. This is particularly the case for people who like a combined feeling of traditional innerspring and memory foam / natural latex.


Structure and layers of Muse sleep mattressStructure and layers of Muse sleep mattress

You can easily access the interior of the mattress by unzipping the cover. The very first layer beneath the cover is made of two-inch gel-infused memory foam, which is engineered to sleep cooler compared to conventional memory foam.

Underneath the gel-infused foam, you have a regular memory foam, which is 2 inches thick and of premium quality. This layer provides you with excellent body conformance and hug feel that ensures you sleep comfortably all night long.

The third layer of the Muse is made up of an 8-inch high-density foam core. This high-density foundation ensures that your body is properly aligned. It gently cradles you, providing ultimate comfort in all sleeping positions depending on the firmness level you select.

It is 12 inches in total, making it a very substantial mattress. It comes with a top-quality cover made of a thermic phase change cooling fabric. The cover is specifically made to keep you cooler and comfortable. It feels nice to the touch, which is pretty amazing.

The phase change cover is objectively thick, but still thin enough to allow for superior breathability. It works hand in hand with the gel-infused layer to not only keep your body cool, but also provides contouring support.

Along with the phase change cover, the company also sells a mattress protector made of a similar fabric. We recommend you to buy the protector to help keep the bed clean. But you should not just use a random protector, since that may interfere with the cooling properties of the Muse.

Firmness and Support

firmness scale of muse sleep mattresfirmness scale of muse sleep mattres

One of the bestselling points of the Muse Sleep mattress is the firmness. Instead of a single firmness for everyone, as is the case with most popular beds, this manufacturer provides its clientele base with three different firmness levels: soft, medium, and firm.

The soft bed offers a plush and soft comfort feel for good body alignment. This option comes highly recommended for side sleepers. It offers superb contouring support for your hips and shoulders. The excessive hugging makes the bed sleepless cool.

The medium bed comes with an ample padding sleeping surface. It has a luxury firmness that provides sufficient support. This firmness feel is suitable for side, combinational, back, and stomach sleepers. However, it may not be what you need if you have back problems.

The firm mattress does not have much to offer in terms of contouring and conformance, but it offers a supportive, solid feel. This bed delivers minimal bounce, but a very steady surface for stable back support.

As mentioned earlier, a hard sleeping surface is convenient for back and stomach sleepers. It is also what you need if you have back pain problems. The surface keeps your body raised by preventing your hips from sinking, allowing better cooling.

Performance and Sleep Experience of Muse mattress

The top layers of this bed conform remarkably well to the curves of your body. It is exactly what you need if you are after advanced memory foam feel that does a great job of hugging you all through the night.

Our performance test is mainly based on the medium mattress, which is the most popular firmness feel for most sleepers in the county. The firmness level of about 6 to 6.5 out of 10 is very convenient for side, stomach, back, and combinational sleepers.

When sleeping on your back, the bed will conform well to your lumbar, and you will not feel your hips sinking into the mattress. The high-density foam core ensures that your body is very well supported, which is a big plus for a memory foam bed.

Side and combinational sleepers get the best of the soft and medium feel during sleep. You can easily maintain the neutral spine, and you will experience minimum pressure points. Generally, the sleeping experience is exceptional for all firmness levels.


The Muse Sleep is one of the most resourceful and reasonably priced mattresses we have ever reviewed. With this brand, you get to exactly see where your money goes. You do not have to second guess when buying this product online.

It is available in six different sizes, and each size has a unique price, ranging from $650 to $1,100. The price of the queen size is $950, which is way cheaper compared to more expensive beds on the market. The value for money is undoubtedly great.

The most captivating aspect of the mattress is that you get any of the firmness levels (soft, medium, and firm) at the manufacturer’s price range.

Size Price ($)
Twin 650
Twin XL 650
Full 850
Queen 950
King 1,100
Cal King 1,100

Trial Period, Shipping, & Warranty

Muse delivers the bed to your home, and offers you 120 risk-free nights to test and confirm if the mattress is an ideal fit for you. There are no hassles, really, if the bed is not good enough for you, then the company will simply retrieve their product and offer you a refund.

You will get free shipping through UPS standard, which applies to the continental United States of America. The bed comes with a warranty of 10 years, which covers any fabric tear, physical flaws in the materials, and defects that may lead to normal sagging.

The warranty is only applicable to the original buyer. The warranty may be voided if the following happens: lack of invoice/receipt when making a claim, improper installation/maintenance, and lack of registering the claim within five days of incidence.

The Wrap Up

The Muse Sleep mattress is a revolutionary bed that is engineered to serve all types of sleepers in terms of size and weight. All you have to do to enjoy the benefits of this product is to like the performance of the advanced muse memory foam.

The manufacturer provides three distinct firmness feels in three separate beds of the same design. You do not have to compromise comfort; just pick a firmness that feels ideal for your body. The most popular feel being the medium firm.