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Nectar Sleep Mattress UK Review: Right Choice For Your Back Pain?

The issue of acute back pain should resolve itself after a short while where 95% of such cases are not severe. In the UK, the issue of lower back pain ranges from 60% to 80% as reported by the National Health Service (NHS). A simple solution is to invest in a good quality mattress that treats your back with great care.

Therefore, we present you Nectar sleep mattress review, one of the best foam mattresses highly rated for people with back pain issues. Foams are proven to be a great solution to resolve this problem and Nectar Sleep Mattress becomes one of a kind and it doesn’t break your wallet.

Overall Ratings of Nectar Sleep Mattress

Property Rating Description
Longevity Very Good Nectar Sleep mattresses have dense layers of foam which make them last a good part of 6 to 7 years. However, at this price range, Nectar Sleep does better than many other memory foam brands.
Motion Transferability Very Good The mattresses from Nectar Sleep offer limited motion transferability with their highly-dense foam layers. Hence, these mattresses are good for those people who share their beds.
Edge-to-Edge Support Fair Generally, memory foams are not good when it comes to edge support and Nectar Sleep is no different. With the passage of time, the mattress will show some sinkage.
Conformance Very Good Nectar Sleep mattresses come with double layers of highly dense memory foam which means that it offers excellent conformance.
Pressure Relief Very Good As mentioned above, Nectar Sleep is a great option if you are looking for pressure relief for your shoulders, neck and back.
Spinal Alignment Excellent Many users have mentioned that Nectar Sleep keeps the spine aligned especially if you sleep on your back or side.
Temperature Regulation Good The construction of the Nectar Sleep mattress involves memory foam in its support core as well as the comfort layer. It means that it is not that good when we talk about temperature neutrality. But the use of adaptive cooling cover and memory foam make it breathable and cool.
Noise Excellent Foam mattresses are great because they don’t create any noise when bearing weight and Nectar Sleep is no different.
Off-gassing Good Users have mentioned a slightly pungent smell when the mattress is new but it tends to fade away after a couple of days. So, it’s not that of a big deal.
Responsiveness Fair Nectar Sleep mattress does provide some responsiveness, particularly if you compare it with other foam mattresses of the same price category.

Construction & Design

Layers of Nectar mattress UK versionLayers of Nectar mattress UK version

Layers Thickness Description
7-Zone Support Layer along with Adaptive Hi-Core Memory Foam Layer 16 cm The support core has highly dense memory foam with 7-Zone support. The Adaptive Hi-Core Memory Foam layer provides good responsiveness.
Pressure Relieving Layer with Memory Foam 5 cm It’s a link between the comfort layer and support core of the mattress. The layer is infused with memory foam.
Smart Sleep Layer with Quilted Memory Foam 4 cm This layer has visco infused with innovative technology. This 4th generation technology guarantees temperature neutrality.
Adaptive Cooling Cover 2 cm The cover is made with a technology that emphasizes on temperature neutrality. The design dissipates heat from your body and keeps you cool.

Support Base Layer

The 7-Zone Support Layer is highly dense yet breathable. With 2.2+ILD rating integrated with Adaptive Hi-Core Memory Foam Layer, it offers excellent shape support. The overall thickness of this layer is 16 cm. The support core of Nectar Sleep features a 33/140 PU highly dense memory foam with zoned support. It is designed to provide your entire body with zoned comfort, according to the pressure exerted by each region of your body.

The firm layer targets your hips and shoulders and ensures proper spinal alignment. The Adaptive Hi-Core Memory Foam layer provides good bounce and responsiveness which makes it a good option for couples to enjoy their intimate moments.

Pressure Relieving Layer

The 5 cm thick Pressure Relieving Layer features Memory Foam that offers excellent contoured comfort throughout your time in bed. The soft viscose layer proves to be a link between the comfort layer and support core of the Nectar Sleep mattress. The soft layer eases down pressure by absorbing the energy that your body exerts on the mattress.

This layer is infused with memory foam and ensures that your body enjoys a consistent level of comfort throughout the night. It also helps in evenly distributing your body weight across the mattress and provides you with comfortable support.

Smart Sleep Layer

The Smart Sleep Layer features 4cm thick quilted memory foam. This layer involves highly breathable visco that is infused with Revo technology. The quilted construction features a revolutionary design of memory foam that is 30 times more breathable as compared to various other forms of premium quality memory foams.

The 4th generation foam technology makes sure that you can sleep cool with its temperature regulatory features. It provides the loft to your body which makes you feel sleeping on a cloud along with increasing the air circulation.

Adaptive Cooling Cover

The Adaptive Cooling Cover of Nectar Sleep mattress is equipped with temperature regulating technology. Its materials have bespoke design and draw heat from the body and circulate the fresh air with your every move.

As the bed gets warmer, the cover will evaporate more moisture enabling you to enjoy deep sleep comfort. The moisture and heat wicking properties of this cover ensure that you can enjoy a sweat-free sleep all night long.


firmness scale of Nectar UKfirmness scale of Nectar UK

The semi-firm feel of this mattress makes it an ideal option for most of the sleepers. People, who weigh less than 60kg and don’t weigh more than 100kg, should opt for this mattress. It goes well with most of the sleeping positions as well and for this reason, people recommended it for the couples.

Nectar Sleep mattresses fall in a semi-firm category with a 6 rating. The firmness scale has a score that ranges from 1 to 10, where 1 is ‘too soft’ and 10 is ‘too firm’. Nectar Sleep mattress falls right in the middle and it provides you with a full package of comfort with support. You will not only get the spinal alignment features but a good degree of conformance as well.

Body Weight & Sleeping Positions

You must choose a firmness level that goes well with your body weight and the sleeping position that you like. Nectar Sleep mattress has a firmness score of 6 and it is rated as a semi-firm mattress.

Sleeping Position Lightweight (Less than 60kg) Average weight (60kg – 100kg) Heavyweight (More than 100kg)
Side Good Good Good
Back Very Good Very Good Good
Stomach Very Good Good Fair

Lightweight sleeper

A lightweight sleeper who weighs less than 60kg will have an excellent feel if s/he prefers to sleep on back or stomach. The mattress will provide excellent support and comfort to such a sleeper. However, for a lightweight side sleeper, the mattress doesn’t prove to be the best option.

Average weight sleeper

An average weight back sleeper will thoroughly enjoy sleeping on the Nectar Sleep mattress. The mattress will provide a perfect balance of support and comfort to the sleeper. For side and stomach sleepers of average weight, the mattress is being just above par.

Heavyweight sleeper

Nectar Sleep mattress is not the best choice for heavyweight sleepers. They will only feel increased sinkage and will not get enough spinal alignment as well. Though, heavyweight sleepers who like to sleep on their stomachs should stay away from this mattress.

Key Performance Features

Pressure Relief

The comfort layer of Nectar Sleep mattress offers excellent pressure relief because it is integrated with zoning. The base layer of this mattress also features 7-Zone support. It handles each section of your body, including neck, hip, back, and shoulders differently. Zoning ensures different levels of firmness across the mattress to prevent any pains in the body.

Motion Isolation

Among the positives of this mattress, Nectar Sleep provides excellent motion isolation. The mattress has highly dense memory foam layers that reduce motion transferability. It means that Nectar Sleep is a great option for couples because you won’t get disturbed by the movement of the person sleeping with you.


The mattress comes with a certification from CertiPUR. The construction of this mattress doesn’t involve any harmful chemicals or hazardous substances. Furthermore, you won’t develop any skin allergies caused by mold, dust or mites when sleeping in Nectar Sleep.


Durability and longevity are strong factors for Nectar Sleep. It has highly dense memory foam with 2.2+ ILD rating that makes the mattress highly durable. If you prefer to invest in a mattress that lasts for more than 7 to 8 years, then Nectar Sleep is the best option for you.

Temperature regulation

Neutralizing your body temperature is one of the strong points of Nectar Sleep. It does have revolutionary memory foam in its comfort layer with Revo technology. However, it will only work up to some extent. If temperature neutrality is among your priorities, then Nectar Sleep won’t help you out much due to its all-foam construction.


Due to the all-foam construction, Nectar Sleep does provide the user with some issue of off-gassing. However, the smell tends to fade away after a couple of days after you unbox your mattress.

Edge Support

Another disadvantage that Nectar Sleep carries is its edge support. A significant portion of the blame goes to its all-foam layers. Foams are not very good when it comes to edge support because with the passage of time they began to sink from the middle. Furthermore, they are not very functional if you sit on the edge of these mattresses.


Conformance is one of the strong points of Nectar Sleep. The comfort layer does an excellent job to provide you with that hug-like feel without restricting your movement in the bed. Due to strong conformance, you get adequate spinal alignment and pressure relief from the body.


Responsiveness and bounce is another area where Nectar Sleep lags behind. The Pressure Reliever layer does provide some responsiveness, but it doesn’t matter much. Couples prefer the high responsiveness and bounce during sex and if you want this feature then you can overlook Nectar sleep mattress.

Top-notch after-sale services

Nectar Sleep mattresses are covered under 365-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty and it backs its products with superior customer service too. With your purchase, you will also get a couple of free pillows. It is a total package for your deep sleep comfort with a peace of mind for many years to come.


The overall thickness of 25 cm thickness made of highly breathable visco integrated with Revo technology and 7-Zone support guarantees pressure relief and targeted support to various body regions such as hip, shoulders, and back.

Nectar Sleep not only provides its customers with top-quality products but it also offers excellent customer services. The mattress doesn’t come at a very high price, but it will deliver the value for money.

If you prefer the hug-like feel of foams and want pressure relief along with spinal alignment, then Nectar Sleep is the best option for you. The mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US and is highly durable too.