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Purple mattress vs leesa vs nectar vs brooklyn bedding

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Which mattress should I buy?

The purple mattress is a cool feeling, medium to a firm mattress, if you are a back sleeper and prefer firmness feeling, you can give it a try(if money is not your first concern), compare with pure memory foam mattress, it’s more bouncy and more friendly for sex. But the shortage is obvious as well, it’s the thinnest mattress in this list, and don’t sleep very comfortable, especially for side sleepers, and the motions transfer is almost the worst as well. Personally, I don’t suggest you pay $999 for a queen size Purple mattress.

Leesa is a very welcome memory foam mattress, they use their special designed Avena foam(worked like the combination of latex+memory foam), can provide just right bouncy and very good contouring and motions transfer. Compared with other mattresses in this list, Leesa’s advantage is not on price, but on reputation and quality. She started the business in 2014 and got very high ratings among real customers and mattress review site. But Leesa’s warranty and the free trial period is not the best on this list.

Nectar mattress is the best lover of, I never seen another mattress who can provide so much awesome features at this price level, if you want to buy a memory foam mattress, Nectar is your best choice without doubt, after buying you can enjoy 365 nights free trial and lifetime warranty, totally risk free choice. And Nectar is the only 11 inches and 4 layers structure mattress in this list.

Brooklyn bedding is a latex mattress, compared with memory foam mattress, it’s more bouncy and cool, and Brooklyn bedding is the only mattress which can provide more than one firmness scale, the price is very attractive as well. one the other side, compared with memory foam mattress, latex is lack of contouring feeling as well, and the motion transfer is not as good as memory foam, so totally depends on your behaviors.