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Sealy Vs. Serta: Options for Every Budget And The Comparison

We human beings are so busy in keeping pace with the fast-moving world nowadays that we often overlook our health and comfort. According to various researchers, one-third of your life is spent in bed! Even armed with this knowledge many people tend to doze off on less-than-ideal mattresses affecting their health in surprising ways just because of their laziness in deciding wisely where to rest their head.

To that end, we are here to help you make the right decision as per your needs, so you may buy the mattress that is comfortable and helps wake you feeling fresh every day to conquer a day in the competitive world.

Keeping your needs in mind, we are going to provide you with a fair comparison of two known mattress selling companies Serta and Sealy, so that you may choose the right one for yourself.

Mattresses from both brands have their own pros and cons. Both desist to compromise on quality and have their own exclusive models and features as per different customer needs.  When choosing the right one for yourself you might want to consider features stated in the following comparison chart.

Comparison Table

Feature Sealy Serta
Price Starting from $599 Innerspring queen-size mattress stretching to $1299 Hybrid queen-size mattress Starting from $599 Innerspring queen-size mattress stretching to $1499 ProEnergy Super Pillow Top Elite mattress
Variety  Innerspring, Memory Foam, Latex, Gel, Hybrid, Innerspring, Memory Foam, Gel, Hybrid
Firmness Soft to firm Moderate-soft to firm
Overall Thickness 5.5 to 14.5 inches 9 to 14 inches
Approved by National Sleep Foundation No Yes
Adjustable Foundation Option Yes Yes
Warranty 10 years 20 years

Let us now discuss the features mentioned in the table above.


Starting with Sealy, the varieties it offers are Innerspring (best seller), Gel, Memory Foam (best seller), Hybrid (best seller), and Latex. Similar types are found under Serta except that it lacks Latex.

  • Sealy Innerspring Series

Sealy Innerspring offers its customers a layered, soft quilting with strong cover fabric incorporated with gel foam. To make it more user-friendly, Sealy Inspiring series lets the customer make a choice between a mattress with less motion transfer and a mattress with deep support and comfort. They do so by using two different types of coil, namely Classic (titanium alloy) Coil and Sealy Stability Coil respectively.

  • Sealy Gel, Memory foam Series

The Gel, Memory foam series is relatively a budget-friendly series compared to other varieties Sealy offers. Yet, it does not compromise on comfort and support. These mattresses adjust to your own body shape as well as weight to provide you with a relaxing sleep, therefore helping a wide range of customers.

  • Sealy Hybrid and Latex Series

These two lie under the Posturepedic series of Sealy. The Latex series provides, as the name itself explains, disinfectant benefits of latex. It is flexible and high-pressure resistant due to the high density of latex.

The Posturepedic Hybrid series combines two technologies, gel foam and titanium coil, into one mattress. The two-layered with gel foam on top and coil at the bottom helps attain comfort, support and a cooling effect embracing your body as you sleep through the night. In addition to this, it keeps the sheets in place as it is rubberized.

Technologies Description
OptiCool® Specially designed foams with the aim to give a cooling effect to the user
OptiSense®, Foams designed keeping in mind the comfort of the customer and support a range of weights
OptiCore™ Foams built with the purpose of the bed having an overall support and grip
SolidEdge™ Strong foams that are to handle ample pressures, not letting the edges to dement
ActiveFlex™ Foams that are specially constructed with shock absorbing technology to prevent a disturbed sleep


Moving on to the next top-selling mattress company Serta, it also aims to please its customers with numerous technologies it develops. Like Sealy, it offers Innerspring (best seller), Gel, Memory Form (best seller) and Hybrid Series (best seller). The Latex series is fabricated by Serta. Here are a few specifics of each of the categories of mattresses Serta has to offer.

  • Serta Innerspring Series

Innerspring series of Serta comprises of steel coil wrapped up in foam and fiber. Bellagio at home and Perfect Sleeper are the sub-categories of the innerspring series. They sense and address motion, lack of support, or discomfort of your partner. Serta-Flex Inspiring support system has ample surface coverage and added support for customers.

  • Serta Gel, Memory Foam Series

This series is made completely of foam with added fibers. Serta’s Gel memory foam has a great cooling effect along with a pressure relieving trait. It keeps the bedding temperature cool for a calm sleep of its user.

  • Serta Hybrid Series

The Serta hybrid series, or more commonly known as Serta iSeries, merges the traits from its other two series, the Gel Memory Foam Series and the Innerspring Series. It is a combination of Advanced Coil Support System and Cool Action Gel Foam technology. Thus, it provides both a suitable cooling effect and comforting support.

Having talked about the features of the mattress’s models Sealy and Serta constructs, we will now look at the unique technologies tabulated below, possessed by each Brand.

Technologies  Description
Pillo-Fill Foams comprising of special fibers that is adaptable to surrounding weather changes as it keeps the temperature of the mattress cool in summers and warm in winters
FireBlocker Fiber® Foams that have special fibers that prevent fire accidents. With this technology, safe bedding is available to customers
Serta® PillowSoft Foam™ Foams that are intended to be soft and relaxing for customers

Final Words

The tabulated information above provides a fair comparison of the two Brands, Sealy and Serta, each with its own distinct technologies. Probably this will help you decide easily, keeping in mind your requirements when buying your mattress.

In addition to the facts and figures conferred, some useful steps must be taken before you can finalize your decision as to which mattress you will opt for.

Ask yourself a few questions. Look for the answers in the information provided and make a choice accordingly.

The following queries must be satisfied:

  • What are the features I can compromise on?
  • Does the mattress give the needed support for my back? (Remember, firm mattresses are not always better for the back)
  • Does it provide the required sleep temperature?
  • How much surface does the mattress I need have to cover?
  • Which mattresses can I afford?
  • What warranty offers from various companies suit me?
  • Does the mattress have a minimized tossing and turning feature?

Considering all these questions, prioritize your prerequisites. Once done you would know what features you need and what features you may compromise on. For instance, if you want a mattress that is less costly than the other, Sealy has the advantage over Serta. If you can compromise budget over luxury, then you must go for Serta.

However, if we are finding a mid-way for both a budget-friendly and luxurious mattress we need to consider various models of the mattresses of both Serta and Sealy. You may look into it as per your priority list. Serta provides a longer warranty period than Sealy. On the other hand, if you consider a variety of firmness, Sealy offers soft to firm mattresses, whereas Serta offers only medium-soft to firm mattresses.

If mattress thickness is what you are looking for, Sealy offers a range of 5.5 to 14.5 inches, whereas Serta offers mattresses with a thickness ranging from 9 to 14 inches. If you are looking for average reviews, they are almost the same for both, however, Serta has an edge over Sealy as it is approved by National Sleep Foundation and Sealy isn’t.

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Above all, both Sealy and Serta possess amazing features in their own unique ways. Given the information of both, hopefully, you will be able to wisely choose the mattress that best suits your health and budget alike.