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Sleeping Without a Pillow, Good or Bad And Should You Try Otherwise? | Sleep Quality and Pillows

Is sleeping without a pillow, good or bad? Pillows are not a scientific device but it has scientific uses in human lives or in human health.  It is used to snooze on and prop up the head/neck or other parts of the body.

The word comes from Middle English “pilwe”, an old English “Pyle” before the 12th century. The concept of using it is since about 9000years ago. During those days stones and wood blocks were used as head rests!

Well in those days Egyptian used them to avoid different insects and bugs from crawling inside their nose, ear, and mouth. Moreover Chinese used ceramic, stones and wood blocks as a pillow. While Romans used clothes as those were stuffed with feathers.

Ancient people using headrests

In the old days, people use these stones as you can see in the above picture. At that time people were using these stone on to get safe from insects and bugs from getting inside their hairs, mouth, nose, and ears!

Benefits of sleeping without a pillow

Experts believe there are a lot of real benefits of sleeping without having a pillow. The most important benefit is “spinal alignment“. It greatly benefits the human spine. Sleeping without them allows the spine to rest evenly with the natural curve.

Even sleeping without it gives you “facial benefits” as well. It helps to reduce wrinkles on your face as not using them doesn’t squish your face and moreover makes you feel easy and comfortable. It provides a better sleeping quality as it allows the body to be at a normal level! This act is as well neck pain relieving.

Many experts prefer neck pain patients to sleep without a pillow or use softer ones. Sleeping without it will help your back lengthen, and you will lay in the natural posture I mean in such a style when a man feels cool, comfort and calm without any aches and feel relaxed.

If while sleeping your head tilts it down on a pillow that doesn’t provide the necessary support to your head and back, then it will promptly reduce the air passage through the respiratory system.

Even when you’ll wake next morning you’ll wake up either with light head or with a headache. If the respiratory passage will face some blocking a person will suffer from snoring moreover it cause heart problems like heart attack and
asthma too.

Benefits of using pillows while sleeping

Using a softer one can strain our neck muscle and as well it decreases the blood flow to our head. It makes you comfortable and even 3 out of 2 people are more likely to use them while sleeping. To have a good and comfortable sleep all we need is to have a proper pillow.

In a sleep study research group, everyone who reported poor sleep quality also reported problems with their pillow. On the other hand, none of the study’s participants who reported good sleep quality reported issues with their pillow.


The cushions which do not give an appropriate angle, our body gets neck and back problems. These problems include spinal disorder, ranched muscles and back problems. In the market now different types are introduced for different patients!

Some people even majority like and feel easy using pillows while sleeping, they couldn’t sleep without it. And find it hard to exclude it out of their sleeping style. If you find that you cannot get used to sleeping with or without pillow then it’s best and easy to get back to the usual routine of sleep.

People using them must keep this thing in their mind that they must choose a perfect piece and avoid stacking more bolsters underneath their head and neck this will lead to back pain and many other troubles.

Types of pillows

There are different types available in the market nowadays for a different type of sleepers. Some are known as; thinner, those are used by individuals who sleep on their back, while there are Firm ones known as, thick pillows, designed for people who sleep on sides, thin, flat, are those good for stomach sleepers. Others types include Cervical and Cool pillows. Cervical support your neck while cool options are good for those women those are suffering from hot flashes!

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Moreover, there are some advance forms described below:

Advance forms

  • Feather

This form is filled with feathers. Did you know? It is as strong as carbon fiber. They have nature’s natural spring.

  • Down

It is a softest and gentlest option. Down pillow comes from a bird’s fluffy undercoat. It is a soft, puffy and supple pillow well known as an ultimate luxury!

  • Microbead

It is a self-adjustable model and is very comfortable it gives a peaceful sleep

  • Buckwheat

This type is filled with husk and buckwheat and offers hard support which is good for spinal cord too.

  • Sleep Apnea

These are made with polyester fiberfill. It is designed to accommodate the octopus tubes and cords of the CPAP machine.

  • Neck

It supports the spine and gives you a comfortable sleep.

In this era of technology and advancement, there isn’t any problem which has no solution.

Experts suggestions

Experts suggest using pillows if their patients are comfortable if not, then they suggest doing what so ever their patients are comfortable with. If the individual is suffering from backache experts always recommend sleeping without a pillow and if the patients even use it then it’s better for them to use a good quality model

Different uses of pillows nowadays

Different uses of pillowsDifferent uses of pillows

In contemporary western culture, some pillows consist of plain and pattern fabric envelope which are filled with feathers with synthetic form. In other cultures pillows have been made of wood and stones. But now pillows aren’t only used for sleeping there is much other use of these pillows nowadays!

Even there are traveling options available now for those people having backache to make there traveling easy and comfortable. These are even now used for decorative purposes. Decorative models serve a dual purpose. They often have a fancy material which is liked worldwide.

In our modern culture, these are basically the most important and are used a lot. In a picture above you can see different kind of cushions with different prints and patterns. These are quite expensive and trendy.


It is my personal opinion that whatever we use in our daily lives it may have benefits but they even have some side effects as well. Using supports while sleeping ha a lot of benefits but sleeping without a pillow has also a lot of benefits. I’ll prefer sleeping without it because of many reasons.

As sleeping without it can alleviate neck and back. Moreover, the best thing is it reduces our face wrinkles! Most of the experts and doctors prefer the patients not to use pillows but there are many people those feel more comfortable by using pillows. Who so ever is using it, I’ll advise using some softer models to get rid of a backache and neck pain problems.

Cushions are a very important part of our homes too their decoration is important but make sure to use a pillow which is comfortable for you. As to sleep without cushion helps to relax spine but if you sleep with unsufficient pillow one will feel uneasy or some spinal problem. In order to avoid any problem regarding this one should be vigilant about using the pillow in order to avoid disorders.

Now as this is the era of science and technology, there are cushions invented which are used as antidepressants and massagers as well. It is useful to sleep without a pillow as people are leading the laborious lives having no time for exercise.

Sleeping without pillows is a way of natural relaxants.

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