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Twin vs Twin XL Mattresses: What's Better for Me? | Is a Twin or Twin XL a Better Bed?

Twin and Twin XL mattress are similar but they have important differences.

What is a Twin Bed?

size of the twin bedsize of the twin bed A twin size is considered the smallest as far as standard sizes are concerned. It measures 39 inches by 75 inches. Generally, it is smaller in size when compared to the other mattresses. Some people refer to it as a single bed.

A twin requires a remarkably small space. It is the common choice for school dormitories, guest rooms, and hotels. With this option, there is no room to share. It is just big enough to allow single sleepers to move around freely during sleep.


  • The smallest possible size for a person with limited floor space
  • It is an easy bed to move around when changing the layout
  • Accessories for this bed are highly affordable
  • The ideal choice for a single sleeper


  • Not a suitable choice for a couple
  • May not be convenient for a taller individual

What is a Twin XL?

side of the twin xl bed mattressside of the twin xl bed mattressThe twin XL is the alternative choice of the twin. The twin XL measures 39 inches by 80 inches. It offers the same comfort as the twin in terms of width space. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for a single sleeper, and not so much for a couple.

Unlike the twin, which is shorter by 5 inches, the twin XL is long enough to accommodate taller people. It has the same height as the full XL, the queen, and the king. The extra-large version of the twin allows you to use more pillows and stretch at night without any problems.


  • A good choice for a single sleeper
  • The most suitable option for a taller person
  • Accessories are easy to secure compared to the XL size
  • A less expensive option compared to the XL size


  • May require additional room space when compared to the twin

Twin vs. Twin XL Mattresses

Twin Twin XL
Price A little bit cheaper than the Twin XL A little pricier compared to the twin size
Size 39 inches by 75 inches (it is shorter by 5 inches when compared to the Twin XL) 39 inches by 80 inches (it is longer by 5 inches compared to the twin)
Floor Space Takes the least space, making it ideal for school dormitories and hotels (7 feet by 10 feet) Requires additional floor space compared to the twin so as to accommodate the extra length (7 feet by 12 feet)
Shorter or Taller people The ideal choice for a shorter person The perfect choice for a slightly taller individual
Capacity Both the twin and the twin XL have the same width; therefore, they are both suitable for a single person
Changing Positions A short person can change positions comfortably and even stretch the legs while sleeping A taller person would change positions without any problems, and even stretch his or her legs at ease

Who is Ideal for the Twin?

This is the smallest mattress you can buy. It is just what you need if you have limited floor space. For instance, it is the bed you would want to buy for your home away from home cottage that is located in the woods.

It is the mattress of choice for most boarding schools, because it does not consume too much space of a hall or a dormitory. In fact, more than one twin beds can be squeezed in a given floor space. It provides enough comfort for one person.

Who is Ideal for the Twin XL?

The twin XL is suitable for a single sleeper, but it is more convenient for a tall person. At 80 inches long, it can accommodate a taller person without any problems. You can stretch and even use more pillows to feel more comfortable.

While most people would prefer to buy the twin over the twin XL because of the cost, the twin XL is a better investment. Its additional length makes it a perfect choice for guest rooms and hotel rooms. You never know, you may receive a taller visitor who would require a long bed.

Support and Comfort

Today, mattresses and pillows have been standardized. You must confirm your mattress size by a field measure of your frame. This way, you will not make a mistake when choosing between a twin and a twin XL.

If you do not know the height of your child’s bed or your own bed, then you are most likely to make a mistake. The twin has the same length as the full and the queen. So, you might end buying it even if you are a taller fellow because you do not know the differences.

In terms of support, both sizes are small and compact. Therefore, they can offer strong or weak support depending on the materials used. A foam mattress may be a little bit softer compared to a hybrid or a bed made of other materials other than memory foam.

According to our findings, twin beds are mostly preferred by shorter people, side, and combinational sleepers. When changing positions, both the twin and the twin XL provide the same sleeping surface for turning to either right or left.

Rolling of the edge may be easy for these bed sizes. You have to limit your movements to avoid falling. You can avoid the problem by ensuring that one long side of the bed is in contact with the wall to provide the extra support.

The additional length of the twin XL ensures that you have enough room to stretch your legs whenever you turn or when sleeping on your back or stomach.

  • The overall winner for this category is the Twin XL.

Room Space Requirements

A great number of building codes need you to have a minimum floor space of 7 feet by 10 feet for a twin size along with wall height of around 7 feet 6 inches. These measurements are to ensure that the room is habitable and not too compressed.

Not unless you will be using your single bed in a cottage hidden from civilization in the woods, you need a room that is acceptable by law. For a single bed, you will have to settle for a simpler arrangement.

The long side of the mattress should be in contact with the longer wall and the other side in contact with the shorter wall. This arrangement will leave enough space for furniture and walk space. You can place your wardrobe directly opposite the footboard.

Adding other things to the room can improve the room, but it all depends on the position of the main door of the bedroom or guest room. You can use a simpler frame or you can incorporate a headboard and a shelf on one side.

You can use a more compact bedroom, which is smaller than what the building code requires. The smallest you can go is 6 feet 6 inches by 6 feet 6 inches. This tiny bedroom only offers a minimal space for your bed and a little square foot for walking.

For the twin XL, you would require a slightly longer room or you can settle for a square shape room. The ideal dimensions may be 9 feet by 9 feet. You will also have to position the bed in such a way that it is in contact with the two walls by the corner.

There are no many configurations for this bed not unless you use a bigger room which complies with the building code. The standard bedroom size may be 10 feet by 9 feet 6 inches, but the ideal setup is still the same as the aforementioned.

  • The overall winner for this category is the Twin size.


The twin and the twin XL only differ in length. Therefore, the accessories for the two mattresses are almost the same. However, you should expect to spend a little more on twin XL accessories, especially on the long frame and beddings.

  • The overall winner for this category is the Twin Bed.

Ease of Movement

The fact that the twin size is smaller makes it easy for you to move around. You can even backpack the mattress and bring it along during an RV camping expedition. Regardless of the manufacturer or brand, this size is usually lightweight.

However, the weight depends mostly on the material used. For instance, an all-foam twin or twin XL will not weigh the same as a twin or a twin XL made of innerspring. Are you the kind of a person who likes changing the layout of your bedroom? If you are, then settle for the twin.

  • The overall winner for this category is the Twin.


With that said, you should have no problem deciding between the two mattress sizes. Always go for the twin, if you have limited floor space, a limited budget, and you are a little bit shorter. Otherwise, settle for twin XL.

The extra foot length of the twin XL is ideal for taller people like me. Are you taller than usual? If you are, then settle for the twin XL. Overall, the 39 inches of personal space offered by both mattresses would be very comfortable for your growing child.

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