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Walmart Air Mattresses:Everything You Need to Know (2024 Updated)

Air mattresses are not exactly new technology. Inflatable beds have been in existence for decades. Over the years, they have become a popular household item for their comfort, storage, affordability, and convenience. Whether you find yourself camping in the outdoors, traveling cross country, or frequently hosting friends, having an air mattress is necessary.

The best air mattress should be quick to inflate, comfortable, hold air well and above all, comfortable to sleep on. The last thing you want is to sleep on a wobbly, flimsy, and unsupportive air mattress. Are you among the adventurous and free-spirited consumers of the society looking for an air mattress from Walmart?

In this primer, we have sniffed out the best Walmart air mattresses to help you in your future ventures. Read on …

Plug-In vs. Battery-Powered Air Pumps for Air Mattresses

The quality of an air pump dictates the efficiency or otherwise of an air mattress. Air mattress pumps come in three main builds – manual, plug-in and battery-powered models. Battery-powered ones normally run on four D-cells. Most users of these airbeds appreciate those with an already in-built pump.

If you want an air mattress for your overnight guests, it is prudent to opt for the convenience of plug-in models. For those planning to take their mattress on traveling ventures and camping, a battery-powered model is an ideal choice.

While plug-in pumps are powerful, they tend to be loud and heavy. Battery-operated ones are lighter but are less effective. Additionally, they are less capable of inflating a mattress fully.

A manual pump delivers a certain degree of firmness that the rest cannot match. It does not need an outlet or batteries. Nonetheless, these types of pumps need quite some amount of physical labor to operate.

Note: Not all air mattresses come with a pump. Therefore, if you consider quick inflation important, ensure you settle for a model that has an air pump.

Walmart Air Mattresses FAQ

Q: How do I make my air mattress comfortable?

A: Mattresses such as egg-crates provides an additional layer of cushion. Often, they are the go-to accessory for many users when it comes to adding comfort. Alternatively, you can enhance comfort by watching out the amount of air you pump into your mattress. For instance, if you appreciate firmer beds, you can fill your mattress to maximum air capacity. The opposite is true if you enjoy a softer surface.

Q: Which is the best way to clean an air mattress?

A: Vacuums, especially the handheld ones, do a great job of picking up dirt, hair, or crumbs. For a deeper clean, just swipe down the mattress by rubbing alcohol.

Q: My air mattress leaks. How do I repair it?

A: It is common for air mattresses to leak. When you fill yours with air, listen for leaks to find the location of the hissing. Duct tape can act as a temporary solution. Most stores within your neighborhood sell patches for air mattresses that will take care of the holes.

If you still cannot trace the source of the leak after listening for it, fill up a kiddie pool or bathtub and place the air mattress in the water. Before trying this, ensure the water does not ruin the plastic or fabric of your airbed. Once you place it on water, be on the lookout for air bubbles. That is how you locate a hole right away.

This video offers handy tips on how to repair an air mattress.

10 Best Walmart Air Mattress: Detailed Reviews

1. Intex Dura-Beam

Most air mattresses do not have a headboard. Unlike the others, this airbed comes with one. It adds a nice touch to the mattress. When sleeping on it, you will feel like you are on a real bed. You can use its headboard for back support when you are reading or watching. The headboard also works as a pillow stopper so that your pillow does not keep slipping to the floor.

The airbed is raised 18 inches allowing you to get on and off it with ease. It comes with a built-in electric pump that inflates the mattress with the mere press of a button. The mattress’s pillow-top layer gives it a bed-like feel. When fully inflated, it can hold up to 600 pounds.


  • Headboard offers back support when reading/watching
  • Raised height
  • Soft pillow top surface


  • Tends to bulge along seams

2. Simmons Beautyrest Hi Loft

This mattress features a plug-in electric pump screwed to its body. It only takes about two minutes to inflate it fully. Once fully inflated, you will need to unscrew the pump and replace the mattress’ valve cap. While it isn’t the best solution, it works well with this mattress.

The airbed gives you the feel of a pool-float making it comfortable when sleeping at night. Each mattress is made from a soft vinyl – softer than many other air mattresses on the market – making it easier to fold after use. The soft vinyl also ensures the mattress does not only make noise when you turn during sleep but you do not slip off the bed. When you spread bed sheets, they lay perfectly on the airbed without slipping.


  • Great price-quality ratio
  • Soft vinyl makes the mattress easier to fold
  • Mattress inflates fast
  • Gives a comfortable pool-float feel


  • Relatively less stable along the edges

3. Bestway Airbed

This mattress might be a good option if you are shopping for a budget air mattress. It is compact, rising only up to 12 inches when fully inflated. On top of being lightweight, the bed is also easy to roll up and fold after use. It comes with an integrated pump that inflates relatively quickly.

The mattress sports a tubular design. At the top, it is akin to a pack of sausages. This design ensures that you do not roll off the bed while sleeping. A single tube along the head area that resembles a pillow keeps you more comfortable at night. However, a few users have complained that the tubular design makes the mattress feel unstable.

Since the electric pump is built-in, all you have to do is press a button and the mattress inflates or deflates.


  • Great price for those on budget
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Tubular design ensures you do not roll or slip off the bed


  • Too low off the ground

4. Coleman Queen

Coleman Queen is a simple air mattress designed to offer a great night’s sleep for those who are camping. However, it is not exclusively tailored for camping as most people also use it in their guest rooms.

Since the mattress is designed for outdoor use, it comes with a simple battery pump with a carrying case. When you need to inflate the air mattress, you only need to connect the pump and you are good to go. Once fully inflated, the mattress has two side tables where you can store your flashlights, a book, or any other small item. On the top side, the air mattress is fitted with a quilted mattress pad that gives it a bed-like feel. While not in use, the mattress easily rolls up and folds into a compact package.


  • Great value for money
  • Easy to pump without electricity
  • Has two side tables to hold items


  • Low profile not comfortable when used indoors

5. Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress

This Insta-Bed air mattress might be a good option for you if you prefer a low profile air mattress. It is only 18 inches when fully inflated. Nevertheless, it is fitted with a horde of great features to keep the users comfortable all night. There are also more options to choose from with this mattress seeing that it comes in queen, twin and queen pillow-top versions.

Insta-Bed applies its innovative ‘Never-Flat’ technology where they fit a secondary pump into the mattress. This secondary pump ensures the mattress does not sag and there’s even pressure as you sleep. Users agree that this technology works effectively to add to the comfort of the mattress.

The fitted pump is easy to use and comes with three programmed firmness settings and an automatic on/off feature. It features 35 coils for added support. The manufacturer offers you a one-year warranty.


  • Easy to inflate
  • Never-flat technology keeps users comfortable
  • 35 coils ensure the mattress offers enough support


  • Low profile not comfortable for all

6. SoundAsleep Dream Series

This is a premium air mattress. Although it might not be one of the budget mattresses on this list, it offers a comfortable sleep all night. The airbed’s design is such that it stays flat and firm throughout the sleeping session.

When fully inflated, the mattress raises to 19 inches. This makes it easy to climb especially if you or your guests get on and off the bed multiple times in a night. A thick waterproof, flocked top makes the mattress more comfortable – it gives the feel of a traditional box spring bed.

When fully inflated, it stays full for days. Adding air on the mattress is relatively easy. It holds up to 500 pounds.


  • Inflates and deflates within minutes
  • Easy to fold and store in the provided bag
  • Comfortable


  • Pump is loud when inflating

7. Mpow Queen

The Mpow Air Mattress is designed with features similar to the SoundAsleep Dream series reviewed above. However, this mattress is less expensive than the SoundAsleep Dream series. It comes with a built-in pump that makes adding air a walk in the park. Within four minutes of pressing the pump, the mattress will have inflated fully.

It features a flocked top that gives it a traditional spring bed feel. Additionally, the airbed has integrated power cord storage where you can keep your cord with ease. Its non-slip bottom ensures the mattress does not move on the floor while you sleep. With the purchase of this mattress, you are offered four repair patches in case you need to repair any areas that might be damaged. It accommodates up to 600 pounds of user weight.


  • Easy to use built-in pump
  • Great price for its quality
  • Raised height for more comfort


  • Sheets might slip off

8. Coleman Airbed Cot

This is another great air mattress from Coleman. However, unlike the conventional air mattresses we have on this list, this one comes with a frame. The mattress is therefore completely off the ground. You will need to set up the frame, place the mattress on it, and inflate it. This will give you a real bed experience.

When in use, it gives you the comfort and the support you need. It was designed for indoor and outdoor use. As such, it comes with a battery-operated pump that inflates the mattress within a few minutes. When fully inflated, the airTight technology ensures the mattress stays flat and firm all night.

To prevent slipping off the bed, a sewn-in cover keeps the mattress in place. It has two side tables with cup holders.


  • Great elevation
  • Side tables to hold your belongings
  • You have under-bed storage


  • Frame is heavy for those who want a camping airbed

9. AeroBed Luxury Collection

This air mattress is designed for those who use their phones or tablets a lot while in bed. It is fitted with a built-in USB charger that lets you charge your gadgets in bed. However, charging your gadgets is just one of the convenient perks the air mattress offers.

When fully inflated, the mattress raises to 24 inches. It is made of four layers with an ultra-soft pillow on top for comfortable sleep. With its elevated height, you will not even feel like they are sleeping on the floor. The mattress has an integrated pump that inflates it within a few minutes of pressing a button.


  • Comes with a USB charger
  • Elevated height
  • Comfortable pillow top


  • Base is relatively big

10. Fox Air Beds

Air mattresses from Fox Air are great thanks to their memory foam top. The top gives a plush feel that makes you feel like you are on a comfortable bed. You get two free pillows upon purchase of this airbed

The mattress is fitted with a built-in two-way pump that enhances inflation. Even with the built-in pump, you can still use an external pump to inflate the mattress. When shopping, choose from a selection of five sizes from twin XL through California King. The mattress feels very comfortable thanks to the pillow top once it is fully inflated.


  • Comfy memory foam top
  • Great price-quality ratio
  • Range of sizes available


  • The edges are relatively less stable

How to Take Care of an Air Mattress

Taking care of your airbed keeps it in great shape for many years to come. Here is how to do it:

Always mind your surroundings

Before blowing it up, ensure that the surroundings are free of any potential popping hazards. For example, a sharp stone or spare thumbtack has the potential to wreak havoc on an inflatable bed. Are you indoors? Sweep or vacuum before you lay your deflated mattress out. Excess heat can also damage your air mattress. Therefore, stay away from campfires, heat vents, and space heaters.

Always inflate to proper capacity

You must fill your mattress with the appropriate amount of air. Underinflating your mattress causes uneven weight distribution that not only wears the material but also makes it easier to puncture. Overinflating, on the other hand, puts stress on the seams and might cause a blowout. Pumping your airbed as needed prevents the air chambers from wearing out or bubbling. Using an air pump helps you avoid bacteria and moisture buildup inside the air chambers. Ideal inflation fills the mattress to the right firmness without removing visible wrinkles and creases in the plastic.

Keep it clean

Periodic cleaning helps get rid of bacteria, residue, and dirt. It is prudent to clean your airbed while it is inflated. Use a cloth dipped in a mixture of water and dish soap. Avoid brushes with caustic chemicals or coarse bristles. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Before deflating, it is prudent to towel dry the mattress. Once that is done, lay the mattress out to air-dry as long as possible – overnight if possible – to make it completely dry before storing it.

Store it right

Proper storage ensures your airbed is always in great condition. Every time you put it away for storage, inspect it for places or holes where the plastic might be distressed. If it was exposed to water, ensure it is completely dry as well as free of dust and dirt. Once it is ready for storage, lay it flat on the ground/floor, fold it neatly, and place it inside a sturdy container. Store it away from excessive cold/heat and sharp objects.


There is a world of difference between a bad and good Walmart air mattress. While the former looks like its petitioning for change on the streets, the other one resembles Hollywood’s red carpets. The ones we have featured on this list have most of the features you would desire in your air mattress. After hours-long analysis and in-depth research, we can authoritatively recommend the above as the best Walmart air mattresses.