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What Is a Murphy Bed: What To Look For When Buying It | Space Saving Convenience in Your Home

You can never have too much space in your room. All the clothes and scattered mess aside, we’ve all felt that the bed just takes too much space. This space could essentially be huge because of a large amount of space your bed occupies in your room on a permanent basis. The Murphy bed makes it possible to recapture that space.

How though? Read on to find out.

‘Walking In Your Room?’ What Even Is That?

Chances are, that in this day and age, you probably have a room that can barely sustain you and your copious amounts of junk. If you’re a student like me, you’ll know the true struggle of never having enough room. This is probably why you can’t keep a study desk, or just entering the crowded room makes it feel like the walls are closing in on you.

Your room is meant to be a sanctuary, a place where you can be yourself, be alone and productive. How is that even possible if you can’t even get from the bed to the study desk without having to lunge over a few items strategically?

Who wouldn’t love enough space to be able to walk around in their room freely! But how is that possible?

What Is a Murphy bed?

This bed is also known as a pull-down bed, fold down bed and wall bed, joined at the lower end and can be stored vertically or stowed away. It fits inside a cabinet or closet or even against the wall. The fact that the bed is out of the way makes the room open to a whole new set of possibilities.

Why Use This Bed

murphy bed style and set upmurphy bed style and set up

You can now do anything in your room that requires portable materials. Now you have space to convert your room into a gaming zone or a study room. The extra space gives you the ability to get what you need out of your room during the day or when you don’t need the bed. With an inflatable couch or a folding table, you have your own sitting room, home office or anything that you might need your room to be.

Living in a studio apartment means that you have one room that needs to be used for lots of purposes. This allows you to get the most out of the space available to you.

The Murphy bed allows for the great conversion of the space. It allows you to use the same room to entertain guests as you would to sleep. Allowing the room or apartment to have a more diverse set of functions helps to make the apartment more accommodating.

It is especially important for families that can get their beds out of the way during the day to help keep the little ones from tripping and falling, it helps to clear space for them to run around in. And when then it can be pulled back down when the parents are ready to hit the hay.

Comfort: The First Priority

At the end of a long day of hard work, the only thing everyone is thinking about is how glorious sleep is. Compromise in the quality of the sleep is beyond unacceptable. This makes the mattress very important. It has been seen that most Murphy beds don’t require mattresses of a custom or specific size.

This means that you can throw on any mattress and it would still be just as awesome. The Murphy doesn’t restrict you to a certain type of mattress and gives you the freedom to use whatever mattress that you find comfortable.

The only problem, however, is the thickness of the mattress. Mattresses too thick may make the bed impossible to close and therefore useless. This is not much of a drawback though because a wide range of top of the line comfortable mattresses are available that have a thickness suited for a Murphy.

Available Style Options

Since the Murphy was designed for cramped spaces, it has different styles that each focus on the optimized use of space. The Murphy style bed is available in twin, double and queen sizes. They further can be divided on the basis of their tilt styles that are present in tilt and vertical tilts. This produces optimized utilization of space and the choice between the options depends on the dimensions of the room.

Chose a style that suits you best. There are options that make use of the small spaces within the structure of the Murphy itself so that it is, even more, space efficient.

When to Fold Up Your Murphy Bed?

It is fairly easy to fold at the start of the day and then unfold at the end of the day. How often you actually fold it depends on the amount of space you require on a daily basis. Thus, lots of people go the daily route, folding and unfolding the Murphy every day.

On the other hand, people with slightly more open spaces available are able to leave the Murphy unfolded throughout the week and only fold it in case they get a company or during the weekend where the open space in the apartment is even more appreciated.

What to Look For When Buying a Murphy Style Bed?

Just like when buying anything, there are certain requirements that you need to make sure, that the product fulfills before you purchase it. The Murphy style bed is no different. You need to be sure of the height of the bed when you pull it down because some of them have been known to be uncomfortably low.

Similarly, make sure that the bed doesn’t require a specialized custom-made mattress because it would just prove to be a money drain for you in the future. Getting a Murphy that supports the use of standard mattresses is probably the best thing you would do because it allows you to get the mattress to your liking without having to worry about sizes and thicknesses. You can get the mattress you find most comfortable.

Before you go to buy a Murphy it is important to measure the dimensions of the room so that you can be effectively guided by the options available to you. The options vary in the amount of space you require, the size of the bed you want and the position you want the bed in.

Safety First

Always check for the hinge mechanism on the Murphy. A very loose mechanism can prove to be a health hazard because a slight touch of the finger has been known to cause it to drop. This is especially dangerous in places with children.

On the other hand, the mechanism shouldn’t be too hard either otherwise, the daily pulling down may cause strain on the arms and damage them.

Purchasing Your Bed

This stylish bed is available both online and at stores and retailers worldwide. Buying at a store allows you to interact with staff who may be able to effectively guide you towards your best options.  On the other hand, many staff don’t have a Murphy bed in their homes and buying online allows you to read reviews by actual owners of Murphy beds. Many styles are available in the market today that cater to every financial level and range from fairly cheap to fancy and expensive.

Setting up The Bed

A Murphy is fairly easy to set up. But, it’s important to set it up right. It is thus always best to ask for a professional to do the job to ensure a job well done. Different companies ship the Murphy and this gives you the chance to set it up yourself which can prove to be an interesting adventure.


The Murphy style is a great way of saving space and making the place available more time and energy efficient. There is no need for useless stacks of furniture. It is incredibly easy to operate and maintain for many years.

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