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What Is A Panel Bed: What Is So Special About Them? | Designer Styles to Compliment Your Bedroom

What Is A Panel Bed? If you’re like many people, you may never have heard of a panel bed. Choosing the best bed for you can be quite the process, the perfect bed depends on your specific needs and the use. If you’re anything like us, the bed is the most beautiful thing at the end of your day. Hitting the hay makes the stress of the entire day just slip away. So, having the perfect bed is important so that you can get all the rest you need as comfortable as possible.

Basically, a panel bed is a bed that has a tall decorated panel headboard and a floorboard. The floorboard may not always be present. Panel beds are technically a type of platform beds with the small exception of the presence of side rails, which are present in a Panel Bed. The side rails provide the space required for the set of box springs and mattress.

What’s So Special About Panel Beds?

Panel beds are an elaborate class of furniture. At the end of the day, if all you need out of your bed is for it to be a place to rest your head, this is not the thing for you. It is best suited for people who have slightly more lavish styles and are willing to appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of each individual piece.

With intricate designs and beautiful patterns, a Panel Bed can really add to and augment the beauty of a room. If your room is a place where there is a lot of foot traffic, and you would like for your bed to be beautiful and perfect, a panel bed is a perfect choice for you.

Because It Is Never Just a Bed

What do Panel’s offer, other than remarkable craftsmanship, that makes them different from other beds?

Panel beds usually have storage compartments. There may not be a lot of space for under storage because of the box spring that takes up any and all space, but some others do offer a certain amount of under the under storage.

One great thing about the huge headboard is the amount of space it provides for storage of materials. They can usually contain bookshelves and other small storage compartments that compensate for the space that the Panel takes up in the room.

Panel bedPanel bed

Does It Really Need That Box Spring?

Another thing that people find highly irritating about the Panel Bed is the requirement for a box spring which is highly bulky. Well, you’ll be glad to know that not all Panels require box springs, you will have to go to the dealer directly to make sure that the particular one you want can be used without a box spring. A lot of the Panel Beds are not certified for use without a box spring because the lack of supporting the mattress itself has.

The box spring helps to elevate the mattress that lies over it. It gives the bed at least an extra couple of inches off the ground compared to Platforms. This is one place where the Panel takes the cake over the platform. That is because the Platform option usually sits lower to the ground than Panels. This means that you are more comfortable when sitting because you won’t have to stretch or fold your legs at a weird angle when sitting on the edge.

Why Choose A Panel Bed?

Panels can be unique and best suited for your specific tastes. They are thus more customizable so that you can give them your own personal touch. A personal touch is what platforms usually lack. Because of their minimalist nature, they lack an identity or something that distinguishes them from the masses.

Now you probably think that from all this talk about Panels, they’re probably very expensive to buy and even more expensive to get custom made. As with anything, getting Panels custom made does make a pricey investment. But, you’ll be surprised to see how cheap you can find Panels in markets. The markets have wide ranges of variety that are both affordable and very elegant.

Pretty, Pretty and Pretty

The Panel gives a very traditional look to your room and makes sure that it gives off comforting vibes to the owner.

There is a wide range of head and floorboards available so that you can even choose the materials you want them in. They are available in metal, wood, upholstered, slats or even rough-hewn logs. All of these options allow you the chance to change the entire look of your room for the better so that it looks just as elegant as you hoped it would.

Is A Box Spring Problematic?

The box spring, apart from being incredibly bulky, has been known to get saggy over the years. This means that it can get depressed from areas that get more weight. This can lead to backache and other problems. The box springs can be flipped but only some can, a lot of them are fixed and thoroughly one-sided so that flipping them makes no difference.

Flipping the box spring allows for a more diffuse spread of the wear on the box spring. This means that the wear is more widely spread and this less noticeable. Crossbars are a great thing to get for added support and hold the bedding in place. They help to support the mattress and further increase the life of the box springs so that they don’t get soft spots as early.

  • A Dent in the Savings?

The price of the Panel depends on the style you choose and how elaborate it is. Another thing is that there are a few extra costs associated with Panels. You have to purchase the box spring separately and at times the slats if you wish to. But if you spend cleverly, the entire package may end up costing you just as much as you would have a decent platform bed. So you shouldn’t worry too much about the price.

Should You Get a Panel Bed?

Whenever buying a bed, it is important to remember that it is basically an investment in oneself. How comfortable your choice is and how much you like it, decides if you get a good return on the investment. To sum up, a Panel is the one for you if you have elaborate and elegant tastes, it is great if you have always wanted a bed that looked like it was right out of a storybook.

It is designed for multiple functions including just sitting or for getting your ‘Netflix and Chill’ on. It is comfortable and provides great support for the entire body. This makes sure that you wake up refreshed every day and ready to face a new challenge.

The Panel variant is usually higher than the platform one, if you want the extra height, this product is great. On the other hand, if you don’t mind the height differences and have no specific expectations over the design of the bed, a Platform is best suited for you.

Its minimalist look makes it both simple and incredibly elegant. Other alternatives also provide the user with extra storage space. If storage space is something you need in a room, then the Panel is the opposite of what you need. Its bulk will occupy what little space you already do have, never mind creating any more.


At the end here, we would like to remind you of the important things when you get a bed, which is a long-term investment. Make sure that you love every single thing about it. Because if it is even slightly durable, you are going to be stuck with it for a good few years. Do make sure that you get the better end of the deal and that you get one that fits each and every one of your requirements.

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