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What Is A Trundle Bed: Are They Any Good? | Space Saving plus Cuteness!

Trundle beds are the perfect means of saving the space. It is especially true for people who have small areas of living such as a studio apartment. It is an ideal option for people who have large families and live in close quarters. This bed is considered merely as a VERSATILE OPTION in such situations.

What Do The Term Trundle Bed Refer?

A trundle or a truckle bed is a type of small bed which can be stored underneath the standard bed, and that can also be wheeled out on casters or rollers for use by the visitors such as friends and family members. It can also be used as another bed which can be quickly moved in and out of the main bed. A trundle model offers an individual with two sleeping spaces accommodated in a single piece of furniture.

The model was first intended to be used for servants who slept in the employer’s room so that they are near at hand. The framework was made up of oak, and the suspension was offered by the canvas or leather straps looped through the holes present along the sides.

The first reference for the trundle beds occurred during the 16th century and the bed was in frequent use until the 19th century. You can still hear the word TRUNDLE BED used for the description of small beds of any type and the concept is still present in the metaphor, i.e., “TO TRUCKLE UNDER” or “TO BE SUBSERVIENT.”

Reasons to Buy

One of the significant reason to buy this model is that it provides you with the space saving option. You get two beds which can be ideally stored in the same space which one bed occupies typically. Depending on different styles, they serve as chaise lounges or daybeds during the daytime as it is smaller in size similar to the couches.

So when you need your trundle to function as a bed, you can roll out the second bed and merely add the bedding and pillows to it to enjoy your sleep. You can buy different designs which include drawers to allow the storage of stuff such as pillows and bedding when you are not using them.

  • Who Are Best Suited for Trundle models?

These have a feature of the small second bed which has a thinner mattress. These beds are ideally suited for teens, children and overnight guests. However, these beds are less supportive and close to the ground when compared to the traditional mattress, it is not ideally suited for elderly individuals or people suffering from back problems.

What Is The Composition of Trundle models?

These are comprised of the commonly used materials utilized for crafting the standard beds. The materials used in the making include the following:

  • WOOD

The choice of the bed frame material depends on your preference of interior decorating style or other furniture items present in your home.

  • Are Trundle Beds Available In Different Sizes?

These are designed to accommodate in the most compact and small spaces, so they are available in limited sizes. These beds are mostly available in twin and full sizes.

Which Mattress Is Best For Use?

It is advised to choose the upper mattress of any kind according to your preference. However, if you buy a lower mattress, then it should be around 8-10 inches in thickness. Complete check the product description before buying the mattress as the trundle beds vary.

If you want to purchase a supportive mattress, choose memory foam which is not as thick as the traditional mattress and does not require a box spring.

Different Styles Available:

They are accessible and readily available in your local stores. However, the vital task is to choose a perfect one for your kids. However, it is a difficult task as there are multiple models available in the market confusing the customers.

You need to select the perfect trundle bed and evaluate it for mattresses and right box springs. Following are the types available on the market:

Stylish trundle bed:

Stylish trundle bedStylish trundle bed

You need to consider the desire for storage or using it as an additional sleeping area. Some trundle beds offer you with a first bed along with the second bed which can be rolled out for sleeping while other beds provide you with storage centers right underneath the mattress frame. Many families opt for the trundle beds which have an additional mattress so that they can sleep at night time.

Bunk beds along with trundle:

Bunk beds along with trundleBunk beds along with trundle

You can also find bunk beds with trundle bed styles. These type of beds are in high demand and are perfectly ideal for homeowners who need three sleeping areas with maximum space available in their room. It offers you with the compact arrangement, and the place looks clean when the bed is not in use. If you do have guests overnight more often, then you must choose bunk beds with trundle.

Trundle bed which has drawers:

Trundle bed which has drawersTrundle bed which has drawers

When you need more storage, you must search for trundle beds which have drawers underneath the mattress for storing stuff. Such beds usually have a similar frame which resembles the low dresser. The trundle beds with drawers are also known as “CAPTAIN’S BED” because they have a resemblance to the old ships. These beds are highly comfortable and are the perfect addition to your home.

Daytime trundle beds:

Daytime trundle bedsDaytime trundle beds

You can choose a trundle bed set which is versatile and converts into a small sofa or couch during daytime opt for this one. When you have a little living area, you can consider such beds which can be used a couch during the daytime and serve as a sleeping option at night. Trundle beds are the perfect choice for people, especially for homes and offices. It is the best alternative to sofabeds which is challenging to operate.

What convenience you will get?

  • When you have a compact space, you can consider buying a trundle bed, but for this, you must know how it works. The purchase is appealing if you know the specifications and features of this foundation.
  • These beds work as a set of the pair, one smaller than the other. It is fitted with casters or rollers which is lower than the top bed and can be easily slid underneath the bed frame of the upper bed and appropriately stored.
  • The trundle bed serves as an excellent option for sleeping at night for guests, family, friends, and others if you have a small room.
  • You can also use it as a couch during the daytime if you have little space.
  • You just need a proper space to accommodate the lower frame out of the upper bed to allow others to sleep on it as well. It can be used as a sleeping arrangement when you have a small room space during the daytime.
  • Some models offer storage and serve as a two-in-one-option which can be stored underneath the bed drawers.
  • It can also be used as a stylish bedding addition to the home during the daytime if you have a trundle bed with a frame which is upholstered in fabric, carved with wood or manufactured from the cast iron.
  • A trundle bed can be considered as a highly ranked fashionable and practical space-saving form of furniture. However, in some instances, the structural components of the trundle bedframes can weaken from their desirability.
  • While purchasing the trundle unit, buy the underneath part at the same time as the upper frame so that you can ensure the proper support system and correct fit of the bed set.
  • A mattress size of the lower trundle frame should also be purchased at the same time. Otherwise, you need to buy special-sized sheets leading to the increased cost of such type of bed sets.

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