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When is the Perfect Time to Buy a Mattress

Curling up in a good, high-quality mattress is perhaps the best way of relaxing after a long day. But buying one is quite the opposite. There are so many decisions surrounding which mattress to buy, let alone when to buy it.

As of 2017, you can order just about anything online. When it comes to mattresses, you no longer have to walk into the brick and mortar store around the corner, sleep on the mattresses and haggle with a salesperson to get the right price. It’s not just mattresses, there is almost a specific best time for buying everything.

Advantages of Purchasing a Mattress Online

Affordable- in local stores, there are middlemen and showrooms to pay bills for. These channels are absent on the e-market. Usually, a top-quality mattress takes up to $500 to manufacture. But on reaching the retail store, the markup price gets it to around $2500.

Online deals come as low as $1200 for the same mattress, so you’ll have saved yourself some bucks.

Convenience- The e-market simplifies everything as each bed is delivered to your doorstep. You’ll have a trial period, and returns are usually seamless.

Why Buy a New Mattress

We have many reasons why to buy a new mattress. You may want to upgrade an old bed, moving out, or you’d like to accommodate a partner. If your bed has outlived its warranty, you should be seriously considering changing it because of the comfort and sleep quality. You don’t want to contend with serious health complications brought about by sleeping on an old saggy mattress.

The thing with beds is that it’s not like you have an emergency and decide to get a new one the following day. It’s a process that involves lots of factors and features to consider.

If one of the questions that arise is when the best time to buy a new mattress is, we are here to fill you in. It’s not cut in black and white, but you’ll surely find the right time to purchase yours regarding the type and price.

When is the best time of Year to buy a Mattress?

Purchasing a mattress comes with a lot of perks which you’ll want to take advantage of.

Know the Market

All year round many chains of online stores are willing to give discounts because they don’t need to meet a markup price. But some months have better deals than others.

Major National Holidays

Most holidays happen on weekends. Stores are willing to offer big discounts on the days leading to and after a national holiday. Since you’ll be at home at the time, most likely some time is spent buying new stuff for your home.

Simmons, a major online mattress retailer, says that 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Memorial Day are holidays where they slash prices to almost half to attract huge buys. Guess what; other online stores are also willing to issue such deals on these holidays.

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Slow Winter Month of January

You can snag up mattress discounts on the Martin Luther King Day Weekend. As part of the January White Sales, you can expect prices to be desirable as retailers launch the best deals on house goods.

Here, if you have any leftover vacation money, you can be sure to get a quality mattress. Retailers are aware of the deep in your pockets so they won’t price their beds beyond a reasonable amount. This is because business is also slow and the only way to attract buyers is by issuing promotions.

January also sees flash sales of what’s left over after inventory taking. Since many people cannot afford new models, mostly because of vacation spending, stores will issue reduced prices on old stock mattresses.

Cyber Monday

This is an exclusive online sales day. You might be tempted to think that only tech companies bring up their products with huge discounts. But this day brings together just about any online sales site.

This year, it’s expected that Cyber Monday will close with over $4billion in sales. Here’s why. The major online stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, start dishing their discounts on Thanksgiving Friday. Most sites offer free shipping which is another attraction for people who shop on Cyber Monday.

Here, you have 24hours of convenience as you get to compare prices between different mattress brands. Coupons are rolling out everywhere you look. To be ready for Cyber Monday, it’s important that you subscribe to newsletters of your favorite sites. Facebook is also another place to find more about the oncoming deals from a company’s site.

Say you want to purchase a bed from Amerisleep or Tuft& Needle brand, their Facebook pages will show you their offers even before Thanksgiving.

Black Friday

Every savvy shopper knows about Black Friday. It is a time when buyers get great deals after Cyber Monday as many stores participate in this shopping event. In business, Black Friday is a time when stores get the highest gains.

Unofficially, this marks the beginning of the holiday season. Right after Thanksgiving Friday, many stores start issuing doorbuster items. Some of these products are only revealed on their websites. This means if you are looking to get an attractive price on a mattress, you’ll want to visit the site of that particular bed.

Look for ads and posts that indicate about Black Friday Sales on a particular site. You can get such information on the official Black Friday site.

This way, you’ll know where to look even before the curtains rise.

Amazon Prime Day

Everyone likes a bargain. When the World’s largest online shop gives 30 hours of discounted products, everyone is keen to notice. Occurring on the second Tuesday of July, Amazon Prime Day attracts over 3 million buys over the 30 hours.

Hundreds of thousands of deals are offered on a wide variety of time. You can be sure to catch a bargain on a mattress you’ve been looking to own.

Again, it pays off to track deals ahead of time. You can use the Amazon app where promotions are posted 24 hours ahead of time. What’s more, using a device that has Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa gives you access to the Prime Day Sales 2 hours ahead of everyone else.

May is another Sales Month

Every industry has the months where new stocks roll in. For mattresses, June is that time of the year, so the old stock goes on sale in May. Companies are doing the cleaning; meaning that beds are at affordable prices. This is convenient for you as you’ll land a good mattress for a budget price.

Overstock Sales

When new mattresses are restocked in June, by September businesses can tell the trend in the sales brought about by the booming June-August season. If they made a mistake of ordering more than they can sell at the markup price, these stores have no choice but to offer discounts.

This decision is influenced by the fact that September marks the end of businesses’ financial year. The reducing of prices goes to those mattresses that might be slightly defective or old models not fit to enter the new fiscal year.

End of the Year

If you are looking to sleep in a new bed on New Year, the end of the year holidays makes for a great mattress shopping time. Special Christmas and New Year’s discounts are offered everywhere you look.

Retailers aim to clear their stocks and close the year on a good note. Every company that runs an online sales site is sure to issue their promotions surrounding this holiday season. Others want to replace the old models with new ones, so they go for the easy way by releasing great discounts. If you’ve not yet scored a good mattress on the other shopping days, it’s time you got lucky as the year comes to a close.

New Store Openings

Just like showrooms give good deals to their first shoppers, the same can still happen online. As you browse through sites, watch out for ads that indicate new site openings. If they offer mattresses, most likely it is already discounted to attract buyers.

Closing Stores and Merging Companies

Although it may not be obvious, companies close their sites and merge every other day in the business world. You’ll want to take advantage of such times by watching out for advertisements all around social media and on Television. Remember that such sales are short lived so if you can grab such an opportunity it’s going to be worth your time and money.

Tips on How to Get the Best Online Deals

  • Bookmark popular brands

This is where the best shopping deals happen. You’ll even find print-at-home coupons which will further entice you to purchase a particular mattress.

  • Use the Shopping Cart wisely

Most online buyers have learned how to get coupons and promos. This is by finding the item you want in this case a mattress and placing it in the cart. Then you close the browser window. After a day or two, you can expect a coupon for the item you left in the cart. This is because it indicates you are willing to buy.

  • Watch out for free shipping

It’s a bit tricky when buying a mattress just because it comes with free shipping. Some stores include the shipping amount in the price of the bed, so it’s not really free. Before buying into free shipping, always compare the prices between different stores.

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Bottom Line

There are many openings for the best time to buy a mattress. Be an informed shopper and take advantage of these days. Whether you are on a tight budget or looking to get a top-quality mattress, shopping on any of the times indicated here will bring home good deals.