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Aviya Mattress Review: The Overall Feeling

If you are searching for a bed that promises comfort, convenience, and luxury, you are on to something great with Aviya hybrid mattress. It is comfortable because of its never compromise desire of the manufacturer to produce a mattress that meets your comfort needs. And talk about convenience, what more can you ask when you can shop in the comfort of your home and have it delivered at your convenient time to your door at home? Luxury is when your mattress is classy, beautiful and come with full options the top mattress, very expensive ones have, yet they are affordable.

Aviya mattress gives you the tastes of a quality product at a reasonable price. You need to read this review, as we take a look at what makes the bed better than most mattresses you have seen and why to buy one the next time you need a mattress.

About Aviya mattress

Aviya is a premium mattress that combines the qualities of high-end luxury mattress and values of comfort you get in every good bed.  Aviya comes in three softness options with supportive innerspring. The innerspring is 800-coil-based that make the mattress supportive and highly responsive.

Aviya mattress is handmade in America, Ohio to be precise and is proud to source its materials locally, to meet sleeping support compliant and is environmentally friendly making sleepers feel relaxed and sleep with bliss all night long.

The manufacturer wants you to have a mattress that is quality, convenient and affordable; not necessarily cheap, but affordable. We bid you take your time and read through this review to have a good grasp of the stuff the Aviya Mattress is made and be proud to learn about what you will be sleeping on soon.

A quick review for Aviya mattress

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”] [wpsm_list type=”arrow” hover=”1″]
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Affordable, direct from manufacturer
  • 3 layers, high-density foam
  • Supportive innerspring engineered for maximum responsiveness
  • Softness with options
[/wpsm_column] [wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”] [wpsm_list type=”arrow” hover=”1″]
  • Best for ideal night sleep
  • Airflow for a refreshing sleep
  • Strong edges and reinforced lumbar support
  • No odor
  • 100 night trial with 10 years warranty


If you like mid firm bed, with less sinkage, this is the bed for you. Aviya mattress is designed in a way to give you maximum comfort and best experience sleeping.  It comes in five layers as follows

Structure of Aviya mattressStructure of Aviya mattress

The cover

Aviya mattress comes with a luxurious quilted layer with a stretch-knit cover.

Top layer

The top layer is 1-inch high-density comfort foam engineered for cooling and combined with the top layer, the quilted cover.

Second layer

This layer is also 1-inch high-density foam helping the top layer maintain stability and prevent sag or sinking feel when on top of the mattress.

Third layer

This is also a support layer of 1-inch high density foam. With this structure, each layer provides carefully designed support and response system to give the sleeper, a total comfort without having the bed tilting to cause imbalance weight distribution or undue motion transfer when sleeping in the bed.

Fourth layer

This layer is 8 inches tall and comprises of 800 individually [wpsm_tooltip text=”Sample title” gravity=”sw”]A wrapped or Marshall coil is a system where each individual coil is encased in its own dedicated fabric pocket. Of all innerspring systems available, this is the most comfortable and most expensive to manufacture. [/wpsm_tooltip]designed to give Aviya mattress its extra strength and comfort to sleepers.

Fifth layer

This is the base layer, and it’s a 1 inch stability platform to provide the foundation for the mattress.

The extra feature of Aviya mattress structure is the 3 inches edging foam to give strength around the perimeter of the bed. The side support makes Aviya bed looks and feels hugely built and makes it more usable and durable. The structure gives Aviya mattress a measure of 12 inches height.


You should note that the firmness of Aviya mattress depends on the option you select while ordering. However, the three layers of high-density foam give Aviya high-quality firmness that provides the luxury and comfort you need.

Aviya manufacturer is particular about comfort and uniqueness of their mattress that they do everything possible to provide premium quality bed at affordable prices. It means that when selecting the firmness of your mattress, you a covered in the area of price. Therefore, depending on your option, the three firmness choices are

firmness scalefirmness scale

  • Firm, this option is suitable for individuals who prefer mid-range softness. This option brings the feel of being on the bed rather than in the bed. In the range of 1 to 10, the firm choice is within the first 3 options. Anyone with back pain is suggested to pick up this firmness scale.
  • Luxury firm. It appears most famous for customers, bringing medium level hardness, of not too hard and soft feel. The range of the option starts from number 4 through 7. Luxury is the emphasis and will give you a bouncy feel with great satisfaction. This firmness scale is suited for any kinds of sleepers.
  • Plush/soft. This firmness option ranges from 8 to 10 and its best for people who like their mattress to feel plush with sinking feel. If you are pure side sleepers, I would recommend you choose this firmness scale.

The overall feeling

Most customers prefer luxury firmness which is great for its support, comfort and beautiful feeling. Luxury firmness brings a sense of not feeling the mattress is too hard, or too soft. It just looks perfect and brings maximum comfort when sitting or sleeping.

For most people, especially the adults above 40 years of age, the luxury option is most recommended as it supports the core and helps with backache and other discomforts that may come with age and it’s just perfect also for younger people who are more active in bad.

Of particular interest is the zero motion transfer that equally helps to prevent body pain and gives a blissful night sleep.

Warranty, Free trial,Coupon and Price

  • Shipping – free, compressed in a box,arrive within 5-10 business days
They also offer white glove delivery where we will set up your mattress ($99) and set up + old mattress removal ($159) if needed. You can select these delivery upgrades during check out.
  • Warranty –  10 years
  • Trial Period – 100 nights
  • Coupon –  Click here to access official site and use code GBM75 to enjoy $75 OFF
  • Made in the USA
Size Queen Price(Before coupon)
Twin $699
Twin XL $799
Full $849
Queen $899
King $1,199
California King $1,199

Who may like the mattress?

  • Individuals who prefer high-quality foam and wrapped coil innerspring in one mattress.
  • Individuals who prefer thicker mattress. Aviya mattress is totally 12″ high, 3 inches than the industry standard.
  • Individuals who prefer more than 1 firmness scale to choose. Most online mattress  only have 1 firmness scale- medium.  That works for most people, but not all. Aviya mattress provided 3 firmness scales for choosing.
  • Individuals who prefer ECO-Friendly mattress. The polyurethane foams they used are blended with soy to reduce the amount of petro-chemicals used in the production process.
  • Individuals who prefer “hotel feel” the moment you lay down. They use 3 layers of high-density foam(totally 3 inches ) on the comfort layer to provide comfort, support, and durability.
  • Individuals who prefer mattress with perfect edge support,

Who may not like the mattress?

Final verdict

We need be to sleep in to give us a pleasant night rest and improve our state of health. Only those who understand the link between good sleep and quality mattress will appreciate the effort to source the right mattress for a pleasant night. Giving the offer by Aviya, including the refund policy and discount offer and the convenient to purchase your bed online, we highly encourage you to buy Aviya mattress; It sure worth the investment.