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Best Place to Buy a Mattress: Who Wins And For What Reasons

Maybe you already know the exact features that your mattress should have, but you have no idea about the best place to buy a mattress. Knowing the best place to buy a mattress at the right place is just as important as getting a mattress with the right features because it determines how easy/hard the process will be, before and after the purchase. Most people complain of poor customer services when they call their mattress sellers with questions or complaints, and some go through a rough time trying to get the seller to honor the warranty or the return policy.

To avoid going down this road, you are better off buying your mattress in the best place. We are going to look at the various places that you can buy a mattress from, focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of each.

There are two main places to buy a mattress, online and in stores.

Buying a mattress online

Generally, online mattress buying involves searching and ordering your mattress from your desk. It is hassle-free as you won’t be dealing with the sometimes aggressive sales teams. You also get the opportunity to read reviews from people who have actually used the mattresses and are willing to give genuine experiences as they are anonymous and they have nothing to gain or lose. You can also ask any question about the particular mattress or brand and get various answers from different people which helps you decide if that’s the best mattress for you.

Another thing, online mattress shopping comes with the advantage of offering a variety of mattresses to choose, from different brands and with different features and price tags. So, you are most likely to get the best mattress for you online without going beyond your budget. Often, the best place to buy a mattress is online.

What is best place to buy a mattress when you shop online for a mattress?

Company direct

Online mattress companies make a great place to start, and the advantage here is that you are dealing with the company directly with no middlemen. This means that you are most likely to get the mattress at a lower price and you are also able to ask direct questions and get direct answers because companies are less likely to sugarcoat anything.

Again, buying online directly from the company helps you rip some of the benefits such as a longer trial period and also a 100 percent money back guarantee in case you don’t like the mattress. Once the mattress gets in the hands of a middleman, some of these benefits changes and worst case scenario is where they switch the mattress labels, so you end up buying a certain mattress not knowing that it’s just a label.

  • Most manufacturers use this way to sell their product, like Nectar, Dreamcloud (Luxury hybrid model)

However, even with all the advantages of buying a mattress online direct from the company, there is one major downside which is the fact that you will not have a chance to try the mattress out before buying it. This, therefore, means that you have to do thorough research and ask all the necessary questions to be sure that you won’t be returning it. However, most companies have showrooms in their headquarters so if you’re lucky enough to live near them, you can walk in and try out the mattress before ordering.

This downside doesn’t mean that online isn’t the best place to buy a mattress because researchers indicate that trying the mattress in your home and tracking the quality of your sleep with a sleep journal or actigraphy using an Apple Watch or other electronic device is the best way to know if a mattress is best for you.


MarketPlaces refer to websites selling large varieties of products from different brands, and an example of an online marketplace is You will find various mattress companies that have own company-direct websites also selling in online marketplaces because this means more exposure hence more sales.

One advantage of buying a mattress on online marketplaces is that they are able to offer fast shipping plus great customer service because they ship out large volumes of products on a daily basis. However, one possible disadvantage of buying your mattress from a marketplace is that warranties and trial periods change. For example, offers a 30 day trial period on most of the mattresses.

Special Stores/Hybrid Stores

Special stores refer to an established brick & mortar venue with an online presence, hence the term hybrid stores as it’s a combination of in-store and online shopping. This combination ensures that a larger number of potential shoppers is reached. One advantage is that you can try out different mattresses in the actual store, but the downside is that the prices at the in-store are higher than online as they are not company-direct. However, you can try out the mattress then order it online. Thus, if the online research on a particular mattress is not convincing enough, you can opt for in-store shopping as you will have a chance to lie on the mattress and feel it as well as converse with an actual person for instant answers.

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Showrooms tend to be too expensive to maintain. Thus, most online brands do not have showrooms. However, there are still some online mattress companies that have showrooms in various locations, mostly the large cities and they allow you to walk in and try out some of the popular online mattresses. Some showroom has various brands, but if they are for a specific company, you will have just one brand to try out. The advantage of buying a mattress from a showroom is that you get to try it out, but the disadvantage is that the prices are always higher than online.

Department Stores

Department Stores do not just specialize in selling mattresses. They sell many other products as well. The advantage of buying your mattress from these stores is that you can shop for other stuff too and still get to try out the mattress before buying it.

However, the major disadvantage is that you might not have a wide variety of brands to choose and the prices could be a bit higher than online. Also, the available brands could be biased because it’s all about the relationship they have with their sellers as well as how much they are making. Sometimes it’s not just where you buy a mattress but also when you buy it. Do you know there are best times for buying?

Online vs. In-store mattress shopping in a nutshell

Does trying out a mattress guarantee anything?

One thing about mattresses is that 10 minutes of trying them out won’t guarantee that you will love sleeping on them for over one hour.  It takes even months for one to decide if they like the mattress enough to keep it and that’s why most companies give up to 100 days of trial periods. Thus, if the only reason you have for wanting to buy your mattress from the store is to try it out, I am afraid you might still get disappointed with your purchase. That’s one of the reasons we think the best place to buy a mattress is from an online retailer.

How helpful are in-store salespersons?

Again, and this is so unfortunate, most sales representative are just after making the sales, and they will convince you to buy a certain mattress while they know too well that most people are not happy with it. And, don’t forget that the salesperson has probably not tried the mattress in their home either. However, if a person-to-person discussion about mattresses is your thing, then you should go for in-store shopping.

However, do your research prior, then ask all the right questions so that you know when you’re being misled. Also, their return policies prevent them from being the best place to buy a mattress so make sure you read the contract before you sign or buy anything.

Why online shopping

In this case, online mattress shopping wins for us for a number of reasons. First, anyone who is disappointed with their mattresses and is having a hard time resolving the matter with their seller will be more than ready to share their experience online, and this is where you know which sellers to run from. There is also a large community of sleepers online that are always ready to answer your questions without bias because they have nothing to lose or gain.

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Online mattress’ prices

When it comes to mattress prices, online buying always wins because there are no middlemen. You will also have a wide range of mattresses to select, all with different features and available at various prices hence you are unlikely to go outside your budget. Online shopping is also very convenient as you do everything from your desk and wait for your delivery.

Amazon, for example, makes online shopping very easy as the steps to making an order are straightforward, and the customer support is very reliable. Also, for quick deliveries, Amazon takes the lead. You can get your mattress in just a few days depending on where you live, and the shipping fee is also low. This is because they ship many mattresses in a day and this helps cut the overall cost.

When it comes to warranties and return policies, online sellers like Amazon always honors everything words by word. In fact, some people even return more than three mattresses, and you will see the Amazon customer care support team reaching out to them for feedback on how they like their new mattresses. This is because online sellers know how one bad review can affect their sells as everyone will run to read the reviews before making up their mind on a certain mattress.

Wrapping up

As long as you buy your mattress from the right place, you won’t be worried about what if you won’t find it comfortable. However, you should do enough research or ask the necessary questions before ordering to ensure you find the best place to buy a mattress and avoid the hassle of reaching out to the sellers and asking for your money back or replacement. Some of the factors to consider when buying a mattress that you should have in mind before making the order are your weight, sleeping position, preferred materials, etc. You can see what other people say about the question of the best place to buy a mattress.