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Ghostbed Mattress Review: There Are Some Major Advantages To It

Similar to Loom&Leaf mattress, who was created by Saatva, one famous luxury innerspring mattress manufacturer. Ghostbed was created by Nature’s Sleep, a company that has been in the sleeping industry for more than 15 years.

Ghostbed mattress is a combination of latex and memory foam. Compared with other online mattress companies like Casper. There are two major advantages when compare to them.

The first is its thickness. The most online mattress is made up of 3 foam layers. Ghostbed is the same, made up of 3 foam layers. But it’s thickness is 11”, and the standard is 10”.

The seconds is its warranty. Ghost’s warranty is as long as 20 years. This is an industry-leading record, and this warranty is covered by Nature’s Sleep. Want to know more differences?

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Structure of Ghostbed mattress(Unboxing)

The Inside was made up of 3 foam layers

  • latex-pin layerlatex-pin layerThe top layer was 1½” Continuous aerated latex foam, this main purpose of this layer is to provide support, cooling and bounce back. They use the latex foam on top and memory foam second structure, memory foam is too soft and will release heat, although they use gel technology already when sleeping for a long time, you’ll feel hot still, so the top latex layer is very necessary. And latex is more paddy, which is more friendly for making love.
  • gel-pin layergel-pin layerThe second layer is 2″ Gel memory foam, memory foam is the key material for a mattress, it contours your body based on your curve, provides a good experience on pressure release and comfortable. But this layer can’t be too thick, if too thick it will become very hot, even gel memory foam, you have to rely on other technologies to make it more breathable. 2-3 inch would be the best choice.
  • The support layer is 7½”high-density foam, the support layer is thicker than the most mattress, most of them are 6”. This is why Ghostbed’s warranty is as long as 20 years. This layer is to provide support and longevity.

The outside constructed from 100% polyester

  • cover-pin layercover-pin layerIt’s handcrafted for durability and long-life and is CertiPUR-US certified.
  • Luxurious cover with a blend of viscose and polyester for stretchability and a plush feel.
  • Cover easily zips off for easy spot cleaning.
  • Totally delivery an ultra soft, comfortable, flexible and durable sleeping experience.

 Firmness, feeling, support


There’s only one firmness scale for Ghostbed, the official claim they did research and developed Ghostbed which can provide optimum comfort for every type of sleeper. But during our testing, we still find it’s a little firm. The firmness scale is 6.5-7/10(10 is the firmest).

I’ve often found lying directly on memory foam, even gel memory foam leaves me hot and sweaty, and hinders sleep from that, even if they provide relief from the pain. The latex layer on top of the memory foam significantly changes that, and I find myself getting the benefit of memory foam without the heat build-up that seems inevitable for such materials. The mattress is reasonably firm for those who prefer support over softness, yet has enough cushion that even those with a preference for soft will rapidly adapt to it.

For most latex foam mattress, it will become softer as you lay it on for some time. And is need some time for your body to adapt to the mattress. This is very common, take shaving, for example, if you are used to the traditional razor, the first attempt of electric shaver would be awkward, even you use the best electric shaver.

Gel Memory foam is a temperature sensitive material, very warm or humid weather may make the mattress feel extra soft, while the very cold weather may make the mattress somewhat firmer. A bedroom temperature between 65°-75° Fahrenheit will generate the proper feel.

An important tip is to try to rotate the mattress from head to foot every two weeks for the first few months, followed by once every two or three months, or as needed.

Size and price

There are 6 sizes for your pick up. The price starts from $495 to $925, which is same as Brooklyn mattress, much cheaper than Leesa, Casper, Yogabed, Loom&Leaf, but more expensive than Tuft&Needle, who is the cheapest online foam mattress. But T&N is very firm, that’s the item I can’t accept. Here is the price list before our $50 coupon(use code RT50).

Size Price(before coupon)
Twin $495
Twin XL $600
Full $725
Queen $795
King $895
California King $925

The shipment, Install, Trial, Warranty

Ghostbed mattress is free shipping is US, it doesn’t support international shipping so far. The foam mattress is compressed into a package, the shipping weight is 87.9 pounds for queen size mattress. Yoga mattress is easy to install, when it arrives, once unwrapped, the mattress rapidly expanded and was ready to be slept on almost immediately. There a small smell in your first open, but will disappear several hours later.

The free trial period is 101 nights. Which is longer than most of the others. And you can enjoy a 20-year warranty once you buy it.

The mattress can be placed on a box spring/foundation, platform bed or the floor for good results. But we recommend you use a foundation/box spring to extend the lifespan.

Who is suitable for Ghostbed mattress

  • If you prefer a firmness feeling with good support(but not as firm as Tuft&Needle). Actually, Ghostbed is one of the best mattresses for back pain. And also the best lover of at this price level(under $1,000)
  • If you are back, stomach sleeper or don’t have a fixed position
  • If you want a durable mattress, Ghostbed’s warranty is 20 years
  • If you want a cooling sleeping experience, the top latex foam layer, second gel memory foam layer and breathable work together to provide you cooling sleeping experience.
  • If you want a cover washable mattress, only fewer of mattress manufacture claim their product are removable and machine washable, and Ghostbed is one of them.
  • If you want an affordable good quality mattress, Ghostbed is cheaper than most online memory foam mattress, only a little more expensive than Tuft&Needle mattress, but as we mentioned, T&N is too firm and got some complains according to customers feedback.

You can reference Amazon customer reviews for Ghostbed. Include top positive review and top critical review.

Any coupon?

Yes, we do have coupons from the official site, you can save extra $50 on official site with coupon code RT50. You can also buy from Amazon as well, but you can’t enjoy this coupon there. You can enjoy free shipping from either of them, remember, if you purchase it from Amazon, you the free trial is 30 days but not 101 nights as expected.