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Hyphen vs Leesa vs Cocoon by sealy mattress

Who is suitable for Hyphen mattress

  • The one who wants the best memory foam mattress with a limited budget.  After coupon, queen size just costs you $700, the very attractive price at this comfort level.
  • The one who wants a cool sleeping mattress, Hyphen designed their special foam to fix the sleeping hot problem of memory foam.
  • The one who doesn’t want to sink too much into memory foam, the hyphen transition layer used buoyant foam, provide enough bouncy and comfort, and you don’t sink into it, even for a heavy guy.
  • The one who wants a long warranty on their mattress. The industry standard is 10 years, while hyphen provides 20 years warranty. Which is the longest on this list?

Who is suitable for Leesa

  • The one who prefers a medium feeling mattress, or the one who doesn’t have a fixed sleeping position.
  • The one who wants a mattress gets high ratings by customers. Leesa is one of the online mattress brands and gets trusted by the market, and they even extend their business to the UK recently. Opposite to Eve mattress(read the review on eve mattress), who just extended their business from the UK to the US.
  • The one who is a side sleeper and may prefer sleep by the side so need awesome edge support from the mattress.
  • The one who wants a mattress that performs awesome on motion transfer. Leesa is the best among these three during our testing.

Who is suitable for Cocoon by Sealy

  • The one who doesn’t care too much about giving out heat. Cocoon classic didn’t use airflow design in their comfort layer, and neither did they use gel memory foam. So this is my top concern.
  • The one who trusts Sealy, Sealy is a famous and long history mattress brand, this is their first try on online mattress model.
  • The one who wants more than one firmness scale to pick up, Cocoon by Sealy is the only one in this list who support more than one firmness scale.

Another good choice

Ghostbed(see Ghostbed mattress review here), this is a 10 inches, 3 layers, hybrid mattress(latex + memory foam +base foam), 120 nights free trial, 20 years warranty. The price is also very attractive, $700 for queen size after coupon we provided. You can reference  Ghostbed VS Casper VS Leesa VS Purple VS Tuft&Needle to know more details and see the difference when it compares to other online mattresses.

Dromma bed(see Dromma bed review here), this is a 12 inches, 3 layers, gel memory foam mattress( natural latex+ gel memory foam+ base foam), 200 nights free trial, 12 years full warranty,2 firmness scale to pick up. No more than $800 with the coupon we provided.  You can reference Saatva vs helix vs dromma bed to know more about Dromma bed.

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