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Mattress Stores (Best and Worst Mattress Stores 2024)

Mattress stores can be horrible or great. The most important thing is how much risk they transfer to you when something doesn’t work out well. Too many mattress stores have policies that burn the customer when something goes wrong.

In this article, I share what you need to know so you don’t get caught in the finger pointing trap many mattress customers who buy a bad mattress from a middle man endure. We also provide a downloadable worksheet you can use to make the buying process less confusing. Use it whether you’re shopping online or at a furniture store. It helps keep all the factors that should be considered organized.

I’m going to break down the things you should watch out for when shopping for a mattress at a mattress store. Most furniture stores are nothing more than middle-men who add a layer of cost to the process and provide a barrier between the customer and the manufacturer. When you deal with a retail mattress store, you don’t have direct contact with the manufacturer of your mattress before you buy it.

After reading thousands of reviews, complaints, and the responses to the complaints from furniture and mattress stores, we know their tricks. This article will help you avoid being tricked. We all spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping. You shouldn’t have to spend that time on a mattress you don’t like because you weren’t able to return it. If you choose well, you’ll spend between 20,000 and 30,000 hours on your mattress. If you don’t choose well, you’ll want to buy a new mattress sooner—maybe in just a few months. Buying without a sleep trial can mean you’re out the price of a mattress and you still don’t have a comfortable bed.

Ethics vs Legal Requirements

Ethical and not legal

This was not an enjoyable article to research because so many of the policies and practices at bricks and mortar mattress stores don’t treat customers ethically. “Legal” and “ethical” draw two different lines. Most mattress stores design their policies to be legal but don’t bother with ethics. That’s why I can only recommend two of the 27 mattress stores I reviewed. Compared to the policies at direct to the consumer mattress manufacturer sites where most work hard to be trustworthy, it is very disappointing that mattress stores in our own communities don’t treat customers better. The policies at most mattress stores suggest they don’t believe in the products they sell. If mattress stores don’t believe in their mattresses, why should you take the risk?

Reading the reviews of mattress stores often made me angry on behalf of people who were treated poorly. Providing you with information that will help you avoid those problems feels good.

Sleep is so important to our health and there were many stories where the customer’s well-being seemed to be callously disregarded. The first thing I am going to do is provide a quick summary of cautions you should be aware of before you buy a mattress. If you don’t do anything else, be sure you read this list of things to be careful of and download the chart we made to help you compare mattresses. More information about why each factor is important is provided after the reviews of 27 mattress stores.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This synopsis summarizes how customers are treated at most brick and mortar mattress stores.

If you don’t read anything else, you need to know this:

  1. There is no warranty for floor models, clearance sales, and open boxes.
  2. If your mattress is stained, they will deny warranty coverage even if the mattress has a manufacturer’s defect.
  3. Many mattress stores charge a restocking fee that can add up to hundreds of dollars on returns and exchanges.
  4. Most mattress stores charge a new delivery charge on exchange even when the mattress they sold you is defective.
  5. Many mattress stores require you to pay an independent inspector to evaluate whether your mattress has a defect.
  6. Even if you get lucky and get a refund, it can take weeks after it is approved to receive it.
  7. Deliveries of multiple items are often scheduled on different days, requiring you to be at home for four-hour windows that the mattress store chooses.
  8. The independent inspectors you are required to hire if you want to report a defect that is covered under the warranty may require you to be home the entire day.
  9. Communication about deliveries is poor at many companies.
  10. If the set-up of the bed (frame, etc.) appears unsafe do not use it. At least one bed assembled by the delivery crew collapsed while a pregnant woman was sleeping on it.
  11. Do not ever accept delivery on broken, damaged, stained, or substandard products. Once you accept delivery many mattress stores resist exchanges and deem your acceptance of the delivery as acceptance of the item AS IS unless there is a manufacturer’s defect.
  12. If you can keep your old mattress for a while, do so. The availability of a fallback bed can be invaluable if the new mattress is uncomfortable. Many sleep trials require you to sleep on the new mattress for 30 days. If you’re unable to sleep or waking up in pain it is not in your best interest to continue sleeping on the offending mattress.
  13. Many bricks and mortar mattress stores do not offer a comfort guarantee. Those that do offer one may:
    • Require you to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress for 30 – 120 days
    • Charge a fee for the exchange (most do)
    • Charge a new delivery fee (usually do)
    • May charge a restocking fee (most do)
    • Will refuse the exchange if there are any stains or soiling on the mattress
    • Will not refund your money—most will only allow you to exchange for a bed that costs the same or more
    • Some will not allow you to exchange for mattresses that are offered at a sale price
    • Most (All?) limit the sleep comfort exchange to one per mattress purchased
    • If the Law Tag (Do not remove under penalty of law) is removed it voids your warranty
    • Keep your receipt; some won’t honor an exchange or warranty without your receipt
  14. Customers at Bricks and Mortar mattress stores whose trucks also pick up old mattresses when they deliver new mattresses report higher incidents of bed bug infestations following delivery of their new mattress. Think twice about whether you want your new mattress from a truck hauling someone else’s old mattress.
  15. Before you buy, search “Store Name Mattress return nightmare stories
  16. Photograph the mattress you are buying in the store including the codes on the Law Tag. Compare it to the mattress delivered to you. There are many claims of the mattress purchased at a mattress store that is delivered being different from the one purchased. A photograph can be useful in proving that the mattress you received is different from the one you tried in a mattress store.
  17. If you have any special requests that are agreed to in the mattress store, write them on the receipt and have the salesperson or the store manager sign agreeing to them.
  18. If you reside in a state where it is legal to record a conversation as long as one party knows it is being recorded, you may want to use your smartphone to record the promises being made to you by the commissioned salesperson. A good way to do this is to make a note about anything that seems too good to be true and before you buy ask to go over your notes and record the process. If your state requires both parties to know they are being recorded and you ask to record the conversation, if they refuse, you’ll know that they didn’t intend to honor what they were telling you. I know it sounds like I’m saying mattress store salespeople are dishonest. I’m sure there are many honest ones but there are some bad eggs who are charming before they earn your business.
  19. Some mattress stores that offer a sleep guarantee only offer it on mattresses above a certain price. Other mattress stores only provide a sleep guarantee if you pay extra for the assurance.
  20. Sleep guarantees almost always apply only to the mattress. Frames and adjustable beds are excluded from sleep guarantees and they are often not returnable. Sleep guarantees only apply to your original purchase. Being able to return a mattress instead of being limited to an exchange gives you more opportunities to get the perfect mattress for you.

Can Buying a Mattress be Risky Business?

Buying a mattress may not seem like a risky activity. Many of the mattress stores are household names. The store you trust to treat you well when you buy a blouse might treat you very differently when you buy a mattress.

Many of us are familiar with price match guarantees. If I buy something at Kohl’s and it goes on sale, getting credit for the difference is easy and fast. A price match guarantee on mattresses is trickery designed to make you feel comfortable making a purchase decision; it doesn’t provide any real protection.

Details about why a price match isn’t useful are provided below, after the individual store reviews. The following chart summarizes the amount of risk you take when you buy a mattress from each store. The risks I considered include problems thousands of people have experienced including the risk that:

  • This can be because no returns or exchanges are available, or
  • Because you can only exchange one time and you’re stuck with the second mattress whether or not you like it.You won’t be able to return or exchange a mattress that is uncomfortable, damaged, defective, or causes you pain.
  • You won’t be able to get service under the warranty at all. (Your claim will be rejected for a bogus reason.)
  • If you need warranty service or replacement, exercising your rights will cost you more money.
  • Returns and exchanges cost you more money out of pocket. The higher the potential increased cost, the greater the risk you’re assuming.
  • You will miss work waiting for deliveries that don’t show up on time.

The more you understand about the factors that are important when you buy a mattress, the less risk you’ll take.

You do not want to roll the dice on your ability to have a comfortable night’s sleep.

Star ratings in the following chart are based on these explanations:

Items Ratings
I wouldn’t buy. Too Risky 1 star
Be aware that you’re buying at your own risk. Might be worth the risk under some circumstances. Only an educated buyer will know for sure. 2 star
You assume some risk (non-refundable deposits or re-stock fees on returns or exchanges). This can be hundreds of dollars. 3 star
You’re probably okay; the risk of a problem you can’t get fixed is small or the potential cost is very small (such as delivery charges for a return). 4 star
Safe (if you know and follow the rules at the store). If you don’t know the store’s rules you might make a costly mistake. 5 star

Online Mattress Stores

Mattress Stars Full Sleep Trial Exchange Only Sleep Trial Restock Fee Extra Delivery Charges on Exchanges Require Mattress Protector Minimum Sleep Nights Before Exchange
AmeriSleep 5 star 100 No No No Recommended 30


Bear 5 star 100 No No No Recommended N/A


Bed-In-a-Box 5 star 120 No No No Recommended N/A


Casper 5 star 100 No No No Recommended N/A
Dream Cloud 5 star 365 No No No Recommended N/A
Ecosa 5 star 100 No No No Recommended N/A
eLuxury 5 star 120 No No No Recommended 30
Ghostbed 5 star 101 No No No Recommended 30
Helix 5 star 100 No No No Recommended 30
Layla 5 star 120 No No No Recommended 14
Latex for Less 5 star 120 No No No Recommended N/A
Leesa Sleep 5 star 100 No No No Recommended 30
Level Sleep 5 star 365 No No No Recommended N/A
Live and Sleep Mattress 4.5 star 30 No No No Recommended N/A
Loom and Leaf 4 star 120 No No Yes ($99) Recommended N/A
Nectar 5 star 365 No No No Recommended N/A
Nolah 5 star 120 No No No Recommended 30
Plush Beds 5 star 100 No No No Yes 30
Puffy 5 star 101 No No No Recommended N/A
Saatva 5 star 120 No No Yes ($99) Recommended N/A
Signature Sleep 1 star No No N/A N/A Recommended for warranty N/A
Solay 5 star 101 No No No Recommended 30
Tomorrow Sleep 5 star 100 No No No Recommended N/A
Zenhaven 5 star 120 No No Yes ($99) Recommended N/A
Zinus Memory Foam 5 star 100 No No No Recommended N/A

I’ve reviewed dozens of companies that sell mattresses online. Their regular policies are more customer friendly than what I found at mattress and furniture stores where you interact with the staff in person.

There were multiple reports of customers in mattress stores who became so angry there were raised voices involved in the exchange by customers and store staff alike. I don’t think it is worth the hassle. Buying from a company with customer friendly policies and strong guarantees that ensure I will be able to sleep on a mattress that is comfortable and safe makes more sense.

You’ll notice that almost all the mattress stores that allow returns or exchanges require the returned mattress to be in pristine condition (no stains, marks, and the Law Tag still attached). They require this even when the mattress has a manufacturer defect that a sleep inspector determined was a valid reason to return the mattress. None of the mattress stores said what they do with returned or exchanged mattresses. Almost all the manufacturers donate returns to charity. What happens to mattresses returned to furniture and mattress stores? Why do they care so much if they look new?

Even though a mattress protector is recommended and sometimes required by online retailers, they don’t require their customers to buy their version at an inflated price. They just want you to protect the mattress. Mattress protectors are available at very reasonable prices on Amazon. Plush Beds will allow you to return the mattress sooner if you pay a $99 fee for an early return.

If you still feel buying your mattress from furniture or mattress stores is better for you, I’ve reviewed 27 furniture and mattress stores to help you avoid the ones that are most likely to result in a frustrating experience.

Brick and Mortar Mattress Stores

Store Stars Full Sleep Trial Exchange Only Sleep Trial Restock Fee Extra Delivery Charges on Exchanges Require Mattress Protector Minimum Sleep Nights Before Exchange
Example: Best Answers 5 star YesAt least 90 nights or a liberal return policy NO NO NO NO N/Aor


America’s Mattress 3 star No 120 No Yes Recommended 30
American Freight Furniture and Mattress 1 star No No Not Applicable (no trial, return or exchange) N/A N/A N/A
American Mattress 3 star No 30, 60, or 90 No Mention Yes No Mention  15 – 30
Ashley Furniture HomeStore 2.5 star No 120 No Yes Yes 30
Bernie & Phyls 2.5 star No 90 No Mention Yes Yes 30
Big Lots 2 star No No 20% No No No
Bob’s Discount Furniture 2.5 star No 90 No Mention No Mention Recommended 30
Costco 5 star NoLiberal return policy No No Not if you transport yourself No No
Denver Mattress Company 4 star 120 121 – 365 Yes(after 120 days) Yes Yes(Can use yours) No
Havertys 2 star No No Yes No Mention N/A N/A
IKEA 3 star No 90 No Yes Recommended 30
JC Penny 1 star No       No Yes Yes N/A N/A
Macy’s 3 star No Yes Yes Yes Recommended 120
Mattress 1 One 1 star No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Mention
Mattress Land 2.5 star Unknown 180 Yes Yes Yes No Mention
Mattress Firm 3 star 120 No Yes Yes Yes 30
Mattress Warehouse 2 star No 100 – 120 Yes Yes Yes 30
Nebraska Furniture Mart 1 star No 120 Yes Yes Yes 30
Pottery Barn 1 star No No N/A N/A N/A N/A
Pottery Barn Direct from Manufacturer 4.5 star 100 No No No No No Mention
Raymour & Flanigan 1 star No No N/A N/A N/A N/A
Raymour & Flanigan if you buy Comfort Protection 2.5 star No 45 No Yes Yes 30
Rooms-to-go 1 star No No N/A N/A N/A N/A
Sam’s Club 5 star NoLiberal return policy No No No No N/A
Sears 3 star 180 180 Yes Yes Recommended 30
Sears HomeStore 2.5 star 30 30 Yes Yes Recommended N/A
Sit ‘n Sleep 2.5 star 60 Yes  (Maximum $500) Yes  Recommended 30
Sleep Number 3.5 star 100 No Yes Yes Recommended 30
The Original Mattress Factory 2.5 star No 365 Yes Yes Yes No Mention
Walmart 2 star No No N/A N/A N/A N/A

Detailed Reviews of Brick and Mortar Mattress Stores

We spent several weeks looking for brick and mortar mattress stores in order to identify ones we would be comfortable recommending. Details discovered while we researched brick and mortar mattress stores are shown, by store, below.

Read our reviews before you buy a new mattress. You’ll also want to download our Downloadable mattress Review Check List to help you make the best possible decision whether you shop online or buy your next mattress at a brick and mortar mattress store by helping you ask detailed questions that rule out suboptimal choices.



Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

America’s Mattress

three star

120-night sleep guarantee. Exchange Only. Minimum 30-night trial. Must be pristine to exchange. Exchange is a one-time offer. There is no sleep guarantee on the new mattress after the first exchange.

Read the warranty and return information immediately (before the mattress is delivered). If the salesperson tells you something different from what is written, they will go by what is written. If they are different, their stance is that you had the opportunity to read the warranty when you purchased the mattress. The warranty may change due to 1) clearance prices, 2) price matches, and 3) discontinued items, and 4) whether you’ve previously exchanged an item.

If they send you an email linking to the manufacture’s refund, cancellation, or exchange policies be aware that those policies refer to mattresses purchased online directly from the manufacturer; the store’s policies may be different.

Multiple customers report that they were advised to jump up and down on a mattress to soften it but jumping on the mattress voids the warranty. Some stores have good reviews while others have been accused of bait and switch (selling one mattress, delivering a different mattress), delivering a stained mattress and not being responsive to correct the situation, and dishonest tactics.

Some stores require you to purchase the mattress pad in order to use the sleep night guarantee.

Each store is independently owned. Many stores have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau but at least one store has an F. Check with the BBB about the specific store you are considering doing business with before you buy. Be sure to read the Customer Reviews on the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, and Yelp.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Locations
Memory Foam





Perfect Sleeper


Americas Mattress

Varies by location. (Approximately $80.) May be free with purchases over a specific price and on in-stock mattresses if you’re within 30 miles of the store. Not refunded if mattress returned.


Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

American Freight Furniture and Mattress

one star

No Sleep Trial. You can do better elsewhere.

More than one customer reported that they substituted merchandise when what they ordered wasn’t available without advising the customer that they made a change. There are frequent reports of the wrong item being delivered and of damaged deliveries as well as poor communication on deliveries and delivery dates frequently changing.

They cater to lower-income individuals. Some of the worst mattress stores do this. They offer layaway and encourage people to sign-up to guarantee the price of the item being put on layaway but it’s unlikely that the item will still be available by the time it is fully paid which means you’ll have to choose another item or wait four weeks to get a full refund. If your account goes delinquent, they will charge you $10 a month to administer the program. You would be better off opening a savings account and buying a mattress after you save enough money.

American Freight does not provide a warranty. Their merchandise is warranted by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Check online reviews before you buy. Read the Customer Reviews on the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, and Yelp or save yourself the time and hassle and go where they offer a sleep trial without restocking fees.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Notes
Memory Foam


Pillow Top






Varies by location


Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

American Mattress

three star

30, 90, or 120 Night Comfort Guarantee provides an exchange (no refunds; no credit issued) for a mattress of equal or greater value. This may be done once. Requires 15 – 30-day minimum trial. Sales receipt required. Excludes special orders, out of state deliveries, floor models, bunk beds, close outs, and accessories. Free local delivery on initial purchase. Delivery is not free on the exchange. No credits or refunds.

You can purchase an extended sleep easy guarantee for an additional fee.

60-Day Best Price Guarantee (Since each store names the same mattress a different name this won’t do you much good. Shop before you buy.)

They advertise a hassle-free buying experience (note that this doesn’t say anything about service after the sale or exchanges). They have more good reviews than some of their competitors, but they also have some bad reviews. Some stores have great reviews and some don’t.

Check online reviews about the specific store you are considering doing business with before you buy. Be sure to read the Customer Reviews on the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, and Yelp.

Family owned, established in 1988.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Locations
Memory Foam

Inner Spring


Pillow Top








Perfect Sleeper

iComfort• BeautySleep

Free local mattress delivery you pay to ship returns and for re-delivery if you use the comfort guarantee. No out-of-state returns.


Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

Ashley Furniture HomeStore

If something is damaged when it is delivered, they may opt to repair it rather than replace it. If you want to cancel the order due to the damage, they charge a 10% re-stocking fee.

You can use “threshold delivery” where they deliver your unassembled item just inside your doorway or garage.

They also offer a white glove delivery that will set the mattress up in the room of your choosing for an additional fee.

The reviews are all over the place. There are many where the customer literally writes a warning to stay away and there are others that gush over how well they were treated. The most common themes are issues with re-scheduled deliveries, delivering pieces at different times (each necessitating a 4-hour windows during which someone has to be home to accept the delivery), and difficulty with replacing or exchanging mattresses that are not as expected or damaged.

Store policies and online policies may vary. Each store is independently owned and operated. There isn’t a standard return policy; each store sets their own policies. Read the policy before you buy. Some stores offer a 120-night sleep guarantee that allows the exchange of a mattress. The 2½ star rating is for stores with the sleep night guarantee. If the store you use doesn’t have a sleep night guarantee we would rate it 1-star.

Check online reviews of physical stores before you buy. Some of the stores reschedule the delivery repeatedly and someone is required to be home for delivery. At a minimum, read Customer Reviews for the specific store you plan to shop on the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, and Yelp before you shop.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Locations
Memory Foam




Sterns and Foster




Delivery dates are estimates and may change without notice. They tell you this at the time of purchase. If you need it by a certain date, order way ahead of time


Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

Bernie & PhylsBernie & Phyls

There are a fair number of reviews that warn you away from doing business with this furniture store as well as some reviews that report receiving poor service when they wanted to purchase items because they were a bi-racial couple.

Inspect your purchase carefully before you accept delivery. Do not sign for delivery of the item if there is any damage, missing parts, or it is not as expected. Refuse delivery. The delivery people are not employees. Their promises that missing parts will be delivered later are not binding and will not be honored by the store.

Warning: Once you give them your money you have 72 hours to get it back.

During the first 72-hours, you can cancel if you haven’t accepted delivery. They will transfer your deposit to other merchandise, hold the funds to be applied to a future purchase, or refund it using the credit card you used or a company check. After 72-hours, they will allow you to use your deposit toward other merchandise or keep it on account for use later.

Mattresses have a 90-day Sleep Comfort exchange that allows you to exchange the mattress for one of equal or greater value. (Serta iComfort and Serta Hybrids allow 120 days.) You must wait 30 days before exercising your right to exchange. Only one comfort exchange is allowed per customer. The delivery charge for the original delivery will be subtracted from the amount applied toward the exchange. You will be charged $99 for removal of the mattress that didn’t work and delivery of the mattress you exchange it for.

If the new mattress is a different brand, you can exchange the foundation (excluding adjustable bases). It will be removed and the new one delivered for $50. plus any price difference.

Protect your mattress with a cover. If there are any stains on the mattress, they will not exchange the mattress.

The Comfort Guarantee only applies if your purchase exceeds the following minimum purchase prices:

Mattress Size Price
King $849.99
Queen $549.99
Full $539.99
Twin XL $569.99
Twin $469.99
Any defects in materials or workmanship will be addressed under the manufacturer’s warranty.
Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Locations
Memory Foam




Stearns & Foster



Removal $49.99Set-up and removal of the old mattress is free with purchase over $499


Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

Big Lots

Big Lots is primarily a discount store that purchases seconds, merchandise that hasn’t sold elsewhere, and products from factories that went out of business which can affect the warranty.  Their mattresses can be helpful for the shopper on a tight budget.

Returns must be “in their original packaging and condition.” Any mattress that is delivered in a box cannot be put back in the box once it expands and will not meet this definition. Innerspring mattresses are delivered wrapped in plastic which is generally removed before use.

Contact their customer service department before returning a mattress that was delivered to you.

If your item was damaged or defective, the 20% re-stocking fee does not apply and they will cover return shipping.

Be sure to sign up for Big Rewards before you buy to earn in-store credit for your purchase.

20% restocking fee is charged on returns.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Notes
Memory Foam






$149 Flat Rate White Glove Delivery

Pick up in the store for free

figure big lost locations


Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

Bob’s Discount Furniture

Warranty varies by which mattress you buy: Between 1 – 20 years. Read the warranty before you buy.

The warranty covers manufacturer defects (loose stitching, sagging as long as the base meets recommendations, and body impressions deeper than 1½ inches.

Sleep Comfort, Between the 30th and 90th day, you may exchange it for a one-time only replacement. It does not apply to bedding height, stains, soiling, or burns, abuse, or sheet fit.

There are more short (2-line) reviews “I enjoyed shopping at Bob’s; Person A was helpful and not pushy.” than most other companies. But interspersed between the fluff are reviews that speak of shoddy products with the basic premise that if your time is worth money, you’ll spend more in time than you’ll save in dollars shopping here. 1 – 3 hour waits when someone calls customer service to address a problem appear common.

If you buy, watch your delivery people, especially during assembly. There are reports of frames, including bunk beds, falling apart because they were not assembled properly.

Check your order for damage before you sign for delivery. Once you sign you lose rights to object if you find damage. Check first and save yourself from hassles and headaches.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Locations
Bob-O-PedicAll Private Label Memory Foam




3 delivery options

Bobtastic Delivery

$49.99 – 329.99

Value Delivery

$9.99 – $29.99(via mail)



Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial


Costco is a membership warehouse. In order to shop at Costco, you must first purchase a membership which will cost between $60 – $120.

As far as mattress sales, Costco is a hybrid between a mattress store and a direct from the manufacturer online purchase. In fact, many of the mattresses brands available from Costco are also available directly from the manufacturer. We can’t think of a good reason to buy from a middleman when you can buy directly from the manufacturer.

They do not have a Sleep Night guarantee but they do have a liberal return policy so you can return the mattress to the store if you are not satisfied with your purchase within a reasonable time. That’s one reason customers tend to trust Costco.

One downside of buying a mattress at Costco is that they normally do not have the mattresses set-up so you can try them. The mattresses in the store are stood upright are on their side. You can feel them but not lay down on them. They have a brand, NovaForm, that is only available at Costco but the manufacturer, Sleep Innovations, also manufacturers brands sold exclusively at Walmart, Kohl’s, and Home Depot.

Like other stores (as opposed to manufacturers), it can be difficult to obtain comparison information about coil gauge, foam density, and the exact materials used in constructing the mattress when you shop at Costco. Ask questions and be persistent about getting this information before you buy. The durability of your mattress purchase requires quality materials. Use our check list. Also, you’ll want to know what the mattress is made of and whether there will be significant off-gassing.

The warranty from the manufacturer would cover defects in materials or workmanship.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Notes
Costco sells Memory Foam, Latex, Hybrid, and Innerspring mattresses Pick up at the warehouse or have delivered by UPS.
Ghostbed by Nature’s Sleep

Simmons Beautyrest

Brentwood Home


Comfort Tech

Stearns & Foster


Sleep Science

Eight Sleep


Spring Air







Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

Denver Mattress Co.,Furniture Row

Denver mattress company is another type of hybrid. Denver Mattress is a manufacturer that also has physical, bricks and mortar stores. This model makes more sense to us because it allows potential customers to touch, feel, and lay down on mattresses. Although with some of the brands they sell, they are a middleman just like most furniture stores.

See the in-depth review of their mattresses on Best Mattress Reviews. We really like that they list important information that allows you to compare mattresses including (ILD) foam density, the gauge of the steel used in their coils, and how many coils are used in the bed. This sets Denver Mattress Company apart from the brick and mortar Mattress Stores we’ve reviewed so far.

We also like that they are more than upfront about the importance of using the right type of foundation to avoid voiding your mattress warranty. We find it refreshing.

Read reviews. Many problems reported by customer reviews including charging restocking fees when an order is cancelled after it takes weeks longer to deliver than promised and failures to honor warranties.

They offer a 365-Day Better Sleep Guarantee that allows for a refund or exchange during the first 120 days. 120 – 240 days out, you’re eligible for a 75% credit toward a different mattress (no refunds after 120 days). During the final four months of the first year, a 50% credit toward a different mattress is available.

Some mattresses do not qualify for the comfort guarantee including any type of split king and Full XL.

Mattress Types and brands Carried Delivery Locations
Memory Foam




Air bed

Delivery for the mattress I tested was $79

Removal of the old mattress may be available.

Not available if the old mattress has bed bugs.

Denver Mattress

Sterns & Foster


American National

Green Choice







Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial
Havertys Customers who report being unhappy with their new mattress immediately report that they are advised they have to sleep on the mattress for 30 days and later advised that they had to return the mattress during the first 3 days. During that 3-day window, the customer is allowed to exchange or cancel the order. There is a restocking fee.

The website states there are absolutely no returns after 3 days.

The delivery fee will not be refunded if the mattress is returned. A 15% restocking fee will be charged for orders delivered by Fed Ex. Special orders require a 25% non-refundable deposit.

Floor samples and clearance items do not get the benefit of the warranty.

Price matching policy does not apply to internet pricing.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Notes



Pillow Top


Memory Foam

Skye by Havertys




Stearns & Foster


Delivery can be up to $199 for a single mattress


Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial


IKEA’s regular 365-day return policy does not apply to mattress purchases. IKEA provides a 90-night sleep trial for an exchange only. Ikea is another hybrid because they also manufacture their own mattresses. If the mattress is dirty, stained, damaged or abused or you do not have your receipt, it may not be exchanged. The sleep trial is a one-time deal. You cannot exchange more than one mattress, so you only have two chances to get a mattress that is right for you.

If you cannot transport a mattress you want to return to the store yourself, IKEA can provide pick-up service for a fee.

Each IKEA mattress comes with a limited 25-year warranty. The warranty only covers specific aspects of the mattress. Springs are covered in innerspring mattresses, and the core foam is covered in foam and latex mattresses. That means that the upper level of the mattress, such as memory foam, aren’t covered under the warranty. There are additional limitations in the warranty that you may wish to read before you decide which mattress to purchase.

Expect it to take 3 – 4 days for your mattress to achieve its expected shape. Off-gassing is to be expected. Even though the warranty is for 25 years, the warranty document recommends replacing the mattress every eight years.

IKEA’s mattresses are their own brand manufactured in their own factories. Their prices range from $120 – $800 so they’re at the lower end of the mattress prices.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Notes
Memory Foam















Delivery begins at $39; the price depends on the size and distance involved.

They will bring the items into your home. Assembly can be ordered through TaskRabbit.



Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial
JC Penny There is no sleep trial and mattresses must be returned within 48 hours of delivery. Refunds require a receipt. Delivery fees are not refundable. There is a 15% restocking fee and an $85 pickup fee on mattress returns. You cannot return mattresses to a store yourself to avoid the $85 fee.

Unlike some furniture stores that require you to begin making payments on your credit account based on when the items are ordered, not when they are received, JC Penny doesn’t charge you until your order ships.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Notes
Memory Foam


Pillow Top





Stearns & Foster







If you have the mattress delivered to the store and pick it up, shipping is free.

Shipping to your home varies from $24.99 to $150.

Free on purchases over $599.



Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

Mattress 1 One

Mattress 1 One advertises a sleep trial but like many mattress stores, the mattress cannot be returned, only exchanged for a mattress of equal or greater value. There is also a $129 charge to exchange and a $79.99 delivery fee on the new mattress.

Florida’s Attorney General investigated Mattress1One resulting in refunds to customers of over $94,000.

Mohanad Salem, the owner of Mattress 1 One according to the records in Florida disputed that his stores were responsible for all the complaints because some of the stores are owned by other family members under separate LLCs but the Attorney General combined the four LLCs in the settlement agreement. The settlement agreement included stores in Florida, USVI, and Texas. The 2015 agreement also required Mattress 1 One to establish an escrow account with an additional $100,000 to address future claims. A local law firm in Miami asks Mattress 1 One customers to let them know if they have encountered the same illegal practices. Complaints on trusted review sites indicate the practices are continuing.

If you cancel your order on the day it is to be delivered, you are charged a 20% fee for cancellation. If you do a special order, you cannot cancel it.

Once you accept delivery, you’re stuck and the driver has a vested interest in your accepting the delivery fast. Per Indeed, drivers are scheduled to work 12-hour shifts without overtime and must pay for problems out of their wages unless they can prove they didn’t cause it.

If you use the credit available in-store through renovate, the interest rate is $29.99%. If you can wait, don’t finance.

Mattress 1 One doesn’t provide a warranty on their products. They refer you to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Notes
Memory Foam


Individual Coils


Gel Memory Foam



Sleep Inc

Stearns & Foster


Free delivery on Mattresses that cost $799 or more.


Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

Mattress Land Sleep Fit™

Color me impressed. If you live near a Mattress Land Sleep Fit™ store, you have the unique potential to buy a mattress from a brick and mortar location whose customers rave about the service (before and after the sale) and about the product.

This is the first mattress store I’ve reviewed that didn’t make me want to take a shower when I finished reading the reviews. They apparently have a business model that eliminated the sleaze-factor. Upper management responds to reviews on sites they don’t control such as Yelp. They clearly want to make sure their customers are satisfied, as if they find it personally satisfying to please their customers.

Most bricks and mortar mattress companies have horrible reviews with brief (2-line) positive reviews that always seem suspect to me. Mattress Land reviews seem authentic and they are overwhelmingly positive. In fact, many of the Glassdoor reviews from employees are more positive than usual employee reviews.

Their BedFIT™ diagnostic system evaluates your particular body on a test mattress that is scientifically designed to determine their unique pressure points and how to best support the sleeper’s muscular-skeletal system. You are then provided with recommendations for beds that will provide the best scientifically determined mattress. The system was designed by a nationally recognized sleep expert, Dr. Robert D. Oexman, who invented the bedFIT™ diagnostic process. The system must be used to qualify for the sleep night guarantee.

They will customize a mattress for couples with different sleep needs in order to provide each person with the right support.

There appear to be unaffiliated stores in other states with this name. We looked at Mattress Land in California, Idaho, Nevada, and Washington.

They provide a six-month comfort guarantee on beds over $699 but the website doesn’t state whether the guarantee allows returns or only allows an exchange.

If they didn’t charge $60 for inspections to determine if there is a manufacturer defect and a 20% restocking fee their rating would be higher.

14-models of private-label SleepFit manufactured in Mebane, NC

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Notes

Memory Foam






Stearns and Foster


Sleep Fit™



Leggett & Platt

Bed Gear

Free for mattresses over $999 in their local delivery area.


Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

Mattress Firm Sleepy’s

Mattress Firm filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2018 and re-emerged at the end of the year. Do not accept delivery if there is damage to the mattress, stains, or marks on it.

They provide a 120-night sleep trial. They ask you to sleep on the mattress for a minimum of 30 nights to adjust to the bed and will allow one return or exchange per purchase during the 120-day period. There is a delivery fee of at least $79.99 on exchanges. It may be higher in some markets. A restocking fee equal to 10% of the original mattress price (up to $250) will be charged except in Hawaii and on Tulo and Purple mattresses.

It is important to protect your mattress with a mattress cover because stained, unsanitary, or damaged mattresses will not be accepted for returns which is one reason not to ever accept delivery of a mattress that is stained or has marks on it. You’ll have to buy their expensive mattress protector to protect your warranty. Leave the tags on the mattress as removal can void the sleep trial. Mattresses that are on clearance, exchanges, or floor models are not included in the sleep trial.

Like many of the mattress stores I reviewed, Mattress Firm customers have to pay a third party to inspect the mattress if they want to use their warranty. Third party reviewers, like Mattress Marshals in Florida, use a process that will not detect defects in certain types of mattresses, such as pillow-top mattresses because the test is done without exerting any pressure on the mattress.

Then there is the odor issue. There’s off gassing and then there is toxic mold. An Illinois woman who purchased a Beautyrest mattress ended up in the hospital with breathing difficulties that were linked to toxic mold in the new mattress she purchased from Mattress Firm that smelled moldy when it was delivered.

Many of the complaints and reviews about mattress stores, including but not limited to Mattress Firm, have a pattern of rejecting warranty claims, being unresponsive to customer complaints, being difficult to reach (phone systems that take hours to get through, have loops, or repeatedly hang up after long waits). There is a class action lawsuit against both Mattress Firm and Sealy for this practice in Kansas. The BBB in Texas has warned that they’ve noticed a pattern of complaints from Mattress Firm customers.

On occasion, but not often, public complaints were responded to by staff and encouraged to email [email protected] for assistance. If you’re having a problem, perhaps they can help. Provide them with your name, order number, phone number, email address, and the best time for them to reach out to you.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Notes

Encased Coil


Gel Memory foam

Pillow Top

Pocketed Coil


Dreambed Lux


Hampton & Rhodes





Chattam & Wells


5 Little Monkeys

Next Day $$79.99

Delivery on some products is free

White Glove and Red Carpet service include set up




Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

Mattress Warehouse

two satr

Sleep Outfitters

Mattress King

Mattress Warehouse filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2019.

Their 2-star rating is because you’re out a lot of money if a mattress from Mattress Warehouse doesn’t work for you. If you have a problem that is covered by the warranty, there is a $100 charge to exchange for a new mattress.

I wouldn’t trust the reviews as at least one customer stated in their review that they were offered a discount on their purchase if they left a 5-star review. I’ve suspected several of the mattress companies of doing something like this because some of them have an unusual number of gushy 2-line reviews. This is the only one where someone posted this in their review.

If you change your mind, you only have 24 hours to cancel without penalty. Your 24-hours begins at the time of purchase—not when you receive the mattress. They allow you to cancel your order for a full refund or credit if they don’t provide an actual or estimated delivery date within two weeks except in situations when the manufacturer or supplier will not allow Mattress Warehouse to cancel the order. If you decide to do business with them, ask for assurance in writing that the mattress you order can be canceled or you’ll be stuck even if there are unreasonable delays involved in delivering your mattress.

If you are not home to accept delivery when it is scheduled, you may be charged a second delivery fee. They are not obligated to provide a delivery window, so you may need to be available at home the entire day when delivery is scheduled.

If you exchange a mattress for a less expensive one, they will not refund the difference.

The delivery fee does not include the removal of your old mattress or set-up of your new bed.

If an order is canceled after it is shipped, the customer must pay for both shipping and a 20% handling fee.

There are bad reviews from warehouse employees and some sales employees on Indeed

Refunds on cancelations can take time (weeks) to process based on multiple complaints. Refunds can take up to 30 days to process (per their website).

The warranty does not cover stitching on the cover. Check it before you accept delivery!

On occasion, but not often, public complaints were responded to by staff and encouraged to email [email protected] for assistance.

A mattress protector is required to preserve your warranty. In one case they sold a mattress protector for a much deeper mattress that was more expensive than what the customer needed and wouldn’t exchange it after the customer discovered it. The dimensions of the mattress weren’t noted on the receipt, so the customer didn’t know the dimensions of the mattress they were purchasing until the mattress was delivered.

You are required to buy a mattress protector from Mattress Warehouse or one of their affiliates, Sleep Outfitters or Mattress King at the same time you purchase your mattress. A mattress protector for a California King mattress purchased from Sleep Outfitters runs $79.99 – 219.99 compared to $24.99 for a Utopia Bedding Waterproof Bamboo Mattress Protector – Hypoallergenic Fitted Mattress Cover with breathable Cool Flow Technology. If you do not buy a mattress protector from Mattress Warehouse, you are not entitled to the 120-night comfort promise.

Clearance sales are final.

They direct you to a sales associate for information about Comfort Exchanges. The policies are not posted for comparison or review.

Check online pricing. In one case a customer checked the online pricing after purchasing a mattress in the store for $1,399 and found the same mattress and box spring on their website for $999. When she complained, Mattress Warehouse responded that they sometimes offer online discounts online that are not available in the store.

When I tried to review their online prices and mattresses their website redirected me to

Note that elsewhere on their website, they state the Comfort Exchange timeframe is 100 days. Get it in writing if you buy a mattress from Mattress Warehouse.

If you buy the mattress protector and want to exercise your one-time opportunity to exchange the mattress you purchase during the first 120-days, after sleeping on the mattress for a minimum of 30 nights, you’ll pay a $249 exchange fee for the privilege.

If you received any free gifts with your purchase of the original mattress (i.e. pillows, base, foundation, etc.), you will be required to pay the store the full retail amount for those items.

The re-delivery fee for the exchanged mattress is $79.99. If there is a price difference, you will have to pay the difference.

The mattress protector is not returnable. The comfort guarantee is not valid on floor models and specialty sizes such as California King and Split California King are not eligible for the comfort night promise.

Special orders require a 50% nonrefundable deposit.

Mattress Warehouse will help customers who can’t use credit by allowing them to layaway a mattress with a 10% nonrefundable deposit and their agreement to a monthly payment schedule that will pay the mattress in full within six months. There are no refunds on canceled layaways and if no payments are paid for a 60-day period, the layaway will be canceled, and the customer will receive a credit on their account that must be used within 1-year. If the item on layaway is discontinued, it would no longer be eligible for the warranty and the store can substitute a different product of equal value.

The store does not warrant the products it sells. You have the right to see the warranty from the manufacturer before you purchase and we strongly suggest you read it thoroughly.

The online documentation for the 100-night comfort guarantee differs from the documentation for the 120-night comfort guarantee. They state you will receive a credit of 100% of the purchase price toward a new mattress, pay a standard delivery fee plus an additional $14.99 per item removal fee. So, for example, if you originally purchased a bed, two pillows and a frame, you would have to pay $59.96 ($14.99 x 4) removal fee. Additionally, the Law Tag must be attached to the original mattress. The mattress must be in pristine condition, free of tears, burns, stains, and clean.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Notes
Memory Foam



Stearns & Foster


In area $99

Expanded area – purchase over $500


Expanded area Under $500 purchase


TEMPUR-Pedic FREE                   Online orders FREE



Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

Nebraska Furniture Mart

During the economic downturn, NFM aggressively sued people who were behind on their payments and then emptied the customer’s bank account without notice. If you are notified of a suit, hire an attorney. If you can’t hire an attorney, at least show up for the hearing. They also aggressively pursued wage garnishments of up to 25%. During the same time, they used a legal maneuver that allowed the company to hire people to enter customer’s homes and confiscate furniture including crib mattresses, even when the items were partially paid for. Excuse me while I toss my cookies.

To me, this seems aggressive and punitive because the cost/benefit of pursuing this strategy doesn’t work from a business perspective.

“As a practical matter, I have rarely if ever, seen a furniture store repossess their collateral. It is of very limited value and not worth the expense to them.” – Attorney Gary Alan Carnal

In 2013, a court case in Nebraska brings to light a Nebraska Furniture Mart policy to include in its purchase contract the following statement:

“Pricing or mathematical errors are subject to revision by NFM upon written notice to Buyer.” This means they can quote the wrong price and, after the customer places the order, modify the price. The price modification is not subject to the customer’s agreement and the customer is not given an opportunity to reject the change. In that case, NFM made an error in calculating the price of over $3,000. When the customer didn’t agree to the increased price, NFM refunded their money despite there being a valid contract to sell the customer the furniture at the previously agreed on price. The Appeals court overturned the lower court ruling, deeming that the customer had a contract that NFM was contractually bound to honor.

In another case, a Kansas customer who filed bankruptcy after her business failed was accused of fraud by NFM because $109.99 of her purchases on an account balance of over $5,000 were for her business. The court found in the customer’s favor. This simply points out how aggressive NFM is in using the courts to punish debtors who fall upon hard times.

120-night comfort guarantee. Use a mattress pad and leave the law tag on. You must sleep on the mattress for 30 nights before you can exchange it. If you exchange the mattress, you will be charged a $69.99 restock fee. You’ll be responsible for transporting the mattress you are returning and delivery of the new mattress yourself or paying for the service. You will be charged a 25% restock fee on the price of the box and shipping charges if your mattress is a box spring. If delivery on the original mattress was free, then you will be charged the fee if you exchange the mattress and you are not eligible for free delivery on the exchange.

The mattress sale will be final, and you will not have a comfort guarantee if you do not buy the mattress protection pad from NFM at the same time you buy the mattress. Their mattress toppers sell for $149.99 – $279.99 compared to $52.99 for a Safe Rest Premium Zippered Mattress Encasement – Lab Tested Bed Bug Proof, Dust Mite and Waterproof – Breathable, Noiseless and Vinyl Free on Amazon. NFM’s mattress pads are not refundable. If you change your mind about the mattress before delivery, you still cannot return the mattress protector.

You must leave the Law Label (the one that says “Do not remove under penalty of law”) on the mattress.

Special orders are assessed at least 25% of the fee as a nonrefundable deposit.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Notes
Memory Foam

Gel Foam






Obedco (bed-in-a-box)



Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn from online Manufacturers

West ElmWilliams and Sonoma

Pottery Barn sells Leesa and Sapira, both of which are available directly from the manufacturer’s online website for the same price. Pottery Barn’s website is more restrictive than Leesa’s site. Pottery Barn’s site states “Sapira Mattresses require the use of the Leesa Foundation for any non-platform bed base.” Sapira’s website indicates you can use “The Leesa Foundation or a solid platform, a solid box spring/foundation, a Bunkie board on a traditional box spring, or a slatted base.” I was able to order the Leesa mattress for the same price that was on Pottery Barn’s site on the manufacturer’s site and get a free pillow ($75 value).

Both Leesa and Sapira come with the easy return policies the manufacturer offers including a 100-night free trial (including free shipping and free returns).

However, the Westin Heavenly® and Robin mattresses doesn’t offer a sleep trial and fall under the list of items that may not be returned at Pottery Barn. If you think you’ve already tried the Westin Heavenly® when you slept at a Westin, check the online reviews. There are many customers who bought one thinking they would enjoy it as much as the mattresses they were familiar with from their stays at Westin who were disappointed. Without a sleep trial, I wouldn’t risk it.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Notes

Gel Foam







Westin Heavenly

Varies based on which mattress you purchase.


Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

Raymour & Flanigan

Raymour & Flanigan if you Buy a Comfort Guarantee

If you exchange your mattress, your exchange will be based on the regular price (not the sales price) of the mattress you are exchanging to. You will have to pay the difference if there is a price difference. If the new mattress is less than the old, you will not receive a refund of the difference.

If you have a manufacturers warranty and the model you purchased has been discontinued or improved, you cannot do an even exchange.

They offer a 45-day comfort guarantee if you purchase the additional Platinum Protection Plan and you keep the mattress for at least 30 days. You may only exchange the mattress one time. The Law Tag must remain on the mattress and the mattress must be kept in sanitary condition, free of dirt, tears, burns, and stains.

If you decide to exchange your mattress, you will have to pay the delivery fee for the original delivery of the mattress even if you originally enjoyed free delivery and you will have to pay for delivery of the new mattress.

Purchase of the Platinum Protection plan includes a mattress protector which must be used to keep the comfort exchange guarantee active. If the mattress protector is stained, you must wash it immediately. If the stain goes through to the mattress, they will replace the mattress one time only. You will not be able to purchase platinum protection for the new mattress.

They keep a significant investment in their in-stock inventory which helps them deliver without as many delays as other manufacturers.

Check online reviews before you buy. There are many similar reports relating to the delivered items being different from the one selected in the show room, bed bugs in new furniture, and difficulties with the warranty coverage. At a minimum, read Customer Reviews for the specific store you plan to shop on the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, and Yelp before you shop.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Notes
Memory Foam







Stearns & Foster




King Koil


Free delivery on purchases over $500.


Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial


Read their policies carefully. Buy at your own risk.

You will not have an opportunity to examine the mattress. Your sale may not be canceled after the mattress is loaded on the truck for delivery. At that point, if you refuse delivery, it will be treated as a return and you will only be able to recoup 80% of the purchase price.

Returns of internet orders are only permitted within 48 hours of delivery and only if the merchandise is not as expected. The delivery charge will not be refunded and a restocking fee equal to the delivery fee will be charged. Once the merchandise has been returned, the refund can take up to ten days to process.

Returns of items purchased in the showroom are not allowed. You may not cancel the sale after delivery. You may cancel the order within 48 hours of the time you purchase it for a full refund. If you cancel more than 48 hours after you order the items, it will be treated as a return even if it was never delivered to you. Your refund will be limited to 80% of the purchase price.

They do not offer a comfort period. They do “accommodate” customers who complain to Better Business Bureau if they pay a $99 fee to dispose of the mattress they want to return.

Check online reviews before you buy. At a minimum, read Customer Reviews for the specific store you plan to shop on the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, Complaints Board, and Yelp before you shop.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Notes
Gel Foam


Memory Foam







Stearns & Foster




Nature’s Spa

Varies by location and size of order


Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

Sam’s Club

Although Sam’s Club doesn’t promote a sleep trial, they do offer a 100% member merchandise satisfaction guarantee that doesn’t list mattresses as an exception or limit the ability to return mattresses to a set period of time.

To buy a mattress at Sam’s Club you have to buy a membership which will cost you between $45 – $100 depending on the type of membership you choose.

If you pay for a delivery, you will not be reimbursed for those charges if you return your mattress unless the mattress was damaged during shipping or the wrong item was sent.

Sam’s Club encourages the use of GoShare for delivery of large items. The minimum charge is $39.99 and the cost is .99¢ per minute so just under $60. an hour. GoShare is like an Uber for delivering large items.

Sam’s Club sells the Purple Mattress. I checked out the deal directly from the manufacturer. Today, you could order the Queen Purple Mattress and a free pillow for $999 with free shipping and a 100-night sleep trial with free returns on the Purple website. At Sam’s Club you could order the same mattress with a free pillow and mattress protector for $1,019 (on sale from $1,156). Shipping was free but there is no indication that return shipping is free.

They also sell the Zinus Green Tea mattress, another bed-in-a-box available directly from the manufacturer. Although you should check both Sam’s Club and the manufacturer website for the best deal, when I checked the Sam’s Club deal was better because it included the base and mattress for just slightly more than the mattress by itself was on the manufacturer’s website but you have to pay for delivery which evens it out.

Sam’s Refund policy states you must return the product with all the contents including boxes, manuals, warranty cards, etc. and any promotional gifts so hang onto the packaging until you’re sure you’re going to keep the mattress.

Sam’s club does state that some products have different policies but doesn’t specify any for mattresses.

Unlike every other bricks and mortar store I’ve reviewed, I just wasn’t finding any bad reviews about mattresses from Sam’s. There were a few delivery issues but no nightmares where someone is stuck with a mattress that hurts to sleep on. In some cases, their deals were better than the manufacturer website. I would be willing to give Sam’s a try, especially if I was ordering a Purple or a Zinus mattress.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Notes

Memory Foam


Air beds

Gel Foam






Based on time, .99¢ per minute;

can pick up yourself at the store;

some mattresses ship free from the manufacturer.



Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

SearsSears HomeTown Store

Sears is currently in bankruptcy. During the past 24 hours, Lampert’s hedge fund, ESL, won a bid that may allow Sears to survive a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but it will be months before we know the final decision. That means purchases from Sears will have an uncertain status on returns for a while.

Sears sells mattresses through both its regular and Sears Home Town stores. There are many complaints from people who exchanged their first mattress and found the new mattress even worse than the first one. You are only allowed one exchange.

Many of those complaints are from before Sears changed their return policy for mattresses to a 180-night comfort period. The return policy at their HomeTown stores remains 30-days. The policy allows for a one-time return or exchange. If the second mattress doesn’t meet your expectations, you may not return it. You will be out the 15% restocking fee if you return or exchange your original mattress if it is legal in your state. If the mattress is soiled, infested, damaged, stained, or missing the law tags it may not be returned or exchanged.

If your mattress purchase is a special order, be aware that canceling more than 24-hours after you make the purchase will require a 15% order cancellation fee.

Store Sleep Comfort Period Restocking Fee
Sears 180 Nights Must wait 30 days to return 15%
Sears HomeTown Store 30 Nights 15%
Sears may charge you a pick-up fee to pick up the mattress you are returning or exchanging. If you exchange the mattress for a new one that is more expensive, you must pay the price difference and your new mattress will not have a comfort guarantee.

If the mattress is damaged or stained when they are delivered, you have three days to notify Sears.

Delivery costs will not be refunded if you return a mattress.

If you purchase an item that is damaged when you receive it, Sears may, at their discretion, choose to repair it instead of replacing it.

Like other furniture stores that discount floor models and clearance sales, mattresses purchased at Sears that were display mattresses are sold AS IS. They are not covered by a warranty and may not be returned or exchanged, they do not include a comfort guarantee. The purchase is final so you assume all risks.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Notes
Air Mattress



Memory Foam





Stearns & Foster


Serta iComfort

Brittany Organic





Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

Sit ‘n Sleep

Although Sit ‘n Sleep is only located in Southern California, they have a profusion of stores that blanket that densely populated area.

They offer a 60-night sleep trial which is better than many brick and mortar stores but not better than most mattress manufacturers who sell directly to the public through their websites. Their website amuses me because they say wrote “it generally takes 8 – 10 weeks to properly break in a new mattress” yet their sleep guarantee is only 8½ weeks. I’m not sure if they think customers can’t do math or if they can’t see the contradiction in offering an 8½ week sleep trial while stating it generally takes 8 – 10 weeks to properly break in a new mattress.

You must wait 30 days to return a mattress even if you hate it the first night and wake up in pain. They did allow one customer to return it sooner if they got a doctor’s note about their back pain.

They won’t charge you more than $500 for their 20% restocking fee even if your mattress was more than $2,500.

If you buy a mattress that is discounted because it was a closeout, clearance, or floor sample, you don’t get a sleep trial or warranty protection.

This is another company that refuses to honor the warranty on defective mattresses if there are smudges, stains, or other marks on the mattress even if they have nothing to do with the defect.

In one case, they refused to accept the return of a mattress that was approved as defective because the delivery person who picked it up to load it on the truck had dirty hands that put a smudge on the mattress.

The pattern of the online reviews makes me believe customers receive some type of benefit for posting 5-star reviews that mention their salesperson by name.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Notes
Memory Foam

Foam Mattress



Euro Top


Beauty Sleep




King Koil

Primo Intl.




Sit ‘n Sleep



FREE delivery if the mattress is $399 or more

The old mattress is removed free (see bed bug warning later in this article)



Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

Sleep Number/Select Comfort

Sleep Number beds have technology that allows you to increase or decrease the firmness and both sides of the mattress can be increased or decreased separately so sleep partners who prefer different types of beds can adjust their firmness levels independently. This is a great idea, but a high-tech bed can come with high-tech problems with remotes not working and air chambers that deflate for no reason. Service calls can be expensive ($200).

It used to be that Sleep Number was the only option other than two twin mattresses used to form a King bed that would allow sleepers to enjoy different firmness levels. That’s no longer true. Several of the mattress manufacturers who sell online have options that allow you to customize each side of the bed without going high-tech.

The 25-year warranty is pro-rated after the first two years.

A 100-night in-home trial period is offered for most of the Sleep Number beds. The it™ bed has a 30 night in-home trial. If you decide to return the bed, the delivery cost will not be refunded and there is a cost to return the mattress. Returns must be authorized before they are returned. All gifts with purchase must also be returned or their full retail value will be deducted from the refund.

If you chose to purchase a Sleep Number® bed that is a final sale it will not have a sleep trial and the sale is final.

Sleep Number requires the customer to sign an Alternative Dispute Resolution agreement in which they give up their rights to a jury trial, bench trial, or class action trial to settle disputes.

While most of their beds have a 25-year limited warranty, some have a 2-year limited warranty so make sure you understand the warranty for your specific bed.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Notes
Air Mattress Sleep Number


Sleep IQ

$99 – $229 (varies by type)

Returns $200



Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

The Original Mattress Company

The Original Mattress Factory

The Original Mattress Company is a hybrid between a mattress manufacturer and a furniture store. This is the same company that manufacturers the mattress so there is no middle man but there are the increased costs of stores. The benefit is that you can try the mattress in the store but trying a mattress in a store is not a good way to identify the right mattress for you.

That’s why they offer a one-year period where you can exchange if the new mattress isn’t comfortable. If you exercise this right, you will be charged 25% of the price of the lower cost mattress to exchange. Plus new delivery fee for the new mattress and a delivery fee to pick up the exchanged mattress.

When compared to the absolutely free exchanges offered by manufacturers who only sell online, this isn’t a very good deal.

Waterproof mattress protector required for exchanges.

They do not accept returns on any mattress. Only exchanges.

All mattresses have a warranty. The warranty may be pro-rated. If you are granted a new mattress under the warranty because your mattress is defective, you may be required to pay a new delivery fee.

They have a large number of positive reviews, probably because they have an ongoing Sweepstakes on their website that requires customers and visitors to their store to complete it in the hope of winning a $500 certificate.

Check online reviews before you buy. At a minimum, read Customer Reviews for the specific store you plan to shop on the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, Complaints Board, and Yelp before you shop.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Delivery Notes



Pillow Top

Original Mattress Factory $49 – $89


Customer Relations, Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trial


Walmart has a 90-day customer satisfaction policy; mattresses are not listed as excluded products (except airbeds). However, this is a misleading policy because hidden in a FAQ deeper in the website I found this statement:

“Mattresses – return within 90 days in the original, unopened packaging may be returned to a store or you may contact Customer Care to discuss your return request.”

After getting on a chat with a Walmart employee who kept telling me that if the mattress package was opened “I could keep it” I finally got him to say, “You can’t return a mattress once it is removed from the package.”

That means there is no sleep trial if you buy from Walmart. In other words, buy at your own risk.

The only reason I gave Walmart two stars instead of one is they are a good place to go if you need a cheap mattress quickly, such as when you have a temporary issue. For example, some people have been stranded without a mattress temporarily because their new mattress was damaged but the delivery crew drug their old mattress through the mud, or they gave away their old mattress to make room for the new one and when it arrived, or, if you have a new mattress you plan to exchange that you have to wait 30 days or longer to exchange because it hurts your back, or there was a problem and they refused delivery.

If you have a temporary need, the low-priced mattresses at Walmart may help you get through until you resolve the issue. Since sleep is so important, I’d be happy to spend $100 to have a bed if there was an unexpected situation that left me without a mattress.

Since no returns or exchanges are allowed, the higher the price, the lower the rating for a specific mattress from Walmart.

I compared one of the beds-in-a-box offered by Walmart to the same mattress at the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon. Amazon had the least expensive price. For the Lucid 12” Memory Foam, the mattress manufacturer offers a 30-day sleep trial when you purchase from the manufacturer. Although Amazon and Walmart offer the mattress for a slightly lower price, I wouldn’t give up the opportunity to try it in my home for the small difference.

Most of Walmart’s mattresses are inexpensive. I didn’t find any that were $1,000 and many of them were in the $100 – $300 range. I wouldn’t expect them to last a long time.

Airbeds may only be returned for another airbed if they are opened, even if the product is defective. Returns are only allowed during the first 15 days on airbeds.

There were some bad reviews but it’s difficult to find mattress reviews because reviews on all the products Walmart sells are jumbled together.

If I was looking for an inexpensive mattress for a temporary period of time I might consider a Walmart mattress but I would be inclined to look elsewhere simply because there’s no recourse if I hate it.

Mattress Types Brands Carried Notes
Gel Foam



Memory Foam


Latex Foam

Pillow Top



Air Beds

Water Beds


Spa Sensations





Signature Sleep


Slumber 1

Hotel Style

Better Homes & Gardens


Alwyn Home

Modern Sleep



Signature Design by Ashley

Living and More


Pick-up at the store is often free shipping.

Our detailed research found that online mattress stores can provide better sleep trials, customer service, and warranties because they save by not paying the middleman at a brick and mortar mattress store.

Our list of the best mattress available online will help you find a mattress from a reputable mattress manufacturer.

Spend time educating yourself before you shop for a mattress

Remember: mattress sales in most mattress stores pay the salesperson a commission. Their income is dependent upon you buying a mattress. They are not unbiased. If you don’t buy a mattress from the store, they don’t make a living.

The pressure experienced while buying a mattress from a commissioned salesperson can feel a lot like buying a used car. It’s not comfortable. Researchers have found that laying on a mattress in a store doesn’t result in a good mattress purchase.

Caution: Things to watch out for in Brick and Mortar Mattress Stores

I’ve read thousands of stories written by people who bought a mattress at a furniture, department, or mattress store who were unhappy and even some who were distraught about the way they were treated after the sale. I don’t want you to experience what those people went through—all they wanted was a comfortable mattress.

Caution: Trying a Mattress in a Store doesn’t Replicate the experience of Sleeping on the Mattress

Sleep researchers found that mattresses that lead to less movement during the night improve sleep quality. They then had study participants choose a mattress in a mattress showroom. They found that:

“When allowed to test mattresses in a typical showroom experience, individuals choose a mattress that does not minimize overnight motion or maximize perceived sleep quality.”[1]

In other words, laying on the mattress in a store did not optimize the choices people made about which mattress to purchase.

The researchers used an actigraphy to track the actual sleep quality individuals experienced on their chosen mattress versus other mattresses. They also compared the results of actigraphy (a device that studies movement during the time someone is in bed) and the sleepers own reported sleep results. They found that the sleepers’ reports about their quality of sleep and the results of actigraphy were consistent.

Less nighttime movement led to reporting better sleep quality. If you have a home trial, you can use actigraphy that is available for home use on a number of devices including the Apple Watch, FitBit, Garmin vívofit 2 Activity Tracker, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Fitness Tracker, and even the inexpensive Mi Band to scientifically measure the quality of sleep you experience on the mattress. You miss this opportunity if you don’t have a free sleep trial. With the liberal return policies and free shipping options, provided by direct manufacturer sites you’ll be able to identify a mattress that you know is good for your health.

It’s difficult to get a good sense of how the mattress will feel while you sleep with someone like this standing over you.

Even if you don’t use a fitness tracker to scientifically test the quality of your sleep, the researchers found that keeping a journal about the perceived quality of sleep was accurate when compared to the results of the actigraphy data.

 Click to download the free Sleep Journal 

None of these methods are available when you lay on a mattress in stores. Because many mattress stores charge for delivery and make returns difficult, trying a mattress bought online provides your best opportunity to test the mattress under real sleeping conditions without a hassle. We’ve already researched most of the mattresses for you and the chart at the beginning of this article describes the current sleep trial for dozens of mattresses. Choosing a great mattress, the first time, is less of a hassle than going through several sleep trials.

Make sure you have a sleep comfort guarantee. Ideally, you’ll be able to get a refund, not just an exchange.

Read the warranty before you buy

Some mattress and furniture stores do not offer refunds or exchanges. No refunds or exchanges at all!

Most mattress and furniture stores only allow you to do an exchange and won’t give you a refund. Once you give them money, don’t expect a refund. Only two of the 27 companies I reviewed would give you a full refund.

Some stores that only allow an exchange:

Only allow you to exchange for a mattress that costs as much or more than the one you don’t like ;

Only allow you to exchange one time. If the second one doesn’t work well for you, too bad.

Some mattress stores change the terms of the warranty or void the warranty if you buy:

A mattress that is on sale

A mattress that is on clearance

A discontinued mattress

A floor model mattress

How Good is the Warranty?

Whether a warranty is any good is in the details.

Some mattress stores dishonor the warranty because the customer’s base or bed frame wasn’t one of the recommended types. The customers who were upset about this mentioned that the salesperson knew the way their bed would be set-up and didn’t tell them the warranty would be void if they used the type of frame or box springs they were planning to use. This could be a training issue caused by mattress stores not adequately training their staff on the details of the warranties. Online purchasers can see right on the website what types of support the mattress needs. I understand that customers who shop in brick and mortar mattress stores expect to be told things that will help them. Isn’t that one of the points of shopping in person?

If there is a return privilege, it may not include the base. The mattress and frame may have different rules. Read the contract for each one.

In one case, the customer bought one of the more expensive brands when it was on clearance. She was advised her warranty would only be 10 years; not 25. Three years later she was told she had to pay the difference between the regular and clearance price, or the warranty wouldn’t be honored. Who would pay more than $1,000 more to exercise a warranty on a 3-year old bed that is failing?

At least one company asks you to have an independent photographer come to your house to take photographs for just $80 instead of accepting pictures taken by the owner of the mattress.

In another complaint, the customer reported that the store manager agreed the mattress should be returned but the mattress store had no control over the warranty. Remember, a furniture store is a middle man.

If you exchange a mattress purchased at a mattress store, you may have to pay delivery charges again.

In one case, the discount price increased if the mattress wasn’t paid in full within 90 days.

Restocking fees up to 25% are charged when you exercise an exchange or return a mattress.

Ask if they require you to pay for a mattress inspector if you need to file a claim under the warranty.

  • The cost can be almost $100
  • Some of them require you to be home the entire day waiting for them because they do not provide a window when they will arrive
  • Some attorneys are looking for claimants for a class action suit as a result of this practice. If they are successful, the practice may change, or it may be disclosed in the original contract.

Don’t rely on a price match guarantee!

Photograph the Mattress You Purchase in the Store

Complaints are full of customers who believe they received a different bed than the one in the showroom. The typical response is that it feels different because so many people have laid on it. Protect yourself against bait and switch with pictures of the mattress and the Law Tag.

Clearance Mattresses, Floor Models, and Discontinued Mattresses

All sales are final! Check all sides of the mattress in the store before you sign the contract. Take photographs to ensure the mattress is delivered in the same condition it is in when you purchase it.

Sleep Trials and Warranties are VOID on clearance mattresses, floor models, and discontinued mattresses. If the salesperson tells you otherwise, get it in writing signed by the store manager (not just the salesperson). Salespeople in mattress stores do not have the authority to approve changes to the warranty. Get the manager’s business card. If possible, record the conversation and keep the recording.

Apples-to-Apples Comparisons

If you want to compare mattresses the right way, you have to compare the features that matter the most. You can download our checklist to help you compare various mattresses.  It’s a useful checklist, whether you’re shopping in mattress stores or online. It includes:

Sleep Comfort Guarantee (Sleep Trial)

  • Returns allowed
  • Exchanges allowed
  • Duration
  • Restocking fees
  • Delivery fees and increases
  • Require mattress protector
  • Required wait time

Quality of coils

  • Coil count
  • Coil gauge
  • Material coils are made from
  • Type of coil
Core Foam

  • ILD Weight (important for durability)
  • Depth of Core Foam

 Weight of other foam layers

 Depth of other foam layers


  • Length
  • Pro-rated?
  • Limited?
  • Mattress Inspectors?
  •  Cost of Mattress Inspectors?
  • Fee to exchange defective mattress?
Air Flow – Sleep Coolness

  • Gel infused
  • Convoluted
  • Copper


  • Cost
  • Set-up?
  • How big are delivery windows?
  • Saturday deliveries?
  • On time delivery stats for store
  • Are delivery driver’s paid per delivery or by the hour?

Important Questions

You’ll also want to ask mattress stores to explain the following:

  1. Does the store charge restocking fees on exchanges or returns?
  2. How long do you have to cancel without penalty?
  3. Are there fees associated with deliveries if the mattress is defective?
  4. If you exchange for a less expensive mattress, can you be refunded the difference?
  5. Will you be allowed to exchange based on a sale price of the new mattress or only full retail price?
  6. Will your full order be delivered at the same time or will you have to take off work to wait for the delivery driver multiple times?

Don’t Trust Better Business Bureau Ratings – Dig Deeper

Why you won’t find BBB Ratings in this article 

There are several reasons you won’t find BBB ratings in this article.

BBB rates individual mattress stores. Some mattress stores have over 300 separate stores. I began researching the ratings with the intention of providing you with the range for all the mattress stores in this review. But after digging deeper and reading hundreds of customer complaints and the way they were resolved, my view of the usefulness of a BBB rating changed. Many stores were rated A+ but that seems to mean the store responded to every complaint. It doesn’t mean they responded by doing the right thing. We saw stores with an A+ BBB rating that:

bbb rating

  • Seemed to have a lot of complaints. Some mattress stores with an A+ BBB rating had a lot of complaints.
  • Didn’t resolve complaints in a way that seemed satisfactory to us (meaning the way I would want to be treated. Some mattress stores didn’t seem to try to help the customer even when it appeared the store had made a mistake or that their salesperson misrepresented the product.
  • Stores rated 1-starone starby customers could have an A+ BBB rating. Look at the example with an A+ and a 1.25 out of 5 on customer reviews. After repeatedly seeing mattress and furniture stores with good BBB ratings and poor customer reviews, I felt that just showing the BBB Rating was misleading.

The only way for a potential customer to get an accurate idea of how specific mattress stores treat its customers after the sale is for them to go to the BBB website before they make a purchase. Honestly, after reading so many complaints about the lack of service after the sale, harsh return policies, and rude delivery arrangements, I don’t think I’ll ever buy another mattress from a store. Mattresses sold by the manufacturer save money by not having a building and employees who work for commission, so they can afford to sell for less and stand behind their product.

Looking a store up on the Better Business Bureau is easy. All you need is the store name and location.

At a minimum, look at the customer reviews of local mattress stores on the BBB site as well as the consumer affairs site and Yelp before you shop at a mattress or furniture store.

After the Sale–Take Precautions

  1. Do not get rid of your existing mattress until you know you like your new mattress.
  2. Do not allow them to remove your old mattress until your new mattress is in place and satisfactory.
  3. Don’t trust the delivery date they give you. Some people ended up without a bed because they got rid of their mattress the day their new one was supposed to be delivered and then delivery was:
    • Delayed
    • The wrong item
    • Damaged
    • Never showed
    • Told at the last minute that the item is out of stock
  4. Mattress stores sometimes change the delivery date and show up without notice because no one calls to let the customer know the date changed.
  5. The mattress stores blame the manufacturer when delivery dates are delayed. When you buy online, you are dealing directly with the manufacturer. Most online mattress companies deliver anywhere in the continental United States within a week. Many people receive their new mattress within two days.
  6. In one case, the new bed was made wrong and didn’t fit on the frame, but the delivery crew had drug the old mattress in the mud when they crossed the yard so they couldn’t use it either.

During Delivery

Have a back-up plan

Things can and do go wrong with a delivery. Don’t back yourself into a corner by having nowhere else to sleep if you want to refuse delivery for any reason.

This is also important for off-gassing. People who are sensitive to off-gassing can’t sleep on some new mattresses for up to a week. Some mattresses suggest waiting 48-hours to use them after they are unwrapped.

There are many ways to make a mistake during delivery. These tips will save you from frustration and hassles.

  • Put your valuables away. Reports of theft are not uncommon.
  • Protect your floors (reports of damaged hardwoods are common) especially if you’re also buying a frame or an adjustable bed.
  • Protect your wall hangings by removing them. A mattress can easily knock a picture off the wall.
  • If the delivery drivers are hauling your old mattress away, do not allow them to remove it from your home until after you are positive you will accept delivery of the new mattress.
  • Do not accept delivery if the mattress is stained, soiled, or the Law Tag is not on the mattress as these will void your warranty
  • Check the stitching (tug on it)
  • Check any straps as they are usually not covered by the warranty
  • Do not allow the delivery people to remove the packaging before the mattress is in the room where you will use it. Carrying it through doorways can soil the mattress which voids the warranty.
  • Verify the mattress size. Some mattresses are made incorrectly, and their size doesn’t fit the frame.
  • Lay down on the mattress before you sign for the delivery.
  • Inspect all sides of the mattress. Look for stains, loose threads, or other damage.
  • One customer had the same item delivered four times. Every single time the piece they delivered was damaged. When he wanted to cancel in frustration, they told him it would be a 10% re-stocking fee even though they couldn’t seem to deliver the product without damage.
  • Look for a label that says “All-new materials.” Do not accept the mattress if this label is missing. Do not remove the label.
  • If you refuse delivery, take photos of your reason(s).

Being nice and polite is fine but this is a bad time to be a pushover. Stand firm. If you don’t think you can stand firm and refuse delivery if something seems wrong, have a friend with you who will be willing to refuse delivery if there is a problem.

In the hundreds of delivery-related complaints about mattress stores that I read, it was common to see the delivery company pointing at the mattress and the mattress company pointing at the delivery company. No one wanted to be responsible for damage by the delivery drivers even though the driver admitted he caused the damage.

You should know that the delivery drivers are often not employed by the furniture store. You have every right to ask them for information about their employer before they bring furniture into your home including verification that they have workmen’s compensation insurance.

It’s best if you do this ahead of time. When you sign the delivery receipt you are signing that everything is okay. It is legally binding.

If something is wrong do not sign it. Your ability to fix the situation decreases as soon as you sign for the delivery.

Delivery Issues – Partial Shipments

Some of the complaints involved situations where a partial shipment was delivered (i.e. bed without the frame, frame without the mattress, or mattress cover without the mattress). Once all the parts were present, if the customer didn’t like it, they would deny their right to return parts that were delivered first because they had them too long even though they were unusable without all the parts.

Things to watch out for Bed Bugs in New Furniture

Several of the mattress stores had a series of customer complaints about bed bug infestations arriving with new furniture. None of the mattress stores accepted responsibility for the infestations. All these mattress stores offered a service where they picked up old mattresses when they deliver new ones. We urge caution accepting delivery of a mattress from stores that do this because it is too easy for bed bugs to travel from the old mattress to the delivery staff to your bedroom. The complaints seemed to be clustered around the same dates with gaps in between where there weren’t any reports of infestations which is what you’d expect to see if they had a problem with bed bugs.

While having my old mattress picked up when my new one is delivered sounds convenient, I wouldn’t buy a mattress from a company that picks up old mattresses and puts them on the same truck they use to deliver new mattresses. The potential that bed bugs could travel from an old mattress to my new mattress is too much of a risk. Bed bug infestations are expensive and difficult to eradicate. It’s not worth the risk.

Read related:

Taking Time Off to Wait for Delivery

Although an adult always has to be home for white glove delivery service, most online mattress purchases can be left on your porch. You aren’t inconvenienced by having to be home to accept the delivery. All the brick and mortar mattress stores want you to be home even if you are buying a foam mattress.

One customer took the day off to wait for delivery and all they delivered was the mattress protector; not the mattress. Another day off was required for a second delivery.  Splitting deliveries into more than one delivery date is a common problem based on the reviews. If you lose pay waiting for deliveries, this adds to the cost of your mattress. There were a lot of complaints about deliveries not being made as scheduled and no communication from the company which meant the customer took the day off to wait for a delivery that never arrived.

Last Resorts on Mattress Stores

If you buy from Brick and Mortar mattress stores and end up in a mattress nightmare, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, the attorney general in your state, or write a review on Yelp. I read tons of Yelp reviews and the mattress stores seem to monitor and respond to people who write bad reviews so that might help you get resolution when nothing else is working.

Budget-Friendly Tips

Buy cheap and save money to buy a better-quality mattress when you can pay cash. Financing a $1,000 mattress at 29.99% interest means you’ll pay almost $2,000 for a mattress that won’t last as long as it should for the money you’re spending. You would be better off buying a cheap mattress to get you by while you save money to pay cash for a quality mattress.

Best Deals, Clearance, Close-Out, and Discontinued Mattress Deals

Industry practice is that price matching policies exclude online sales and clearance, closeout, and discontinued mattress prices. Manufacturers may, and often do, contract with the online mattress to sell their closeout and clearance inventories. The online sites may offer the same mattress at drastically reduced prices that you’ll never find in a brick and mortar store. While online stores may also have more restrictive policies on discontinued mattresses, you’ll pay less than you will at brick and mortar mattress stores if you shop online. They may have better exchange policies since online stores have a greater need to maintain a stellar reputation. People trust more easily when they can touch and feel the product before they buy it. Because of this, online stores work harder to build and maintain a good reputation. The result is better customer service after the sale.


Don’t use layaway. Use a savings account instead. There is no advantage to you when you use layaway. If another store has a better deal your money will be tied up where you have your layaway account. The terms of the layaway can cost you money and the opportunity for a better deal.

On-Time Delivery

In the reviews we read, complaints about delivery not being on time were common. It makes sense that someone having a sleepless night because they don’t have a bed to sleep in would complain. The typical response from the mattress stores was that it was the manufacturer’s fault and out of their control. Some of the furniture and mattress stores will even charge a re-stocking fee if you cancel when the delivery date is changed. In reading thousands of reviews for mattresses sold online, only one mattress had a consistent problem with online delivery and that was not long after it was introduced when demand exceeded their expectations, an issue that has since been resolved. Another online brand doesn’t build the mattress until the customer orders, but their website makes it clear that it will take about three weeks to receive the mattress.

The bottom line is that if you need a mattress by a specific date, your options are limited:

  1. Buy a mattress that is currently in stock at the store and pick it up yourself. If you choose this option and buy a floor model, be sure you understand how that limits your warranty.
  2. Buy a mattress online on a site where the mattresses are consistently delivered within a stated window (usually 7 days or less unless the mattress isn’t manufactured until it is ordered).

Price Match Guarantees are Useless

Mattress Stores deliberately make Apples-to-Apples comparisons nearly Impossible

Many mattress stores promote the fact that they will price match. Consumers have an expectation of what price matching means from our experiences with less expensive items. Price matching ads are useless. Although mattress stores carry the same mattresses, they uniquely brand them with names that means no one else carries the same mattress. Mattress stores also fail to provide sufficient detail about the number of coils, coil gauge, ILD of the foam (weight), and the exact materials used to identify the mattress when it is being sold under a different name.

  • Slumber Well at store #1 might be named Good Slumber at store #2. They will also change the pattern or color of the mattress cover to further confuse buyers into believing the important aspects of the mattress are different.

Here are some of the way’s mattress stores ensure you won’t find a lower price:

  • Each store brands their mattresses differently. The same Serta mattress can have many different names depending on which store offers it for sale.
  • Individually branded mattresses may look different because the design of the mattress cover is changed even though everything inside is identical.
  • When free gifts are offered, the price match has to be for an identical offer. Mattress stores give away a free pillow or a free mattress protector, to make sure the sales offering is not identical. This tactic helps mattress stores avoid honoring price match guarantees.
  • If one mattress store offers free delivery and the other offers a free gift, the mattress store deals aren’t identical.

Although you might be able to do a lot of research and identify an identical mattress using the specs of the mattress, they will resist honoring the price match. It is easier to resign yourself to the fact that price matches are worthless and just don’t let the assurance of a price match prod you into buying before you have done all your research. That’s the point of offering it—they want you to buy when you are in the store. They know the chance of getting your money is much lower once you walk out the door.

Brick and Mortar Mattress Stores Make Comparisons Difficult

Mattress and furniture stores are not forthcoming with the specifications for each mattress. Compare the two mattress descriptions below. The one on the left is typical of descriptions on mattress store websites. It is full of undefined words and while it gives you the sense you’ve read something complicated, it leaves you without any information you could use to compare what you read to any other description.

The goal mattress stores have is for you to buy the mattress. They don’t care if you can accurately compare it to other mattresses so you can choose the best mattress for you. The typical store doesn’t have any skin in the game when it comes to your satisfaction. The sales person is working on a commission. They aren’t worried about whether you will come back and buy a mattress from them in 8 – 10 years. The store carries multiple brands so they can blame problems on the mattress rather than accept responsibility for the products they sell.

Manufacturers that offer generous sleep trials when they sell direct to the public via their websites have skin in the game. If the customer isn’t satisfied, most of them provide a full refund including shipping.

Unlike mattress stores that limit the customer to exchanging for another mattress that the store sells so they still get the sale. Because they want to help you chose a mattress that will work well for your sleep needs, they provide information that helps you compare their mattress to other available mattresses.

Mattress Store “Specifications” Details Online Store “Specifications” Details
Read through the following description. After reading it, what, specifically, do you know about the mattress?

• Do you know the ILD of the Core Foam?


The ILD of the core foam plays a major role in how durable the mattress will be. When you know the ILD, you know something about how the mattress will perform over time.


• Do you know the thickness of the core layer or any other layer?

That will tell you something about how firm the mattress is—another important factor for comparison.

This description leaves you in the dark with feel good words designed to elicit an emotional decision.

Read through the following description from an online store. After reading it, what specifically, do you know about the mattress?

• Do you know the ILD of the Core Foam?

Yes, you know the core foam has an ILD of 2.5 which is very good for a core layer.


• Do you know the thickness of the other core layer or any other layer?

Certainly, you know the core foam is 5” thick and there are two other layers, 3” of gel memory foam to help dissipate body heat and a 2” air flow layer that will further help you sleep cool.

You also know that the total height of the mattress is 10”.

Typical Mattress Store Description:

 -TEMPUR-Breeze Cooling -TEMPUR material -Pure Cool Comfort -Premium Fabric Cover -Antimicrobial Treatment -Provides a cooler sleeping invironment -Cooling Cover -Ultra-Breathable Cover

PureCool: State of the art technology fused to top TEMPUR comfort layer delivers significant improvement in initial and long-term cooling.EXCLUSIVE TO TEMPUR-PEDIC:

Ultra-Breathable Design: Improved design – allows humidity and heat to migrate away from sleeper

Maintains exclusive TEMPUR-Climate Material (TCM) as support layer

Cooling Cover: Lighter weight fabrics maintain highly demonstrable “cool to touch” sensation

New designs signal “cool,” “breathable,” “premium,” and “comfortable” to target consumers

TEMPUR-Breeze™ works via core-layer and cover cooling technology to deliver the ultimate in cool comfort & all night support

Typical Online Description from a Manufacturer who sells directly:

10″ Pacific Breeze            GEL Memory Foam Mattress

Luxurious 4-Way Stretch Cover with Advanced Cooling Properties

• Optimum Wicking and Capillary Effects

3″ Cool Bliss GEL 4.0lb Memory Foam

Patented gel technology dissipates body heat much faster than competitor’s foam

Greater pressure relief promoting reduced tossing and turning for deeper, sound sleep

Highly breathable – rapidly channels heat away from the body

Greater compression brings greater support resulting in superior comfort without the traditional memory foam “bottom-out” under heavy loads.

Great pressure relief and comfort through a wide range of temperatures resulting in uniform comfort in both cool and warm environments.

Hypoallergenic& emits no chemical odors

Longer lifespan than average memory foam

2″ High Density 2.5lb Air Flow Layer

Built-in internal ventilation for channeling heat away from the body

5″ High Density 2.5lb Supportive Mattress Core

Higher density polyurethane than the industry average; prevents sagging

$3,799.99 Queen They were sold out of the Queen, $1,149 for the California King (1/13/19)

You cannot compare apples-to-apples when you don’t have the ILD (weight) of the layers of the mattress. Fancy, made-up words describing each layer don’t tell you anything meaningful.

The above mattresses are foam. The descriptions of innerspring and hybrid mattresses at the stores are equally vague. They might mention how many coils a mattress has but coil count is meaningless if you do not also know the type and gauge of the metal used to manufacture the coils and the type of coil (i.e. Bonnell (hourglass), continuous wire, or individually pocked spring coils.

Which mattress you’ll spend over 20,000 hours on during the next decade is an important decision. You deserve complete information, so you can make an informed decision.

Insurance Company

They all seem to use the same insurance company. Guardsman insurance seems to be the same company all the mattress stores use.

Online Stores Offer Financing

Some people may feel they have to buy from mattress stores because they need to finance the purchase. Online stores offer to finance with easy terms.

We recommend online Manufacturers

After reading thousands of reviews and complaints about the quality, service, and lack of customer friendliness after the sale at brick and mortar mattress and furniture stores, I am more convinced than ever that, for most people, buying directly from the manufacturer will have a better outcome at a lower price. I’ve read thousands of customer reviews from satisfied customers who purchased their mattress online and haven’t seen any of the problems I saw while reading reviews for mattresses purchased in brick and mortar mattress, furniture, and department stores.

Mattress stores have put a lot of time and effort into putting the entire risk of buying a mattress on the customer. The new entrants to the market, the manufacturers who sell direct to the customer, are working harder to earn their customer’s trust and build a reputation for being a reliable source of quality mattresses that keep their word. They can sell higher quality at a lower price because they aren’t paying for real estate or employees who work on commission.

The Online Advantage

We’ve reviewed the policies of many online mattress companies as well as the mattresses they sell. Additionally, you can read detailed reviews that make comparing mattresses from the comfort of your home easy. Add their generous sleep night guarantees that give you the opportunity to try the mattress in your home at no risk and you have a winning combination.

  1. No restocking fees!
  2. Free Shipping – even if you return the mattress!
  3. Money back—not just an exchange!
  4. Most do not require you to take time off work to meet the delivery driver.
  5. There are mattresses for every type of sleep need including:
    • Eco-friendly mattresses
    • Side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers
    • Individuals who are dealing with back, shoulder, or hip pain
    • People who want or need an adjustable bed
    • People who need a different firmness level on each side of the bed
    • People who need a very low-priced mattress
    • People who want the best mattress money can buy
    • People who need financing
    • Foam, innerspring, latex, hybrid, and air mattresses
    • Long warranties
    • Socially conscious companies that give back

Online stores to consider

We recommend purchasing directly from the manufacturer because:

  • You won’t get into a situation where the manufacturer points to the store as the party responsible for a problem and the store points to the manufacturer. Having a problem with a large purchase is bad enough. In the final analysis, having a problem with a large purchase when no one will accept responsibility is a nightmare.
  • Generally, it will cost less to purchase directly from the manufacturer. Certainly, no one is involved in the process without an expectation of earning a profit. For one thing, if you buy directly from the manufacturer, they are the only ones earning a profit. For one thing, if you buy from one of the mattress stores we reviewed, both the store and the manufacturer earn a profit so they must charge more for the same product so they can pay everyone.
  • Manufacturers tend to have better sleep trials and easier return policies (there are some exceptions so read our reviews before you buy).

Mattress stores that want to survive will have to begin offering free sleep trials and no hassle returns. It’s no surprise that three of the mattress stores on our list have been in bankruptcy during the past year. Fortunately, more people are waking up to the fact that they don’t have to bear the risk of choosing the wrong mattress.