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Nolah Mattress Review: Who Should Buy It And Who Should Not

Nolah Mattresses are way better than the memory foams and latex and you can enjoy cooler sleep with improved pressure relief properties as well as durability. The company makes their beds without using any harmful chemicals that can trap the heat within the bed and because of this, you sleep hot. Well, this is not the case with Nolah because they are not made with any visco chemicals. These AirFoams ensure that you wake up the next day fresh after a good night’s sleep.

Key Characteristics of Nolah Mattress

  • Nolah is highly recommended for people who prefer to sleep on their sides.
  • With your purchase, you will be able to four months of risk-free trial and can return the mattress if you are not satisfied with the performance.
  • Nolah has a very neat design and they look very elegant even if you use them without any bed sheets.
  • The manufacturing of the beds does not involve the use of any hazardous chemicals or harmful techniques.
  • The bouncy support of Nolah will envelop your body while nurturing it and regulating the temperature throughout your stay in the bed.
  • These beds are way more bouncy and cooler as compared to the regular memory foam mattresses due to a combination of the responsive memory foams and the bouncy latex foam.
  • The company has used a unique technology that provides numerous air pockets for better airflow throughout all the layers.

Nolah is good for you if

  • You are a side sleeper because they are softer than your average bed-in-the-box.
  • You are looking for good value for your money because Nolah is only available online and the company doesn’t have to bear the costs of the display to keep the prices affordable for you.
  • You prefer to sleep cool because the AirFoam layer at the top is very cool and soothing for a foam bed.
  • You like responsive bounce because the Avena Foam support layer works just like latex but it does not retain any heat and keep the foam responsive.

Nolah isn’t good for you if

  • You are short on a budget because Nolah is fairly priced beds that offer good quality and long-lasting durability, but there are other low priced products available too.
  • You prefer a firm mattress and like to sleep on your back or your stomach. Nolah is softer than standard memory foams.


Structure of nolah mattressStructure of nolah mattress

Nolah has knitted Natural Viscose Cover that is made of wood pulps. It looks very elegant and also feels soft to touch. The cover can absorb moisture and it is also capable of dissipates excessive body heat to provide maximum comfort to you during your sleeping time. Nolah are 10-inch thick and have three-layered foam design which includes the following,

  • The top layer that is 2-inch of pressure relief Nolah AirFoam with 2.5 lb per square feet density.
  • The support layer that is 1-inch Avena Foam similar to latex with 4 lb per square feet density.
  • The base layer that is 7-inch High-Density Polyurethane Foam with 1.8 lb per square feet density.

The 2-inch Cooling Nolah AirFoam layer emphasizes especially on the pressure relief characteristics of the bed and it is the sleep surface of the mattress. The cooling layer is not sensitive to temperatures just like memory foams, therefore; it does a great job to regulate your body temperature while contouring your body.

Next is the support Avena Foam layer that is 1-inch in thickness.  The Avena foam works just like latex but it is different altogether. Avena is more durable and stronger than latex plus it also plays a significant role to generate a responsive bounce to give you a feel of sleeping in the clouds with a pleasant experience.

The high-density base layer at the bottom is 7-inch thick and is of the best quality material made in the US. You will find it to be one of the most durable stuff than most of the foams that you can find on the market and it will last for many years to come which means that you can enjoy your rest time with the piece of your mind too.


When we talk about comfort, Nolah offers medium level firmness and you will feel that these beds are neither too firm nor too soft. The medium firmness is the just the right feel that you can expect from a mattress. The best part is it can accommodate the requirements and preferences of any sleeper if we consider the shape and weight of the body. However, in a few days’ time, you might feel it slightly on the softer side and for that reason, Nolah is best suited for the people who like to sleep on their sides.

However, due to this firmness level, it is not the ideal type of bed for the people who prefer sleeping on their stomachs or backs. Hence, if you like to sleep on softer mattresses and also prefer bouncier surface then you are going to love Nolah due to the Avena foam layer in the middle which works just like latex but makes sure that your body stays cool while you are in the bed.


Noah’s top cooling layer is designed to sort the issues associated with pressure relief and for this reason, it is the sleep surface of the bed too. This layer is not temperature sensitive and can regulate your body temperature all night long making you sleep cool and wake up fresh in the morning. The support layer also works like latex but it is more durable and stronger and it also makes the bed more responsive as compared to latex.


If you prefer to sleep on plush foam beds then Nolah is going to work wonders for you because it keeps you cool all night long and you can also sleep on your side with ease and comfort. The strong base layers ensure that the mattress retains its shape after years of use which increases the durability of the product.

Value for Money

The Nolah comes at fairly competitive rates especially if you compare the quality of the products that you receive. The price varies with size and you can choose the right option based on your choice. The rates and sizes of Nolah mattresses are listed below,


The greatest benefit that Nolah has is that you can sleep very cool and calm in them. This mostly due to the Avena Foam support layer in the middle, the bed has plenty of airflows and it does not retain any heat at all. The covering sheet also has a significant role to play here. This sheet can accumulate body moisture and regulate the overall temperature enabling you to sleep with relaxing comfort and wakeup active the next day.

Motion Isolation

Nolah has a design in such a manner that there is almost no motion transfer from one edge of the bed to the other which makes them the best-suited option for the people who sleep with their partner. If you or your partner moves around a lot during the night then with Nolah, you don’t have to worry much about waking each other up in the middle of the sleep.


At the initial stage when you have just unpacked your new Nolah, you might experience some off-gassing. But don’t worry because the smell will fade away in a few hours. In this regard, Nolah is not your worst-case scenarios but they are not the best ones either.


The cover materials and the foam itself are entirely manufactured in the US and provide high durability. Nolah is made in the USA and the materials come from eight different factories that are located all across the globe.

The shipment, Warranty, and trial

Nolah is an excellent product that is delivered to your doorstep in a box. The company makes all the deliveries free of cost. When you open your box, the mattress can conveniently be placed in the bed frame or any flat surface.

If there is the case that you are not fully satisfied with your purchase then the company offers you 120 Nights Trial before you can decide whether to keep the mattress or return it for a full refund. The company offers a 15-year limited warranty as well against any issues associated with the quality of the materials or craftsmanship.



The company ensures that its mattresses comply with all the quality standards and for this reason; it is certified under CertiPUR-US. It means that the mattresses are guaranteed free of any harmful chemicals or substances.

Additional Advantage

Nolah is equipped with a high quality knitted viscose covers that are 100% natural. These beds are among the few options that have a complete luxury cover encasing. There is a black cover at the bottom and a white one on the top which adds to the classy look of these mattresses.

Final Verdict

When it comes to bed-in-the-box mattresses, Nolah is extremely comfortable. It is made of various kinds of foams including Avena Foam which works just like latex but doesn’t have any harmful chemicals. However, it does feel to be a bit softer than average and for this reason, it provides excellent pressure relief which makes it ideal for the people who prefer to sleep on the sides.