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The Original Mattress Factory Review: Do They Break Your Bank?

The Original Mattress Factory (OMF) is among the leading producers and distributors of high-quality mattresses and bedding accessories, including foam mattresses, pillow-top mattresses, daybeds, headboards, adjustable beds, and various other types of bedding items. Since the year 1990, the firm has been actively serving its customers with 11 factories and over 100 showrooms.

The management of the company has a straightforward mission, and that is to produce high-quality products for customers and sell the products directly to them. With this approach, the OMF eliminates the middleman and provides real value for their customers and their money.

If you require a comfortable mattress that doesn’t break your bank, and which also guarantees a quality sleep whenever you lay down on it, then visit one of The Original Mattress Factory stores. The company promises you a good night’s sleep, so that you can wake up the next day feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

The mattresses from The Original Mattress Factory are made of premium quality materials and contents. The company is committed to providing customers with high-quality products that can last a very long time. For this reason, the company has been testing all its products and researching to find modern technologies.

The test center is situated in their Cleveland Factory, which is a high-profile facility equipped with cutting-edge technologies. There are three different testing stations in this test center that are used for testing current products of the company, as well as competing products. The test center also assesses new designs, variations, and different component materials.

The company conducts all their tests under the strict quality assurance standards set by ASTM international standards to evaluate the performance of the products, both before and after the testing procedures. The key performance indicators include firmness, change in firmness, surface profile, change in surface profile, conditions, and product appearance, as well as component assessment via Teardown Inspection.

We have developed this article to ensure that you don’t get confused due to different mattress options that The Original Mattress Factory offers. With this guide, you can easily choose and order the right mattress for you and your family today. It is vital that you read the article in its totality, as it also includes reviews of different products from The Original Mattress Factory and guides you in finding the right mattress for you – that one mattress that you have desired for so long.

Things you need to know about “The Original Mattress Factory” brand

The brand came into being with a sole purpose, which is embedded within the nine-point philosophy of the company. The nine-point theory of The Original Mattress Company highlights the virtues and principles that the management follows.

features of original mattress factory brandfeatures of original mattress factory brand

This philosophy is also well understood by all the employees of the firm in order for them to deliver high-quality service to customers and strive for excellence. The organizational culture of integrity and value is sourced from this philosophy, which enables the firm to make products that are “built right and built to last,” which creates a win-win situation for the business and its customers.

  • The Original Mattress Company does not compromise on integrity.
  • The company strives for excellence in everything it does.
  • The company treats its customers with courtesy and offers them true value for their money.
  • The Original Mattress Company rewards its employees, so they are motivated to continue delivering outstanding service to customers.
  • The firm ensures a win-win situation for all stakeholders.
  • The Original Mattress Company trains all its employees to develop better products and services for their customers.
  • The management only puts emphasis on the core operations of the business.
  • The Company closely follows the demands of the customers and tries to design products to address those requirements.
  • The management believes in the idea of running the company with the best intentions, and due to this, will reap the rewards.

The Original Mattress Company emphasizes the fact that most people buy Mattresses from retail stores where these items are selling for the second time. In other words, factories manufacture the Mattresses and sell them to the retailers, and then the retailers sell them to the customers. For this reason, these mattresses are very expensive, as their costs and markups are very high.

To solve this issue, The Original Mattress Company has come up with a strategy, and that is to manufacture all products and accessories locally and sell them in its showrooms. Consequently, you get access to high-quality mattresses at a very competitive rate, as there are no additional costs or markups in the prices from The Original Mattress Company.

Selling high-quality products at a very competitive price is a strategic advantage of the company that sets it apart from the competition. The company has been efficiently handling its chain of operations, including manufacturing, displaying, selling, and distribution.

A Brief Comparison of Some Mattresses from The Original Mattress Company

Displayed below are some mattresses that you can buy from The Original Mattress Company. Each has specific functionality to cater to your sleep requirements. We have compiled a table for your convenience to compare some of the bestselling designs from The Original Mattress Company

Mattress Type Available Sizes Dimensions Available Choices Thickness Tolerance Coil Count Warranty
  • Twin,
  • Twin XL, Full,
  • Queen,
  • King
  • 38”x75”,
  • 38”x80”,
  • 53”x75”,
  • 60”x80”,
  • 76”x80”.
Classic One, Classic Plush, Classic Eurotop, Classic Luxury Firm, 7” – 10 ½“


± ½”
  • Twin = 216
  • Full = 312
  • Queen = 390
  • King = 468


10 years
  • Twin,
  • Twin XL,
  • Full,
  • Queen,
  • King,
  • California King
  • 38”x75”,
  • 38”x80”,
  • 53”x75”,
  • 60”x80”
  • 76”x80”,
  • 72”x84.”
Regency Sapphire Eurotop, Regency Sapphire 10” – 11.”
  • ± ½”
  • Twin = 450
  • Full = 660
  • Queen = 800
  • King = 1015


10 years (Non-Prorated)
  • Twin,
  • Twin XL,
  • Full,
  • Queen,
  • King,
  • California King
  • 38”x75”,
  • 38”x80”,
  • 53”x75”,
  • 60”x80”
  • 76”x80”,
  • 72”x84”.
  • Orthopedic Ultra Firm, Orthopedic Luxury Firm, Orthopedic Ultra Plush,
  • Orthopedic Pillow Top, Orthopedic Premier Super
  • Orthopedic Extra Firm,
  • Pillow Top, Orthopedic Euro top
10 ½” – 16.” ± ½”
  • Twin = 275
  • Full = 400
  • Queen = 486
  • King = 621
12 Years (Non-Prorated)
  • Twin,
  • Twin XL,
  • Full,
  • Queen,
  • King,
  • California King
  • 38”x75”,
  • 38”x80”,
  • 53”x75”,
  • 60”x80”
  • 76”x80”,
  • 72”x84”.
Serenity, Serenity Latex, Serenity Plush, 10 ½” ± ½” 12 Years (Non-Prorated)
  • Full XL,
  • Twin XL,
  • 3/4 Short,
  • 3/4
  • Super Single,
  • California Queen
  • California King
  • 53”x80”,
  • 38”x80”,
  • 48”x72”,
  • 48”x75”,
  • 46.5”x81”
  • 60”x84”,
  • 72”x84”.
± ½” 10 Years (Non-Prorated)

Reviews For 6 Best Sellers

Orthopedic Premier Super Pillow Top

Orthopedic Premier Super Pillow TopOrthopedic Premier Super Pillow Top

Overview – The Orthopedic mattresses from The Original Mattress Factory provide you with superior comfort, along with extra support and durability. There are seven models available in this range, and one of the best among these is the Orthopedic Premier Super Pillow Top mattress. This mattress has a two-sided design that comes with stitched cotton padding.

Features – The Mattresses come in four different sizes and coil count variations. These include the following sizes and numbers of coils: twin with 275 coil counts, full with 400, queen with 486, and king with 621. The mattress and the box spring have a two-sided design that enables you to use the mattress on both sides by flipping it on a timely basis. This feature keeps them functioning for a long time to come.

layers and structureslayers and structures

This mattress is 15” thick, with a tolerance of a half-inch, as well. The box springs are 8” high, while you can also request low-profile box springs. The Orthopedic Premier Super Pillow Top is equipped with a fabric insulator, along with a polyurethane foam mattress topper.

It is also equipped with synthetic fiber and quilted cotton batting for extra comfort. The quilted panel features a premium damask fabric cover, as well, to keep the mattress smooth and soft. The handles are stitched in such a fashion that they don’t pull out during turning.


  • The mattress and the box springs are equipped with OMF Exclusive Orthopedic Innerspring with 12¾” gauges.
  • It also features knotted offset coils with a 6-gauge border rod and six turns.
  • The Mattresses boast FR fiber, as well as a quilted panel with a fabric cover.
  • It has handles that don’t pull out when you turn your mattress.
  • It also features convoluted, as well as super soft, polyurethane foam mattress


  • It has minimal motion transfer.

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Orthopedic Ultra Firm

Orthopedic Ultra FirmOrthopedic Ultra Firm

Overview – The Orthopedic Ultra Firm Mattresses have the best offset innerspring system from The Original Mattress Factory. All these products include double-sided designs that come with cotton padding and handles stitched into the mattress for easy handling and turning. The Orthopedic box springs boast four-fold modules of torsion equipped with additional wire, as well as an extra wood slat that absorbs shock and provides support to your back.

Features – The Orthopedic Ultra Firm mattress and box spring come with tight top designs with double-sided construction. It enables the mattress to perform for an impressively long time. You can flip your mattress over to continue enjoying the soothing comfort that your body deserves. The thickness of the mattress is 11” with a tolerance of ± ½.”

structure of Orthopedic Ultra Firmstructure of Orthopedic Ultra Firm


  • It is equipped with blended-cotton felt insulator padding.
  • The skid-resistant fabric cover ensures that your mattress doesn’t skid away from its place.
  • It also features four-fold torsion module grids to absorb shock and make it durable.
  • You can buy it in assorted sizes and coil counts.
  • It is also equipped with stitched-in handles for easy maneuvering.


  • For some people, the mattress may feel too firm.

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Serenity Plush

Serenity PlushSerenity Plush

Overview – The Serenity Plush mattresses from The Original Mattress Factory provide you with a unique feeling that is combined with superior comfort. The Mattresses in the Serenity range offer excellent durability and support, and you will continue to love using them for a lengthy time. The design features high-density polyurethane that forms the core of the box spring and the mattress. These models also house latex foam, as well as high-density memory foam.

Features – The Serenity Plush design comes in different sizes which include twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. These Mattresses are one-sided because they have distinct layering. Serenity Plush comes with tight top construction, and its thickness is 10 ½”, with a tolerance of ± ½.” This mattress is equipped with high-density memory foam that is 5” thick, and you can also choose your density level to be either 8lbs or 5lbs.

structure of Serenity Plushstructure of Serenity Plush

The Mattresses also feature surface-modified technology to boost the comfort that it provides to your back and body. It also houses an air-flow layer for additional support. The mattress has a high-quality knit cover with an FR sock. It is also enriched with a skid-resistant fabric cover. Additionally, it is equipped with two high-density memory foam toppers, along with a polyurethane foam topper, as well as two Talatech foam toppers with high densities.


  • The Serenity Plush mattress and box spring are available in various sizes.
  • It is equipped with different high-density foam toppers to provide you with that additional support that your back needs.
  • It also features a tight top construction design.
  • The thickness of the mattress is 10 ½”, which includes a half-inch tolerance, as well.
  • You can also choose the density level of your foam.


  • It is a one-sided mattress and cannot be flipped.

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Serenity Latex

Serenity LatexSerenity Latex

Overview – The Serenity Latex Mattresses from The Original Mattress Factory are equipped with additional wiring that is attached to the four-fold torsion sections for extra comfort. An added wood slat is also incorporated into the design to ensure that the mattress and the box spring remain shock-absorbent.

Features – The thickness of the mattress is 10 ½”, with a tolerance of ± ½,” and it comes with a 12-year non-prorated warranty, as well. Serenity Latex is available in various sizes, ranging from twin and twin XL to King and California King designs. It is equipped with a high-density foam core, along with memory foam toppers that range from 8ILD to 14ILD, and with a density that ranges from 4.7lb/ft3 to 8.4lb/ft3.

structure of Serenity Latexstructure of Serenity Latex

The Mattresses in Serenity Latex also boast air-flow technology, with a specially designed knit cover that is very soft on your body. The blended-cotton felt insulator pad keeps the mattress balanced at all times with its double-sided construction. It also features the special sinuous-wire springs, which are very useful in providing strength to the corners.

These mattresses also feature handles that are stitched, which ensures that they don’t break when you are flipping the mattress over. They are best suited for people who have backaches because they are equipped with a design that contours to the body shape.


  • It boasts a high-density foam core.
  • It also incorporates high-density memory foam toppers with densities ranging from 4.7lb/ft3 to 8.4lb/ft3.
  • The Serenity Latex features a Talatech Talalay Latex Dual Comfort foam topper, as well.
  • The double-sided design construction enables you to use the mattress from both sides, which increases its durability.
  • It also bolsters four-fold torsion grid modules to absorb shock.


  • It provides minimal motion transfer.

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Classic Plush

Classic PlushClassic Plush

Overview – The Classic Plush Mattresses from The Original Mattress Factory can provide excellent durability and support at very affordable and competitive prices. This design bolsters a Bonnell innerspring system that is required for a top-notch performance that can last for years. The innerspring system also ensures that the shock absorption capability of the mattress and box spring remains intact.

Features – The Classic Plush Mattresses have thicknesses ranging from 7” to 10 ½”, with a half-inch of tolerance. The mattress and the box spring are both covered under a 10-year warranty on a prorated basis for if, in the rare case, you have any issues with the workmanship and materials of the product.

structure of Classic Plushstructure of Classic Plush

The mattresses come in various sizes, including twin, full, queen, and king. These sizes have different coil counts, as well, that range from 216 coils for a twin-size mattress, to 468 coils for the king-size mattress. The Classic Plush mattresses are padded similarly on both sides, and you can flip them, as well, which is incredibly beneficial in boosting the lifespan of your mattress.

It also boasts a classic innerspring system with 13-gauge knotted Bonnell coil. The mattress also houses a convoluted polyurethane topper, as well as a super-soft polyurethane topper. It is also equipped with blended-cotton felt insulator padding for added comfort.


  • It has a quilted panel that features a damask fabric with FR fiber.
  • It has both convoluted and super-soft polyurethane foam toppers.
  • The mattress and box spring also feature blended-cotton felt insulator padding.
  • The mattress comes in various sizes, including twin, full, queen, and king.
  • The mattress is double-sided, so you can enhance its durability by flipping it over.


  • There are some complaints regarding the innerspring system of the mattress.

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Regency Sapphire

Regency SapphireRegency Sapphire

Overview – The Regency Sapphire Mattresses offer long-lasting durability and comfort. This mattress model is enriched with an offset innerspring system – plus, it is equipped with handles which helps in flipping between sides of the mattress. It is a double-sided mattress.

Features – The mattress and box spring in the Regency Sapphire incorporate a working box spring with a wood slat to boost the support system. It has the Regency innerspring system with a 14½-gauge offset coil that has five turns and a rod with a 6-gauge border. It is also equipped with a convoluted polyurethane topper, and a blended-cotton felt insulator pad.

structure of Regency Sapphirestructure of Regency Sapphire

It also features an FR inner liner and a quilted panel. The Mattresses also have handles that are stitched in so that you can use both sides of it with ease and can maneuver it comfortably. The outer side of the mattress also features a skid-resistant fabric cover that fits on your bed quickly.

The box springs also come with Amish-built frames made of wood, and they also feature 1”x3” cross slats and 1”x4” side slats. Box springs have an approximate height of 8”, but you can also order small size box springs with a height of 5” for additional charges.


  • The Regency Sapphire box springs and mattresses come in a variety of sizes and coil counts.
  • It features a 14 ½-gauge offset coil with a 6-gauge border rod and five turns.
  • The Mattresses are equipped with handles for easily flipping over the mattress.
  • The quilted panels of the mattress and box springs have a damask fabric cover with skid-resistant technology.
  • Regency Sapphire also boasts convoluted polyurethane foam toppers.


  • There are some minor complaints associated with the innerspring system of the mattress.

You can click here for additional information about the product.

Wrap up

Most local brands offer warranties that range from 3 years on promotional items to 10 years on premium items. The guarantees of all products mentioned above have warranties of 10 or more years. However, there are no issues related to the quality of the materials and workmanship associated with The Original Mattress Company.

The brand has created its own identity, and the customers that have used it are delighted with the performance of their Mattresses. If you have never bought a mattress from this company, then try one today. We guarantee that it will meet your requirements to the fullest. You can also click the links provided above to buy the finest mattress for a sound sleep.