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Sweet Zzz Mattress Review: Feel, Performance, Sleeping Experience And More!

In the rapidly changing world today where everyone is busy joining the race of adapting to the changes, people often overwork. They do not realize that when they are giving so much for a better future, their present is important too. They tend to neglect their health and comfort. They forget how important it is to wake up fresh after a sound sleep so that they can join the survival of the fittest race nowadays.  To that end, their well-wishing company Sweet ZZZ worked day and night to bring to the peace, comfort and good health. One of the finest mattress producing company, Sweet ZZZ aims to provide its customers with just the right bedding to make lives comfortable.

Planning, analyses, designing, development, testing, implementation and maintenance are the seven steps that Sweet ZZZ Mattress Company took in the making of the perfect mattress, as they call it. The company, unlike many other brands, did not just make a product right away. Rather, they conducted a thorough research in order to construct the desired product.

For years, they tested mattresses from different companies to observe what qualities they offered and what flaws they contained. After spending an ample amount of time they were finally able to build a mattress comprising of qualities that all popular brands had, yet having no flaws that each of them possessed.

With excellent planning and thorough analyses of user requirements, they made a series of mattresses as they realized that the needs of people vary and one model may not fit all. Due to different sleeping patterns of every person, some health issues people might have and varying comfort criterion, the series of mattresses were such that they satisfied the needs of all customers. The task did not end there. After continuous beta and alpha testing, the product was launched and its features were maintained even after it was built and distributed.

Technology of Sweet Zzz Mattress

Advantages and technologies of sweet zzzAdvantages and technologies of sweet zzz

The company has used some great technologies to make the mattress most appropriate for a relaxed sleep. The O-Cell Foam was specially designed to give the mattress its qualities of being comfortable, durable and safe. The foam is treated for a long time with low temperatures in order to make it breathable, yet pressure resistant. The company makes sure that it gives its customers the best model as they do not compromise on quality. For this, they spend more time in processing than other companies. This makes the foam firm and soft at the same time.

This Open-Cell Structure of the foam also makes the mattress much cooler as its cell pores and intercellular spaces allow the moisture and heat to leave the foam at a much faster rate than it does in other well-known mattresses available in the market. It is said that the rate is three times faster than other very famous branded, high-quality mattresses.

Construction of Sweet Zzz Mattress

Structure of Sweetzzz mattressStructure of Sweetzzz mattress

Along with that, the foams are made with 4-5 lb density, while other famous brands’ mattresses are only 2-3 lb density. Because of its high density, the mattress is much stronger than others. This also helps in increasing its durability and longevity so that customers do not have to keep replacing their mattresses too often.

The mattresses come with a natural scent that disappears after some time. The foams have a special Hydrated Silica Fire Barrier is Sweet ZZZ mattresses, or wool in case of latex models, making it natural and non-chemical. They go through the open flame test and pass all laws by the government. These mattresses can be used for Flat Box spring, slatted bed, adjustable base, or any flat surface. Sweet ZZZ mattresses producers not only use their skills and technologies but also give significant importance to the customer feedback in order to satisfy the customers with just what they want. For instance, upon customer requirement, the covers were made from natural cotton as most customers are accustomed to it. This indeed made them durable and more comfortable.


The foams are environment-friendly as they do not contain any material that harms the environment. They do not contain any ozone-depleting components, lead, mercury, formaldehyde or forbidden phthalates. However, amines are found in the foam but the level of amines is very low hence causing negligible damage. Even the CertiPUR-US certifies the foam as low emission foams.

Warranty and Trial

All of them come with a lifetime warranty as they are confident about the high-quality product they build. A 100 days no-risk trial is also offered which attracts the customers frequently. This means that customers can take trial mattresses to check and adjust the type of mattress they wish to buy. Customers can even visit stores and try the mattresses there.

Compare And Reviews For Sweet Zzz Collections

Sweet ZZZ offers a good range of models. The company has classified these models into four categories.

These four types are:

  • Affinity,
  • Affluent Rest Gel Memory Foam,
  • Hotel Choice Hybrid and
  • Nature’s Novel

Talking about the four types of mattresses Sweet ZZZ makes, each of them have special attributes as per varying customer needs. The use for each of these is different and so is there making. Therefore the prices differ too.

Let us now compare these four types, so you can easily choose which one suits them according to their requirements, budget, and purpose of use.

Feature Affinity Affluent Hotel Choice Hybrid Nature’s Novel
Foam Type Used
  • Premium O-Cell 4 lb Density Memory Foam
  • Ventilated Edge Support Base Foam
  • Premium O-Cell 5 lb Density Memory Foam
  • O-Cell Cooling gel 4 lb Density Foam
  • Ventilated Edge Support Base Foam
  • O-Cell Cooling gel 4 lb Density Foam
  • Solid Transition Foam
  • Ventilated Edge Support Base Foam
  • 100% Natural Talalay Latex
  • 100% Natural Dunlop Latex
  • Ventilated Edge Support Base Foam
Layer Details 3 Layers 4 layers 4 Layers 4 Layers
Firmness Luxury Firm

(Firmness Scale: 6.5-7.5)

Medium firmness

(Firmness Scale: 5.5-6.5)


(Firmness Scale: 4-5)


(Firmness Scale: 7-8)

Usage and Suitability Best for Back Sleepers and Stomach Sleepers

Also accommodates Side and Back Sleepers

Built with the majority of sleepers in mind Perfect for Side sleepers and good for back sleepers Ideal for back sleepers and stomach sleepers
Price $$ $$$ $$$ $$$

These were some basic features we have used to make a fair comparison of the four types of Sweet ZZZ models. We will now look into depth to discuss details of each model and compare further to decide which one is best for each of us as our needs and wants may differ at individual levels.

Following is a detailed review of each model comprising of the sizes it offers, construction material and layers, the technology used in it, pros and cons and price range.

Read below to select your mattress that best satisfy your requirement.

Sweet Zzz Affinity

The Affinity MattressThe Affinity Mattress

  • Key Features

There is ample time spent in the making of the model to ensure that the best product is produced for customer satisfaction. It comprises of three layers. The top layer, like all other Sweet ZZZ models, is a cool natural cotton cover. This is a one-inch layer.

The next layer is a three inches Premium O-Cell 4 lb Density Memory Foam. This gives the mattress just the right amount of firmness and descending. The last layer is a seven inches layer. It is a Ventilated Edge Support Base Foam. Due to this, a better sitting area is given on the foam.

Sweet ZZZ did not work like other companies. Instead of tightening the cells, it increased cell spaces to give the foam more breathability. This enables better strength and easy removal of heat and moisture from the bed. Low temperatures were given to foams for long period of time when under the process of making. This gave a better glass transition due to the Premium O-Cell Technology is used.


  • Firm Support for back sleepers and stomach sleepers
  • Affordable Price compared to other Luxury mattresses in the market
  • Absorbs motion transferred between couples
  • Works with any Solid Flat Surface and offers excellent temperature control to give you a cool and comfortable sleep.
  • Suitable for customers with chronic pains
  • Maintains a perfect spine alignment during the entire night


  • Takes almost a month before customers get adjusted used to the mattress due to its firmness
  • Takes more days in delivery than other brands as it spends more time in construction
  • Hard to move as they are heavy
  • Bottom line

The Affinity model is best for customers sleeping on back or stomach with a luxury firm feel. This is for the ones looking for great firmness and perfect spine alignment. The price is very less compared to other luxury foams in the market.

Sweet Zzz Affluent Rest Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Affluent Rest Gel Memory Foam MattressAffluent Rest Gel Memory Foam Mattress

  • Key Features

This Affluent Rest Gel Memory Foam is said to be the rest of engineered perfection. It is made to have four thick layers.  The first layer is a one inch thick cool natural cotton layer suitable for all skin types. Next is a two-inch-thick layer of O-Cell Cooling Gel 4 lb Memory Foam. The third layer is again two inches thick.

This is a Premium O-Cell 5 lb Density Memory Foam. The last layer which is common to all Sweet ZZZ models for the better sitting of the bed is a seven inches thick Ventilated Edge Support Base Foam. This gives better longevity and support to the mattress and less motion transfer. With the firm base, medium core and the top being soft, this foam is constructed to suit a wide range of customers.

The slow, long-term and low-temperature treatment give a smooth and perfect making of the mattress. The Affluent Rest Gel Memory Foam uses special technologies to fulfill needs of its customers. The Cooling Gel technology helps maintain a good temperature throughout the night so that the customer experiences a disturbance-free happy sleep.

Heat and moisture escape the foam really fast. The four layers give the mattress good support. Additional cell spaces and pores give better breathability to the foams with the Open-Cell Cooling Foam Technology.


  • Special Open Cell Cooling Foam technology for maintaining appropriate temperature throughout the night
  • High-Density Foam to give better support and durability
  • Edge support system gives better sitting
  • Firm and soft at the same time to adjust the majority of customers for comfortable sleep and good spine alignment
  • Works with any solid flat surface


  • Slightly costly due to added high technologies and material used
  • Heavy mattress making it difficult to move
  • Bottom line

The Affluent Rest Mattress is built to satisfy most sleepers with different sleeping patterns as it uses numerous technologies to make it firm yet soft. The price is slightly high but worth the comfort and rests this mattress gives.

Sweet Zzz Hotel Choice Hybrid Mattress

Hotel Choice Hybrid MattressHotel Choice Hybrid Mattress

  • Key Features

The Hotel Choice Hybrid mattress, as the name itself illustrates, is a sound hybrid of Foam and innerspring. This model was constructed with the aim to let customers have full comfort in both softness and firmness. Its innerspring gives it as additional strength while the foam is supporting yet comfortable for a pleasant sleep all night.

The model comprises four layers. The first being the 1” cool natural cotton cover gives comfort and softness. The second layer is a two-inch-thick O-Cell Cooling Gel 4 lb Memory Foam to give the foam a temperature controlling capability causing easy heat release and cooling effect for a night of enjoyable sleep. The third layer is what makes the mattress unique. It is the Solid Transition Foam which is one inch thick causing better pressure-resistant ability.

The last layer makes the mattress popular with the customers. It is the eight inches thick Premium Quantum Edge Spring unit. This combination of foam and spring gives the ability to excellent support and pressure relief.

The technologies used for this model are different from other Sweet ZZZ products. They have intelligently combined the Foam and Innerspring to satisfy customers of a wider range than normal. With the Solid transition foam and Quantum Edge Spring Unit Technology, the mattress is Plus and supportive together.


  • A perfect combination of plush and support
  • Uses both foam and innerspring to attract a wide range of customers with varying needs
  • A responsive feel giving pressure-relieving ability to the mattress
  • Cooling Gel Foam to maintain the temperature throughout the sleep of the customer
  • Open Cell Spaces causes easy release of heat and moisture
  • Very smooth transfer of motion to avoid disturbing your partner when you move during sleep
  • Suitable for any solid flat surface


  • Slightly costly than other brands due to the added technologies used
  • Heavy mattress so it makes it hard to move it frequently
  • Bottom line

The Hotel Choice Hybrid mattress is a perfect one for back and side sleepers and satisfies people looking for both foam and innerspring. It covers a majority of customers with different requirements. The price is high but with such facilities who wouldn’t want to spend little extra bucks.

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Sweet Zzz Nature’s Novel Mattress

Nature’s Novel MattressNature’s Novel Mattress

  • Key Features

This model has the same low-temperature treatment for a long time in its making is constructed to perfection. Nature’s Novel Mattress is so-called because it uses maximum natural raw material processed to become a comfortable mattress with the help of scientific techniques used by engineers.

The builders have made it into four layers. Where the three of four types of Sweet ZZZ models have the first layer made of cotton cover, Nature’s Novel Mattress makes itself unique as it has a one-inch thick layer of Natural Wool Fibre Filled Cover.

The second layer is two inches thick 100 % Natural Talalay Latex Layer. This embraces all body types fitting in customers for better sleep. This is followed by another two inches thick 100 % Natural Dunlop Latex layer which is very stable and receptive. The last layer is added for better support and sitting. It is seven inches thick. The layer is called Ventilated Edge Support Base Foam.

Nature’s Novel Mattress uses a natural formation with natural wool, Talalay Latex, and Dunlop Latex. This is the perfect combination of nature engineered by humans into a product that is loved by customers. The softness is maintained with such materials along with very firm support it offers. The edge support system gives a better sitting and strength to the mattress.


  • The natural no-chemical raw material used which makes it responsive and adjusting.
  • Talalay Latex gives a mouldable capacity to adjust different body shapes for a comfortable sleep.
  • Dunlop Latex gives the mattress its high firmness that many users love.
  • Natural wool gives the mattress its softness and suitable for any flat solid surface.


  • Have a very high cost compared to other mattresses on the market
  • Heaviness causes difficulty is an easy and frequent movement of the mattress.
  • Bottom line

Nature’s Novel mattress is a beautiful example of nature brought to the home by engineers using maximum natural products. This is best for users looking for high firmness with a soft touch feel. The cost is higher than other popular mattresses we normally find in the market around us.

Final Words

With the world’s strongest Base ta 50 ILD, the Sweet ZZZ mattresses are built for comfort, support, and better health. All four of these mattresses that the company offers, possess great features. They wish to suit the majority of customers. Along with that, each of them has special features and material that fulfill individual needs of the customers. The company is open to all questions and suggestions and also interacts with its customers to know their needs so they can keep satisfying them, as it was the very aim they started working for.

Keeping in mind your health concerns like spine alignment and chronic pains, the amount of firmness you require like plush, firm or very firm, your need of foam and/or spring and along with all this the budget you have to spend on your bedding, you will now be able to wisely choose the most accurate mattress for yourself.

I hope this article was worth your time and has served its purpose for you. Best of luck choosing your right mattress and Happy Sleeping with Sweet ZZZ!