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What is a Pillow Top Mattress: Everything From Construction To Maintenance | Risks and Benefits of a Pillow Top Mattress

A pillow top mattress makes you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud-like film. Such type is used in various hotels where luxury is needed for sure, and some people use them in homes as well for themselves. One of the main problems of these mattresses is that they are quite a cushiony type so are more prone towards compressing, which in return puts you in a difficult position and you need to change it or its top layer for sure.

Construction of pillow top mattress

They are well constructed with care which makes them so soft, the upper layer is stitched to the mattress permanently so it reaches that comfort level. The layer can be seen as it is not really stitched until the end, it can only be invariably one-sided.  Height is about 28-35 cm in thickness. These beds give an amazing look which gives you the feel of luxury and absolute glorious look.

How they come to use

It is the very difficult thing to get to know as there is no one use of these mattresses and they can be used in various ways by different people. Once you see if you feel like a soft layer on the top which is permanently stuck to your bed set. They come to use in various ways, you can sleep over it and can get your back and neck pains gone with the use of a medium firm mattress.

Different sections of pillow top mattresses

You may find various types so you can work your way through and buy the one that seems the best to you. The top is built in two parts generally

Support section

This section is stitched on the top for supporting the two-tier mattress. To this point, all you have is a supporting system which is now ready for any sort of foam at the top which suits you best. It is mainly one-sided mattress; this support could be of various forms either foam or spring system also cage or suspension springs could be used too.

Pillow top section

A section of the support system is known to be a pillow top section, it is constructed on the top layer. The material used could be any one of the things of your choice either it is latex, polyester or nothing but memory foam.

How long is it good for?

This depends upon the company by which has been manufacturing, pillow top mattresses are usually good to use for about 8-10 years, but the thing is that their upper layer does compress sooner in years which makes it hard for people to prolong it for so many years around. Therefore, what you may do is change the top layering of your mattress and the support system actually stays fine for a long time than you would expect it to be.

Everything comes with a price which has to be replaced sooner or later so according to the policy, the whole set must be changed after 10 years or it will start causing back or neck problems.

How Do Pillow Top Mattresses Sleep?

Researchers found that well-made pillow top mattresses can distribute your weight while you sleep in a way that improves the quality of your sleep.

Could it be flipped over?

There are two types of mattresses ones which come with a single layer so they only have a soft cushion layer on the top and you can’t flip them over. In pillow tops as the name suggests they have the top layer which is pillowed so they are not possible to turn over and you cannot simply increase the lifespan by turning it upside down.

Ways to clean it

To clean your mattress may seem a hard job as the cushion layer is attached to it so you cannot take off the layer and wash it. But you do not have to worry much as you find different sprays for these mattresses which helps you in cleaning them by just spraying and lightly sponging them. The stand is made up of a durable material which has a cover at the top so doesn’t really need cleaning often. Still, if you want to clean it more often than you can change the sheet and wash the previous one in that way the top layer will stay clean and free from all sorts of germs.

Back and neck problems

If you have any severe back and neck problems then your doctor might suggest you pillow top mattress, that is because it helps your neck stay straight and the back positions itself according to the need. Make sure that you are aware of the kind you are in need off. Some people need medium firmness others to require hard or soft. So, once you find out then you can purchase it.

Drawbacks of the pillow top mattresses

For every single thing, you buy there are some downsides that come along with them. The main problem of these mattresses is that you actually pay a lot of money for them but they do not come for such a long lifespan that you might be expecting. They are simply a one-sided mattress which cannot even turn its side so you will not be able to utilize the other side in any case.

Sooner or later whenever the top layer starts to be worn out or getting much compressed than you eventually know that it is time for you to change your mattress.

Additionally, pillow top mattresses hide depressions in the underlying mattress that would make you eligible for a warranty claim. Depressions in the mattress are measured without weight on the mattress; pillow tops invariably disguise problems in the first layer of the mattress.

Any alternative to pillow top mattress?

If you think that pillow top mattresses are way too expensive for you then maybe you can try a topper that will be set on to your normal bed. You can buy such separate layers or can make one at home as well.

mattress toppermattress topper

Obviously, it will not be the same as this mattress but will do the job for a while.

Prerequisites to buying this item:

The main things that you need to keep in mind are the size of the mattress, it should perfectly fit your bed. The thickness matters in some cases when you have some kind of back problems. Firmness needs to be adjusted according to your body’s needs. So, buy the one that is suitable for you.

Wrap up

Now, you are ready to make your purchase for a pillow top mattress. After knowing all the benefits, it comes along with. There are separate layers that you can look out for as well. A good mattress keeps your body healthy and you will not face any body aches.

In result of the top layer to be worn off then do not worry you can replace the top layer easily which will cost you less money. If you are looking for an alternative then you sure will save a lot of money but will not get all the benefits that come along with this mattress.

Make sure to keep it clean and to make your bed each morning that will keep it in good shape for a number of years.