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What Is A Platform Bed: How Do They Stand Out From The Other Kinds ? | Is a platform bed a better for your mattress?

In general, a platform bed refers to a special kind of bed whose base is made up of a raised leveled rectangular horizontal frame made from wood. This kind of bed is fairly modern but still has its concepts raised from the early 90s. This kind has been regularly cited as one of the most reliable beds to use because of its smartly engineered structure and mechanism which appeals to a vast array of people.

A large number of improvements have been made for the structure and comfort of this kind of products and have hence resulted in more people switching to platform beds as compared to the other kind which is available on the market. If you currently wake up with back pain or aches, a new bedding system can ease your pains.

What Is The Structure Of The Bed?

structure of wood platform bedstructure of wood platform bed

This kind of bed usually fashions rows of slatted or latticed surfaces in order to provide flexibility and support to the mattress and the people on top. In addition to that, because it uses a flexible slatted surface, it helps to promote ventilation within the bed and it works well with the mattress to vent out all the heat.

Most modern ones offer the storage facility embedded into the product itself. This comes in handy when you neither have the money nor space for a new cupboard, drawer etc. The bed provides you with inbuilt storage meant to last a long time and meant to hold a large volume of objects and valuables. The platform bed is the ultimate choice for comfort, support, and maximum storage as well.

How Is It Different From A Box-Spring?

The traditional box spring beds use springs embedded in a horizontal frame which helps to raise the level of the bed. This, in turn, makes it easier to get in and out of bed wherein making the task of sleeping and using the bed, a lot easier.

This product efficiently eliminates the springs used in the box-spring and provides a firm solid base which usually uses a slatted surface. As compared to the box-spring, its counterpart offers much more comfort, flexibility, and ventilation. The comparison is only possible due to the difference in structures between the two. The box spring has a rather firmer structure than its counterpart.

Typically, the box spring does not offer any kind of facility of storage to the user and cannot be used for a variety of purposes. The support of the box spring is also lot lesser as compared to the platform equivalent which provides optimum support for the most time slice.

Can It Be Used For More Than One Purpose?

Yes, it can very well be used for purposes other than the traditional bed. Since it is quite wide and high, and also has intricate meshes of wood on its surface, it has ample space beneath it which can be used as a storage facility.

Most manufacturers provide this space which appeals to most people as it offers a multi-purpose functionality. The intricate splatted surface requires each splat to be roughly 6 inches away from each other whereby providing ample space to the user to store their valuables and other material as well.

Will The Platform Beds Add Style To My Room?

lax series Platform bedlax series Platform bed

The platform bed is definitely a struggle when it comes to adding beauty and aesthetic looks to your room, however, they offer much more height as compared to their counterparts. This can be a plus point for some people as they enjoy a greater height for the product and this also makes the bed look a bit more decent and sleek.

Of course, it is a bit difficult to get in and out of bed with a product of such a great height but it won’t be a problem if you have an average height as well. Although, if you wish to be a bit more stylish, you’ll have to spend some extra bucks in order to incorporate all that aesthetic look. So for someone who is conscious about looks, it may not be the best choice out there.

  • Is It Easily Moveable?

If you plan on changing the location, then that is not an ideal thing to do as the product is plenty difficult to move around and transport. Because of its fixed mechanism, it is difficult to detach and then attach again.

How Affordable Is The Platform Bed?

As compared to its counterparts, the platform bed is relatively much more affordable and offers a great deal of amenities which the others do not provide. It is budget friendly and will not leave a huge hole in the pocket. Since it eliminates the use of a box spring, this product surely provides a more affordable price for a better kind of product. However, there are some shortcomings to this which are explained later but we feel that these shortcomings do not overwhelm other amenities provided in the price range that it is.

Pros of Using a Platform Bed?

  • Since it eliminates the need for a box spring as a support, it greatly reduces cost and overall expenditure thus making them cheaper and easier to afford.
  • They allow the use of basically any kind of mattress you wish. You can use any kind; from the classic spring mattress to the modern foam and gel mattresses, this product will never ever let you down…literally.
  • Because it provides you with a firm flat bottom, it is the most comfortable to sleep on.
  • This product smartly inculcates a wooden mesh or a splatted surface which helps to promote airflow. This is the most convenient aspect for those sleepers who get hot at night and have trouble sleeping.
  • They provide the user with the maximum storage capacity which is convenient to a lot of people.
  • It provides much more durability as compared to any other kind of product on the market.

Cons of Using a Platform Bed?

  • Unfortunately, the product does not provide aesthetic looks as compared to other products and you will often have to spend more in order to make your purchase look more appealing.
  • If you ever want to relocate or move, then you will surely face a hard time in moving them from one place to another as they are extremely heavy and difficult to carry.
  • These products do not raise the mattress level as high as some people would expect. This creates difficulty in getting in and out of bed sometimes if you have a greater height.


Considering all that has been discussed above, we would conclude that this product has a multitude of features and amenities which it conveniently provides to the user. We would definitely recommend our viewers to purchase this product as there is no parallel to it when it comes to comfort, durability, and ventilation. It provides ample storage space making it serve multiple purposes.

The price range in which it is offered is extremely beneficial and makes it stand out from other products in the same range. It is indeed a great innovation and will serve you well if you decide to purchase it. It is best for people who have a greater height than the average person and those who get hot easily while asleep as it provides ample ventilation to the user.

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