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12 Best Toddler Mattress 2024: Isn't It Very Important To Buy The Best?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, infants should sleep with their parents in the same bedroom, but on a separate surface like a bassinet or crib. The organization prohibits parents against placing infants on an armchair, couch, or even a soft surface to reduce risks of sleep-related deaths. The Academy’s policy contains a host of recommendations for a safe infant sleeping environment.

When your baby starts to crawl, walk, and sit up, it is time to start thinking about his or her next mattress. Whether you want to start with a toddler bed or keep him/her in a crib, you must know how to choose the best toddler mattress.

Since infants cannot turn their heads or roll over on their own, it is prudent that you have them sleep on their backs on a firm mattress without pillows or blankets. Nonetheless, they can tolerate or might even want a softer mattress.

Some mattresses such as Serta’s Crib and Toddler Mattress are two-sided. This means that you can use this mattress for a toddler and newborn. For an infant, the firmer ‘newborn’ side should face up. As he or she grows, flip the mattress over to the ‘toddler’ side that tends to be softer.

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What kind of mattress is the best for a toddler?

The different types of mattresses available employ different technologies to support your child as he or she sleeps. Depending on the sleeping needs of a child, certain types of mattresses are handy at providing a smoother and more adequate snooze time.

  • Innerspring – If you are looking for the best value and long-lasting support, then you should settle for innerspring toddler mattress. It features tempered steel that firmly locks in the coil’s shape to increase comfort and longevity. In addition to providing in-line body support, innerspring toddler mattresses boast years of durability. Both the Doctor’s Choice® Plush and Doctor’s Choice® Firm are great choices for these types of mattresses.
  • Individual Coil – Individual coil is sometimes referred to as pocketed or marshal coils. They are just coils that are wrapped inside their pockets. Individual coils provide authentic body-conforming comfort as well as unprecedented motion separation. Our recommended choice for kids is the impressive Buena Vista Plush Mattress.
  • Latex – In addition to offering a weightless feel, latex is a darling of many parents because of its durable comfort layers. If you prefer latex, our choice would be the Breckenridge® HeveaPUR® Euro Top.
  • Memory Foam – Memory foam mattresses are popular due to their amazing body conforming-properties. They can conform perfectly to all the curves of your child’s body thus providing the necessary support for a comfortable night’s sleep. On top of that, if your kid is allergic, you can rest easy in the fact that a memory foam mattress hypoallergenic meaning it is resistant to bacteria, fungus and dust mites. My Green Mattress is an incredible memory foam mattress for your toddler.

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Should a toddler have a firm or soft mattress?

So between a firm and soft mattress, which one is the best for a toddler?

A firm mattress provides a stable and floating feeling. Younger children that are shifting from a crib mattress tend to enjoy a firmer mattress. The same is true with kids that sleep on their stomach. They prefer sleeping on a firmer sleeping surface to maintain proper alignment as well as prevent the back from bowing excessively.

A soft mattress, on the other hand, provides a pillow-top feel that children can sink into. Older kids prefer the thick cushioning that this comfort level brings with it. A plush mattress is appropriate if your young one is a side-sleeper or tends to sleep on his or her back most of the time.

When is the best time to transition my child from a crib to a toddler mattress?

Before flipping your mattress from the infant to the toddler side, it is wise to consult your pediatrician if the little one is ready. Between 9 and 12 months, most children start to move around the crib, sit up, or pull up to a standing position. If your child outgrows his or her crib, it is time to transition him/her out of the crib. The other sign that it is time to move is when your toddler climbs out of the crib or begins to show interest in sleeping in her or his bed.

Transitioning can also be necessary when you are expecting another baby

What is the appropriate time to give a toddler a pillow?

Wondering at what age should a toddler use a pillow? Around 2-3 years would be appropriate. When transitioning your child to a normal bed, you can introduce him or her to a toddler pillow. It needs to be firm and thin.

12 Best Toddler Mattress 2024

1. Puffy Toddler Mattress

Puffy MattressPuffy Mattress

Puffy mattress grades as one of the best brands in the toddlers’ mattress market. Molded from materials that self adapt to climatic conditions, such as gel-Infused cooling cloud technology, it is an assurance that your toddler will keep cool regardless of how hot the night is. Your loved one will experience a cloud ambiance feeling due to the Puffy Lux foam technology layer that adapts itself to the baby’s sleeping position.

With a two-level foam density and a 101–night test, you get the option to choose the right Puffy mattresses that is fit for your child. In both cases, the models provide support for contouring that ensures the right spinal positioning and a reliable comfort level regardless of the climatic conditions.

To ensure quality and perfect performance as the best toddler mattress, Puffy mattress is created with high caliber handcrafted materials. This adds a personal touch for impeccable baby sleeping conditions every single night. You are also spoilt for choice since you get a variety of sizes, quality, and models to choose from.


  • Is has a CertiPUR-US memory foam compliance. This means that its memory foam has been given thumbs up by CertiPUR-US
  • It compliments both support and comfort
  • It has a lifetime warranty and a 101-night trial features that give an assurance of quality and performance


  • Can be relatively expensive than other toddler mattresses models

2. Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams White Crib

The Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams White Crib & Toddler Bed Mattress is another good selection when you are deciding to shop for the best toddler mattresses. The Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams White Crib & Toddler Bed Mattress has a one fit for all sizes that can work for both toddler’s bed and crib. This eases the transitioning process from crib to a toddler’s bed.

Its high caliber sheathed innerspring coils with high-density quality makes it a hybrid blend that ensures comfort and quality sleep for your little ones. Its high-density feature ensures durability, a viable option if you want a long-term product. It might not be very comfortable for all users per se, but it gives a tranquil quality-sleeping platform for most toddlers.

To top it up, it is made up of waterproof material to prevent your investment from soaking wet from leaking diapers. This material is made up of vinyl, which, not only absorbs bad odors but repels stains keeping your mattress looking fresh for a long time.


  • Its water and odor proof
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • It’s very pocket-friendly
  • it’s made up of very lightweight material


  • In some usages, it might not have a very long life span as other mattresses

3. Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer

The Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Dual Sleep Surface Crib Mattress tops our list as the most luxurious in the toddler’s mattress market. Its standing out feature is the dual surface, which makes it worth your while. On one side is a bit firm, which suits perfectly with infants and newborns. On the flip side, it is a bit soft and cushy, designed for a toddler’s bed. Either way, it is both suitable for both cribs and toddlers, bed making worth every cent.

It`s not set on a stone which side is for who, therefore parents have the leverage of switching between sides concerning the sleeping patterns of their little ones. This is a perfect option considering it also has a nice 5-inch thickness, meaning it is a long-term option for quality sleep.

It has a permanent cover, which sets up a challenge during cleaning, but on the bright side, it is water-resistant ensuring durability. Currently, The Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Dual Sleep Surface Crib Mattress has no warranty available, but we do hope they add it for assurance purposes.


  • Its dual surfaced
  • Compatible with both toddlers bed and cribs
  • It has a water-resistant mattress cover


  • The mattress cover is not removable

4. My Green Mattress

My Green Mattress is an invention inspired by a true story of Tim Masters who had a daughter ailing from a skin condition and other allergies since she was young. This prompted Tim Masters to engineer an all-natural mattress. It features a pressure relief structure accompanied by lumbar support and comfy spring design. The mattress is pocket-friendly and considering it is made from a natural hypoallergenic stuffing, it creates an impeccable option as a toddler’s mattress.

My Green Mattress has some standing out features, which makes it a perfect selection as one of the best toddlers’ mattress.

First, it has about a seven-level firmness score and it is equipped with a pocketed layer coil gauge ranging between 14 and 15.5 suitable for healthy spine support when sleeping.

This mattress is available at Amazon at a very pocket-friendly budget integrating a sweet balance between price and quality. It is designed to have a very long lifespan; hence, your investment will be worth every cent.


  • Its environment-friendly made from organic cotton
  • It free from allergens and chemicals
  • It’s made from fireproof materials
  • Its GOTS certified


  • No memory foam

5. The Signature Sleep Contour Reversible Mattress

The Signature Sleep Contour Reversible Mattress is a dual side surfaced mattress that enables your little one to sleep on either of the sides. It is made up of an 8 inches thickness, standard pocketed coils and high –density foam finish. It is CertiPUR-US compliant to ensure quality and comfort for sleeping toddlers. It has a non-suffocating cover layered with fireproof material.

It also comes with three-level comfort zones that keep proper support of the child while they are sleeping.

What sets the Signature Sleep Contour Reversible Mattress apart from other mattresses is the motion isolation technology to aid in quality sleep amongst toddlers. They also enhance good air circulation and its pocketed coil avoids uneven mattress contours, which create a perfect child sleeping support.

This technology adapts to the child’s changing body formation and prevents uneven sinking into the mattresses creating health strain and development complications.

The Signature Sleep Contour Reversible is available at Amazon and other online and retails outlets on sizes and prices to suit your needs.


  • Good air circulation
  • Fire retardant
  • Perfect support and comfort
  • Breathable cover avoid suffocation during sleeping


  • It can be a bit pricey

6. Naturepedic Verse Organic Kids Mattress

The Naturepedic Verse Organic Kids Mattress provides a great deal of comfort and support. It does not contain harmful artificial compounds that can tamper with your toddlers’ health such as vinyl, formaldehyde, and phthalates.

It can be a bit pricey than your regular toddler mattresses but it comes with a 10-year warranty which reassures that you get value. Note that kids spend a big portion of their life sleeping and this can be a worthy investment in their sleep quality and overall health.

Naturepedic Verse Organic Kids Mattress is made with cotton that is 100% organic which is free from harmful synthetic materials. With high-quality top padding designed with motion transfer technology, it ensures that your little ones sleep comfortably.

Its great support design and durability will sustain your toddler from infancy to young adulthood, which makes it perfect for developing kids.


  • Naturepedic Verse Organic Kids is purely organic
  • Has a ten-year warranty
  • Its design provides high-value support and comfort


  • It is relatively expensive than a regular toddler mattresses

7. Tuft & Needle

If you have been looking for a polyfoam mattress for your little one, your search ends here. Tuft & Needle mattresses are designed with the toddler`s sleep in mind. They apply motion isolation transfer and noise reduction technology, which improves the quality of your toddler’s sleep. Tuft & Needle mattresses come in two models; the Mint and T&N, which are distinct from other foam mattresses since they maintain very little body heat keeping your toddler’s sleep environment at balance.

They have a breathable polyamide-hybrid encasing and graphite and gel blend for proper air ventilation.

Tuft & Needle brand is the best for kids mattress since it has a body adapting feature that creates an even contour around your sleeping toddler`s body.

This technology creates pressure relief, which reduces pain and sleep-related discomforts. To top it up, it also enhances proper spinal cord positioning, especially for heavyweight toddlers.

Both Tuft & Needle mattresses have a 100-night trial accompanied by a ten-year warranty, which is way better than the average toddlers’ mattress.


  • Noise-free
  • Free delivery and shipping within contiguous U.S radius
  • Pressure relief technology prevents sleep-related pain and discomforts


  • Limited options when it comes to density and firmness

8. The Saatva HD Mattress

If you are looking for a toddler’s mattress with a great support platform and pressure relief foam layers then the Saatva’s coil-on-coil mattress is the best option for you.

Saatva has a free delivery option for customers within the contiguous U.S. radius. It also offers a 20-year worth of warranty for regular the Saatva’s HD toddler mattresses and a 15 years warranty for the regular The Saatva’s mattress. Both of them are accompanied by a 120-night test.

Saatva mattresses are created from eco-friendly materials hence very suitable for parents who care about the eco-environment. They come with good edge support, which makes them very safe. They also have innerspring which creates a very cool sleeping atmosphere.

With Saatva mattresses, you will be spoiled for choice with their wide array of thickness and density making them very good for toddlers of any weight, size, and sleeping position.


  • Eco-friendly and bio-sourced foam
  • It’s made of 1000% cotton
  • Very accommodating customer support and good warranty
  • You get to choose from a wide array of options


  • They have higher prices than the average mattresses

9. Zinus Pressure Relief Green Tea Mattress

The Zinus Pressure Relief Green Tea mattress is famous for delivering a wide array of pocket-friendly mattress selections for toddlers. Their products are available in two models, the first one uses a Zinus cooling Gel and the other has a pressure relief layer. Their Memory foam comes in five variations of size and four types of firmness.

As a parent looking for a toddler’s mattress on a low budget, this is the right fit for you. Regardless of the mattress size that you will pick, its price still ranges way below the market average.

The foundation foam is well designed with etched airways to allow proper air circulation. The apex layer is morphed with an air-cooling gel to ensure cool sleeping conditions.

Its memory foam adjusts to body shape creating a comfort bubble for the toddler. However, it has a permanent cover so it is advisable to add a secondary cover to protect it from getting dirty.


  • It’s very comfortable
  • Uses a Pressure relief technology
  • It’s firm and well ventilated


  • It will need a solid base to avoid slumping

10. Graco Premium Foam Crib

Graco Premium Foam Crib mattress is considered one of the best toddlers’ mattresses in the market.

It’s a crib-designed mattress created with infants and toddlers sleep in mind. This promises a hassle-free shift from a crib environment to a full-sized bed. If your little one was accustomed to a crib mattress, they will not feel a big shift when they move to the toddler’s bed. From users and reviewers’ point of view, it is believed to be one of the best mattresses for both toddler’s beds and baby cribs.

Crafted out of snuggly foam, it ensures that there is proper airflow that assures high-quality sleep for your little ones. It measures about five inches in thickness, which is a typical measurement for a normal toddler’s mattress bed as well as baby cribs.

The icing on the cake is that it is one of the most pocket-friendly brands that meet quality.

It comes along with a warranty that goes for 6 years that covers toddler’s years and beyond. Therefore, when your toddlers outgrow their crib, other incoming little ones will find it in good condition. This is a show of how confident the brand has about the quality of its product.


  • Its liner is water-resistant
  • Has proper airflow and heat ventilation
  • Made from fire-resistant material


  • Its cost is a little above the regular market price

11. Milliard Crib Mattress

The milliard toddler bed and crib mattress is an inexpensive toddlers’ mattress with an array of very remarkable attributes. First, it is created with comfortable foam that allows air circulation and heat ventilation. This guarantees safety and tranquility when your baby is asleep.

The milliard toddler bed and crib mattress is also water-resistant, a crucial feature for baby’s safety. The water-resistant wrap envelopes the mattress as a liner. This means that if the toddlers wet the bed the mattress will not soak wet. A water-resistant cover enables you to clean the mattress easily without tampering with its quality.

Topping all that, the mattress is fireproof another safety measure to give you peace of mind when the baby is asleep. Milliard toddler bed and crib tops as one of the best toddlers mattresses since its standard measurement fit perfectly on both the crib and toddler bed. This implies that it is reusable in both stages of the little ones developing journey.


  • Good air circulation and heat ventilation
  • Usable for both toddler’s bed and cribs
  • Has a waterproof layer
  • Made out of fire-resistant materials


  • The lining material may not be that durable for some users

12. Dream On Me Spring Crib

The Dream On Me Spring Crib and Toddler Bed mattress make it to our list of the best toddler mattress selection.

It consists of intertwined spring coils resulting in a very firm mattress finish which acts as great sleeping support for your little one.

This mattress has a ten-year warranty cover making it among the longest warranty covers in the toddlers’ mattress market. It has an antibacterial surface material that tops as water resistance, making it ideals for toddlers who are still undergoing potty training.

Due to the way the springs are designed, the Dream On Me Spring Crib and Toddler Bed mattress can be a bit noisy if your little ones bounce around on it when trying out and enjoying their new bed.


  • It has a ten-year warranty which assures you quality
  • It is made up of water-resistant materials
  • It is pocket-friendly
  • Can be used for cribs and toddler beds
  • It’s a dual purpose for both toddlers bed and cribs


  • The spring design tends to make the mattress a bit loud