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How To Sleep On Your Back(11 Science-Backed Ways)

Are you the kind of a person that complains every day about not getting a restful night’s sleep? Or you might wake up with a backache. In either case, you could be sleeping in the wrong position. It goes without saying that lack of sleep can lead to several health problems. To avoid such diseases, you need to keep an eye on several factors.

Among them, the most critical factor is the way you sleep. Everyone tends to sleep in different positions. If you suffer from backaches or neck aches, then sleeping on your back can help.

Resting on your back can relieve aches and pains causing a more restful sleep, which leads to other health benefits such as the reduction of wrinkles. Through this write-up, you will learn how to train yourself to sleep on your back.

How to Sleep on Your Back?

The first step is to analyze your current sleeping position. It is the most important because the style in which you sleep determines how peacefully you sleep. In most instances, there is no awareness of the appropriate sleeping position. When you do not know the reason for sleep disturbances, then you are unable to resolve it.what sleep position caused back painwhat sleep position caused back pain

Unfortunately, this leads to several sleep disorders, such as insomnia. Sleeping on your side could be painful at times.

You can only try new sleeping positions when you experience them. If you want to get rid of the back pain, then sleeping on your back can be a good idea.

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Of course, sleeping on your back is an arduous job and not everyone can do it. You can sleep on your back by being mindful of the position of your pillow. You might suffer from body aches when the cushion is not in the right place.

where should you put your neck to avoid neck painwhere should you put your neck to avoid neck pain

Undoubtedly, the pillow is an essential tool when you decide to sleep on your back. You need to have four headrests while you sleep for placing in different positions. The pillows will support your back and other parts of the body. In addition, this will also keep you comfortable while sleeping.


As mentioned, you must use pillows when you sleep. Sleeping on your back can strain your lower back and spine which results in a disturbance in sleep.

keep a pillow under your knee to avoid back problemskeep a pillow under your knee to avoid back problems

By placing two pillows under your knees, it helps in reducing the stress and pressure on the spine. When you put a pillow under your knee spine, the remains in proper alignment. Thus, it also keeps you away from rolling over during your sleep.


Now that you know how to support your knee with the help of pillows, it is important to keep in mind that arranging pillows around your neck can reduce neck ache as well.

neck pillow for bad sleeping positionneck pillow for bad sleeping position

However, most of you will not agree with the idea of maintaining cushions around the neck because placing headrests around your whole body can be tricky. So those who cannot do this can use a rolled towel instead of a cushion. The sheet will offer the same support to the neck and maintain the natural curve of the spine.


Just like the pillow, you also must check the mattress for a comfortable and peaceful sleep. This means your mattress matters when you decide to sleep on your back. Monitoring the quality and type of foam is also one of the factors you need to ensure.

This will determine whether you will wake up with body aches or not. For instance, the firm and sturdy mattress can create issues while sleeping on your back. Hence, soft foam is a suitable option for sleeping on your back.


You must be thinking of why there is a requirement for a humidifier if you are a back-sleeper. You do not have to worry because it can yield excellent results while sleeping on your back. Since your face is uncovered during sleep, your nose and throat can get irritated.

In turn, this leads to snoring which might become annoying for you. In addition, sleeping on your back can expose your face to the dry air. Through this, your skin becomes prone to acne and can make the skin dry.

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With other components, the temperature of the room can also hinder the sleeping experience. Most importantly, if you sleep on your back there are chances of elevation of body temperature.

Usually, it happens with pregnant women who feel suffocated and hot all the time. In this case, the majority of doctors suggest a temperature of 60 degrees. You can set your thermostat to this temperature for a perfect sleep. Plus, this will not make your back sweat and you can wake up feeling fresh.


You must have heard the statement, “persistence is the key”. Similarly, during your training, do not lose hope. It is evident that shifting from one sleeping position to another can make you disturbed and uncomfortable.

The only solution to this issue is to stay patient instead of becoming impatient. In general, it takes around three weeks to adjust to a new sleeping position. Expecting success during the first night of sleep in a modern style can be unrealistic. Plus, it will make you demotivated and stop you from giving it another chance.

At first, do not panic and continue evaluating the problem that is not letting you achieve your goal.


Yes, you need to elevate the head while sleeping on your back. For this, you must look for kinds of pillows that can give complete support to the neck. The reason for elevating your head when you are sleeping on your back is to make breathing easier. In this way, you will not wake up during your sleep.

Raising your head is beneficial for those who have a problem with sleep apnea or acid reflux. Several doctors recommend orthopedic pillows or wedged foam pillow. By choosing the right type of pillow, you can then place it around your neck.


The bitter truth is you have to say “bye” to junk food or heavy meals. It is a fact that healthy foods are associated with peaceful nights. The more you eat oily foods, the more you sleep restlessly.

Other than this, consumption of alcohol, or any other drug, can also hinder the sleeping experience. As a result, it will force you to change your position, and you might get body aches.


For a mindful and relaxing sleep, you should do stress-relieving exercises. It can vary from person to person because of different preferences. In this regard, you can consider yoga, reading a book, or warm beverages before going to your bed.

It will help you to sleep without changing your position continuously. Instead, it will make sure you ease into sleep.


After considering all of the above, it is clear that sleeping on your back can be a tough decision. However, at the same time, it is equally beneficial for you. First off you do not need to worry about your aesthetics.

Without any doubt, this can keep you young always. This prevents acne and wrinkles too. Not just this, when you sleep like this, you can get rid of the joint or back pain. You must be sure to you follow specific directions otherwise this decision could be the worst one.