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What Is The Difference Between A Queen Bed, Double Bed And A Full Bed?

Believe it or not, do you know your bed can determine how your mood will be like throughout the day? If you are well rested and had a comfortable sleep at night, you will emit positive vibes whether at work, school or even in sports. Remember that whatever bed or mattress you choose, comfort is key. Of course, other factors also contribute to the quality or otherwise of your sleep.

Whether you like to sprawl out or snuggle, you have to find the right bed size. What is the difference between a queen, a double, and a full bed? Why is it important to make the right choice when it comes to these beds?

Full Size vs. Queen Beds

Full-size beds are larger than small twin beds, but smaller than queen-sized beds. Their main difference lies in the surface area, width, and length. Most people are unaware of the actual dimensions, and they are not to blame because there are many names and dimensions.

Full beds are 54 inches wide and 75 inches long while queen beds are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long.

These bed sizes are popular for people who like sleeping alone. A great part about owning a full bed is that it provides you with much more sleeping space without taking up a lot of room. The size will fit in most bedrooms comfortably and still allow you enough space to maneuver.

Full beds are also more popular because they are cheaper. Additionally, their spare parts are easily accessible. Queen size beds require larger duvets, sheets, and comforters. Compared to full-sized beds, queen-sized ones are relatively costlier. If you toss and turn at night, the latter are perhaps the best choice.

Their extra space will keep you from falling off the bed. While they are not ideal for couples, they still offer 30 inches of space per person, which is quite significant. The beds are the perfect solution for couples who do not have much space in their bedrooms for bigger beds.

Non-Standard Dimensions

Each manufacturer has different sizes depending on the frames and springs they use. There are full XL beds that are extra-long. These measures 54X80 inches, which is just like a queen bed.

There is also the Olympic queen or the expanded queen whose mattress is 6 inches wider than the standard queen mattress. However, these maintain their length. There are the California queen beds, which are obsolete since they are waterbed mattresses. They are usually 4 inches longer than the standard size.

Full vs. Double Beds

Full beds and double beds are the same thing. These terms are used to refer to mattresses measuring 54 by 75 inches. While the name double bed suggests that the bed is twice the size of the twin or single bed, it is not.

It is only 15 inches wider than the twin bed and maintains the same length. It only offers couples 27 inches of space per person. This is equivalent to a crib space. It is not ideal for quality rest.

Useful Considerations When Choosing The Right Size Bed For You

What Is The Difference Between A Queen Bed, Double Bed And A Full BedWhat Is The Difference Between A Queen Bed, Double Bed And A Full Bed

Do You Really Like To Cozy Up To Your Partner?

If you love cuddle time with your partner, you may want to consider getting a full bed. This will give you enough space to sleep and still be as close as possible to your partner. Statistics show that the happiest couples are those who sleep only a few inches from each other, snuggle or spoon at night. This type of bed will make your relationship healthier. However, you must consider your height and that of your partner. Full-size beds are only recommended for people who are less than 5 feet tall.

Do You Want Some Personal Space?

While you do love your partner, some people are normally uncomfortable being too close to their partners. In this case, consider getting a queen-size bed. It will still give you the chance to be close to your partner, but you will also have 30 inches all to yourself when you need it.

Queen size beds are also good for people who have infants and want to co-sleep with them. It will give you the chance to be close to both your baby and your partner.


You also need to consider how much money you have to spend on your bed. Both beds and mattresses will have a varying price range. Remember to always go for quality over quantity. A bad queen size bed could be a health hazard in any home. Besides, how much sleep can you get knowing that your bed could crumble into pieces with you in it?


The difference in size between these beds impact comfort and quality of sleep. However, you also need to choose the right mattress firmness and sheets. Even with a good amount of space between you and your partner, if the mattress is uncomfortable, none of you will be sleeping well.

The choice on which bed is perfect for you is an extremely personal one. However, you need to ensure that the bed is comfortable and allows you to rest well at night.